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2030 Graduates

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7
Region 8

Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Bryn Bonner 09/23/2011 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
MollySue Clayton 04/25/2012 Aftershock (CA) Uncommitted
Alden Dante 01/22/2012 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Kaleah Hamilton 10/28/2012 USA Elite Gymnastics (CA) Uncommitted
Carys Heinrich 02/16/2012 Yorba Linda (CA) Uncommitted
Amelia Keshishian 12/22/2011 Gymnastics Olympica Uncommitted
Camrie Monson 05/18/2012 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Brooklyne Ski 08/25/2011 Victory (CA) Uncommitted
Brielle Valencia 11/03/2011 V-Force Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Madison Wigginton 06/12/2012 Gymnastics Olympica Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Elizabeth Herbison 11/11/2011 Advantage (WA) Uncommitted
Kaleah Sanchez 09/24/2011 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Jada Beus 06/05/2012 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Alessandra Gaines 12/13/2011 Maverick (TX) Uncommitted
Lilly Ganatos 10/13/2011 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Audrina Gunter 11/01/2011 Love (TX) Uncommitted
Kinsley Keopple 10/18/2011 Maverick (TX) Uncommitted
Alexa Liberty 11/16/2010 The Rock (TX) Uncommitted
Olivia Mhire 05/01/2012 WOGA (TX) Uncommitted
Savannah Mmeje 10/11/2011 WOGA (TX) Uncommitted
Ayanna Morton 05/12/2012 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Lola Newman 06/07/2012 WOGA (TX) Uncommitted

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Peyton Blowers 06/26/2012 All American (SD) Uncommitted
Laynie Cotton 04/12/2012 Omaha (NE) Uncommitted
Vivi Crain 06/08/2012 Great American Gymnastics Express (MO) Uncommitted
Elsie Flowers 01/12/2012 Omaha (NE) Uncommitted
Audrey Jencks 08/08/2012 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Alexis Reiner 10/25/2011 All American (SD) Uncommitted
Ava Steffensen 07/29/2011 All American (SD) Uncommitted
Kaja Tressel 11/16/2011 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
River Grace Turner 09/15/2011 Midwest (MN) Uncommitted

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Mia Boudreau 09/29/2011 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Ainsley Holliday 06/27/2012 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Larah Majeske 06/20/2011 Mid-Michigan Uncommitted
Diana Ochieng 09/22/2011 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Ansley Stevens 11/13/2011 Cincinnati (OH) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Grace Huskic 02/10/2013 Rochester (NY) Uncommitted
Bailynn Kasprzak 08/14/2012 Stumpfs (NY) Uncommitted

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Hannah Bostick 04/12/2012 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Willa Braunwarth 09/10/2012 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Kennedy White 11/09/11 Thrive (MD) Uncommitted

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Charlie Montgomery 09/16/2011 Georgia All-Stars Uncommitted
Riley Roe 01/23/2012 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Kinley Strong 11/30/2011 Legacy (AL) Uncommitted
Mattie Mae Young 03/22/2012 Georgia Elite Uncommitted