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2027 Graduates

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
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Region 7
Region 8

Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Cora Burke 11/01/2009 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Kamryn Hosoda 01/17/2010 V-Force Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Emma Ririe 10/13/2010 Salcianu (NV) Uncommitted
Greta Stowell 05/29/2010 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Rose Gatins 07/09/2010 Ascend (WA) Uncommitted
Kaylee Sath 02/16/2010 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Payton Chandler 09/13/2008 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Jurzie Blu Cromartie 04/17/2009 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Lailah Danzy 05/04/2010 Pride (OK) Uncommitted
Blake Green 05/22/2010 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Hollynd Lowe 12/31/2008 Denton (TX) Uncommitted
Paileigh McNett 07/30/2009 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Lila Richardson 01/12/2010 Hopes & Dreams (AR) Uncommitted
Phoebe Squyres 03/04/2010 Pride (OK) Uncommitted
Gabriella Stefanacci 11/18/2009 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Liv Farrar 09/21/2009 Gold Medal (MO) Uncommitted
Gabrielle Hardie 10/03/2009 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Ainsley Jencks 05/10/2010 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Maliha Tressel 05/10/2009 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Gianna Vehr 10/03/2009 Gold Medal (MO) Uncommitted

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Makenna Araiza 02/23/2010 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Sadie Goldberg 10/29/2009 Buckeye (OH) Uncommitted
Quinn Harris 05/10/2010 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Kaelyn Kane 01/02/2010 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Madelynn Miller 09/21/2009 Bay Valley (MI) Uncommitted
Elianna Moody 11/10/2009 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Jordyn Scheive 03/31/2010 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Saylor Starkey 05/30/2009 Buckeye Uncommitted
Gabi Ursu 02/02/2010 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Cailyn Waibel 08/30/2010 Bay Valley (MI) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Angelina Donnarumma 12/16/2008 Apex (NY) Uncommitted

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Bazilia Christopoulos 01/13/2010 Hill's (MD) Uncommitted
Maeve Connolly 10/29/2009 Bright Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Khloe Lazaridis 08/24/2009 Parkettes (PA) Uncommitted
Paige Natysin 01/20/2009 Apollo (VA) Uncommitted

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Mia Ballard 09/29/2009 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Mia Busser 01/02/2010 Lakewood Ranch (FL) Uncommitted
Ella Escher 11/09/2009 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
HayLee Faulkner 02/06/2010 Believe (TN) Uncommitted
Karlin Kirk 07/07/2009 Believe (TN) Uncommitted
Lyza Mosier 09/18/2009 Georgia All-Stars Uncommitted
Tori Naccarato 04/27/2010 Lakewood Ranch (FL) Uncommitted
Mia Puig 12/30/2009 International (FL) Uncommitted
Isabelle Roberts 01/21/2010 Georgia All-Stars Uncommitted
Angielina Rodriguez 09/14/2009 Tumblebees (FL) Uncommitted
Morgan Rothert 11/14/2009 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Karrington Shelton 11/11/2009 Believe (TN) Uncommitted
Jaydyn Stinson 10/23/2009 Brandy Johnson's (FL) Uncommitted