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2027 Graduates

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7
Region 8

Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Zoey Anderson 10/14/2009 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Nikell Andrew 07/26/2008 Arizona Dreams Uncommitted
Stephie Becker 01/12/2009 West Valley (CA) Uncommitted
Jaina Berglin 02/27/2009 SCEGA Uncommitted
Bri Bodo 03/31/2009 Azarian (CA) Uncommitted
Regan Busch 02/06/2009 SCEGA Uncommitted
Emalani Capistrant 12/03/2008 Royal (CA) Uncommitted
Gwen Christensen 11/12/2008 Bold (UT) Uncommitted
Sophie Chute 12/02/2008 So Cal (CA) Uncommitted
Kayla Cochrane 03/17/2009 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Olivia Codey 11/28/2008 Brown's Las Vegas (NV) Uncommitted
Lola Coffey 11/06/2008 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Aaliyah Coleman 02/07/2009 SCEGA Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Conway 05/20/2009 Mastery of Sports (CA) Uncommitted
Madilyn Curtis 02/20/2009 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Sydney Daher 03/20/2009 Vegas (NV) Uncommitted
Allyn Damelio 01/26/2009 San Mateo (CA) Uncommitted
Sahiti Datla 11/08/2008 Sokol Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Juliana De La Cruz 05/18/2009 The Klub (CA) Uncommitted
Joy Denne 05/16/2010 North Valley (AZ) Uncommitted
Amanda Deslaurier 04/21/2009 Byers Roseville (CA) Uncommitted
Kennedy Deslaurier 04/21/2009 Byers Roseville (CA) Uncommitted
Cailin Dewell 07/07/2009 San Mateo (CA) Uncommitted
Drew Eddy 07/28/2009 The Klub (CA) Uncommitted
Ari Espinoza 01/06/2009 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Rachel Fleischman 05/21/2009 Gymnastics Olympica Uncommitted
Delaney Fletcher 09/10/2008 Victory (CA) Uncommitted
Madeline Francis 02/14/2009 Deltchev (NV) Uncommitted
Remi Fusilero 04/16/2009 Twisters (CA) Uncommitted
Emma Garvin 10/03/2008 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Ailey Gates 05/28/2009 GTC (UT) Uncommitted
Logan Gingrich 01/21/2009 Gold Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Gomez 10/04/2008 Springs (AZ) Uncommitted
Morgan Hamblin 02/25/2009 Phoenix (AZ) Uncommitted
Brylee Haws 05/05/2009 Arizona Dreams Uncommitted
Samantha Hayes 07/13/2008 Olympica (CA) Uncommitted
Reagan Hoffmann 08/21/2008 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Ellie Holtey 10/19/2008 Black Diamond (UT) Uncommitted
Rilynn House 11/02/2008 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Ava Houston 04/10/2009 Brown's Las Vegas (NV) Uncommitted
Aubrey Hula 05/24/2009 Royal (CA) Uncommitted
Audrey Jackson 04/13/2009 Olympica (CA) Uncommitted
Lily Jackson 10/05/2008 Byers Roseville (CA) Uncommitted
Kayla Jacoby 10/05/2008 All Olympia (CA) Uncommitted
Ava Jen 08/20/2009 Desert Devils Uncommitted
Mik Kelly 10/28/2008 Flips USA (NV) Uncommitted
Carter Kempton 06/06/2009 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Ellina Kershaw 02/07/2008 Aftershock (CA) Uncommitted
Reese Koser 02/02/2009 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Zoey Kunz 07/10/2009 Desert Lights (AZ) Uncommitted
Blakely Kutz 04/05/2009 Azarian (CA) Uncommitted
Kaikoura Laber 02/19/2009 Matrix (CA) Uncommitted
Emma Le 03/21/2009 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Kara Lee 10/22/2008 San Mateo (CA) Uncommitted
Ellison Ma 02/11/2008 Desert Devils (AZ) Uncommitted
Eliza Martinez 12/25/2008 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Camilla Mateo 11/17/2008 Paramount Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Kenzie McClelland 07/13/2009 Vegas (NV) Uncommitted
Kherrington McGinley 04/30/2009 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Maddy Morin 09/07/2009 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Myah Murchison 04/08/2009 Byers Roseville (CA) Uncommitted
Alena Naylor 12/24/2008 Black Diamond (UT) Uncommitted
Yulia Nedialkova 06/06/2009 North Bay (CA) Uncommitted
Sonnet Nhan 08/14/2009 West Coast Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Taylor Noble 08/08/2009 All American (UT) Uncommitted
Adelia May Occhipinti 05/09/2009 Mastery of Sports (CA) Uncommitted
Aaliyah Oglesby 03/17/2009 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Rebekah Parent 12/22/2008 Byers Roseville (CA) Uncommitted
Danica Pierce 10/12/2008 The Klub (CA) Uncommitted
Lauren Pineda 02/11/2009 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Charlee Plaza 01/02/2009 Gym-Max (CA) Uncommitted
Tylee Price 08/11/2009 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Grace Quan 07/12/2008 Desert Devils (AZ) Uncommitted
Audrey Ramage 11/17/2008 Champion (Stockton, CA) Uncommitted
Daniela Ramirez 05/12/2009 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Sydney Reisner 01/31/2009 Cache Elite (UT) Uncommitted
Sully Resich 03/11/2009 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
London Russell 04/28/2009 SCEGA Uncommitted
Presley Ryan 12/23/2008 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Lydia Scheuermann 12/19/2008 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Tiffany Schultz 11/21/2008 Arizona Dynamics Uncommitted
Milani Severino 01/24/2007 Azarian (CA) Uncommitted
Berlyn Sharp 04/24/2009 Dream Xtreme (CA) Uncommitted
Flora Sherman 05/21/2009 Desert Lights (AZ) Uncommitted
Teegan Smith 10/02/2008 SCEGA (CA) Uncommitted
Mireya Taylor 03/16/2009 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Ashlyn Tejeda 10/02/2008 Sokol Diamond Elite Uncommitted
Mio Tran 10/30/2008 New Hope (CA) Uncommitted
Sydney Troge 04/06/2009 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Ireland Tung 06/26/2009 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Tyler Turner 01/15/2009 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Galilee Vestnys 04/01/2009 Redwood Empire (CA) Uncommitted
Ariyah Washington 05/16/2009 Vibe (CA) Uncommitted
Kate Wesche 06/07/2009 Flagstaff (AZ) Uncommitted
Nora Wesche 06/07/2009 Flagstaff (AZ) Uncommitted
A'layah White 10/06/2009 Lakewood YMCA (CA) Uncommitted
Kaylee Williams 07/12/2009 SCEGA Uncommitted
Eliana Wong 01/22/2009 San Mateo (CA) Uncommitted
Emerson Zmijewski 12/19/2008 West Valley (CA) Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Hailey Eckhold 06/08/2009 PEAK Elite (OR) Uncommitted
Elora Embleton 06/26/2009 Olympic (WA) Uncommitted
Reese Esponda 10/28/2008 406 (MT) Uncommitted
Sophia Evans 03/20/2009 Naydenov (WA) Uncommitted
Cora Fosdick 09/02/2009 Pacific Reign (WA) Uncommitted
Alexa Henning 03/12/2010 Mismo (MT) Uncommitted
Camilla Herdman 06/30/2010 Cascade Elite West (WA) Uncommitted
Josie Lynch 09/16/2008 Gymnastics East (WA) Instagram Uncommitted
Makahla McGlon 12/22/2008 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Madelyn Mello 05/28/2008 Mountain West (ID) Uncommitted
Kate Richards 08/27/2009 Ascend (WA) Uncommitted
Alayah Richardson 12/08/2008 Northpointe (WA) Uncommitted
Kiari Sparks 08/26/2009 Mountain West (ID) Uncommitted
Piper St. John 08/31/2009 Avant Couer (ID) Uncommitted
Lauren Supnet 05/31/2009 Metropolitan (WA) Instagram Uncommitted
Kira Wayfer 07/30/2009 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Mari Willoughby 11/10/2009 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Analyn Wulff 12/31/2008 Ascend (WA) Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Camille Adams 05/22/2009 Southern (TX) Instagram Uncommitted
Paityn Adams 05/23/2009 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Cali Allen 03/12/2010 North East Texas Elite Uncommitted
Sarah Arango 07/20/2009 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Tess Arnold 04/01/2009 Bart Conner (OK) Uncommitted
Londyn Baker 06/22/2009 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Sophia Beaumont 07/22/2009 McCracken's (KS) Uncommitted
Paislee Bell 09/30/2009 World Champions Centre (TX) Instagram Uncommitted
Camila Betancourt 11/28/2008 Metroplex (TX) Instagram Uncommitted
Madilyn Bowers 03/06/2009 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Sage Bradford 09/25/2008 WOGA (TX) Uncommitted
Marin Bronski 12/12/2008 Airborne (CO) Uncommitted
Mali Byrd 07/27/2007 Gold Cup (NM) Uncommitted
Ryann Canada 07/02/2009 The Rock (TX) Uncommitted
Taylor Carlton 12/01/2008 Mavericks (TX) Uncommitted
Taylor Chabot 10/07/2008 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Sofia Caslow 02/25/2009 McCracken's (KS) Uncommitted
Payton Chandler 09/13/2008 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Katelyn Christman 03/07/2009 Love (TX) Uncommitted
Leah Danielson 12/27/2008 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Claire Downing 10/10/2008 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Ava Duchesne 05/21/2009 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Allie Elcock 08/02/2009 Gold Cup (NM) Uncommitted
Kennedy Emerling 03/12/2009 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Kiley Enochs 11/10/2008 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Emma Escobar 10/23/2008 360 Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Melissa Fernandez Rodriguez 01/22/2009 Gymtegrity (CO) Uncommitted
Sydney Fischer 09/10/2008 Empower (TX) Uncommitted
Josie Fowler 11/10/2008 Pride (OK) Uncommitted
Sari Franklin 02/27/2009 Crenshaw Athletic Club (TX) Uncommitted
Kayden Freemon 12/29/2008 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Eden Garcia 12/15/2008 Dynamo (OK) Uncommitted
Sarai Geering 05/15/2009 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Mary Claire Gillis 03/26/2009 Metroplex (TX) Instagram Uncommitted
Molly Gilmore 07/06/2009 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Elizaveta Grebenkova 06/11/2010 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Kylie Hampton 08/09/2009 Capital (TX) Uncommitted
Harper Haralson 01/02/2009 World Champions Uncommitted
Adalee Harriss 12/30/2008 Texas East Uncommitted
Cambry Haynes 11/21/2008 5280 Uncommitted
Jadasyn Hinojos 10/26/2008 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Emree Hofseth 09/30/2008 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Sarai Infante 11/21/2008 Austin Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Cookie Isgur 10/02/2008 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Bailey Jacomides 11/06/2008 Capital (TX) Uncommitted
Delaney Leech 10/25/2008 The Rock (TX) Uncommitted
Emily Liljegren 08/29/2009 Austin Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Criss Malone 10/31/2008 Gym Powerhouse Uncommitted
Lorelei Mask 02/19/2009 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Taylor Maul 09/17/2008 World Champions Uncommitted
Avah McCage 11/19/2008 Above and Beyond (OK) Uncommitted
Stella McCrillis 10/10/2008 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Ava McCullough 03/19/2009 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Sofia Mitschke 10/22/2008 Mavericks (TX) Uncommitted
Julia Nehmer 07/15/2008 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Kaira Nguyen 06/27/2009 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Olivia Nolan 10/02/2008 Denton (TX) Uncommitted
Olivia Parma 05/29/2009 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Claire Pease 01/05/2009 WOGA (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Lauran Pobolish 10/21/2008 Bounce (OK) Uncommitted
Sydney Prior 02/13/2009 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Zora Quentin 04/10/2009 WOGA (TX) Uncommitted
Brooke Reingold 10/14/2008 World Champions Centre (TX) Uncommitted
Abby Schmitz 02/13/2009 Pride (OK) Uncommitted
Camryn Shepard 07/16/2008 Mavericks (TX) Uncommitted
Addison Siecker 05/08/2009 Incline (CO) Uncommitted
Abigail Sikon 09/02/2008 Empower (TX) Uncommitted
Malika Sjogren 10/22/2008 5280 Uncommitted
Avary Sprencel 11/25/2008 Mary Jane's (TX) Uncommitted
Aspen Stearns 04/11/2008 Empower (TX) Uncommitted
Lucy Stephenson 10/24/2008 Texas Best Uncommitted
Ryann Stewart 12/29/2008 Cypress (TX) Uncommitted
Khloe Torres 03/03/2009 Empower (TX) Uncommitted
Reagan Warfield 01/16/2009 5280 Uncommitted
Morgan Western 06/30/2009 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Caroline White 07/15/2009 Airborne (CO) Uncommitted
Kymaira Whitson 09/09/2008 Airborne (OK) Uncommitted
Abigail Williams 04/01/2009 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Lucy Willis 10/08/2008 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Halle Wittenberg 08/25/2008 World Champions Centre (TX) Uncommitted
Jayda Young 09/17/2008 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Delilah Zepeda-Orth 05/27/2009 5280 Uncommitted

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Kennedy Abercrombie 02/11/2009 Olympiad Chesterfield (MO) Uncommitted
Sienna Blankenship 09/12/2008 Gold Medal (MO) Uncommitted
Tatum Drusch 11/22/2008 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Anna Engelmayer 11/02/2008 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Kylie Flannigan 12/08/2008 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Arwen Grill-Kunej 01/13/2009 Triad (IA) Uncommitted
Reese Jones 01/27/2009 Nebraska Twisters Uncommitted
Kiara Jordan 05/26/2009 Triniti (NE) Uncommitted
Kate Kimminau 03/25/2009 Planet (MO) Uncommitted
Presley McCawley 04/30/2009 Premier (NE) Uncommitted
Madelyn Moore 10/02/2008 Fuzion (MO) Instagram Uncommitted
Ashley Mouyenga 10/10/2008 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Josslyn Murphy 05/30/2009 Gymfinity (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Keira Quigley 06/26/2008 LaFleur's (WI) Uncommitted
Myla Ruck 09/25/2008 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Megan Schmieding 09/22/2008 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Abigail Sprangers 12/12/2008 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Lillian Tyson 06/10/2009 Lake City (WI) Uncommitted
Ava Wiegand 11/30/2008 Olympia Chesterfield Uncommitted

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Isabella Alion 06/17/2009 Michigan Elite Uncommitted
Darielis Aviles 12/17/2008 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Morgan Braun 04/22/2009 Queen City (OH) Uncommitted
Mya Brusso 02/04/2009 Vernon Hills (IL) Uncommitted
Addie Bugger 11/20/2008 Gateway Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Julie Charland 07/01/2008 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Riley Coates 11/03/2008 Ohio Gym Institute Uncommitted
Bryleigh Cooper 03/27/2009 Royalty (IL) Uncommitted
Kylie Dacany 07/22/2009 Premier (IL) Uncommitted
Reagan Dingess 06/15/2009 Future (OH) Uncommitted
Aubrey Doles 10/04/2008 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Lyla Drowne 12/05/2008 Ultimate (IL) Uncommitted
Madalyn Drummer 10/13/2008 Midwest (IN) Instagram Uncommitted
Sydney Fazio 01/08/2009 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Raegan Feigenbaum 07/31/2009 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Hailey Garrett 03/06/2009 The Flip Zone Official Website Uncommitted
Gigi Giagkou 01/04/2010 Grayslake (IL) Uncommitted
Lena Grays 02/06/2009 Euro Stars (MI) Uncommitted
Giselle Guenther 09/05/2008 Gymnastics Michiana (IN) Uncommitted
Laila Guerrero 03/11/2009 All Around (IL) Uncommitted
Cassidy Gunnels 06/19/2009 X-treme (OH) Uncommitted
Catherine Guy 12/11/2008 Buckeye (OH) Official Website Uncommitted
Ivory Haggard 12/19/2008 Gym-Nasti (IL) Uncommitted
Riley Hardin 09/23/2008 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Josie Holtzapple 03/09/2009 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Laila Isaac 03/25/2009 Euro Stars (MI) Uncommitted
Emmy Ivanans 08/14/2009 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Natalia Jacoby 07/02/2009 Dominique Moceanu (OH) Uncommitted
Macie Jovic 08/04/2008 Five-Star (OH) Uncommitted
Zoey Juntgen 10/22/2008 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Bridget Karl 02/08/2009 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Ella Kaufman 10/16/2008 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Addisyn Kelley 05/15/2009 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Jadyn Kemp 05/08/2009 R-Athletics (MI) Uncommitted
Tori Kitzmiller 02/22/2009 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Esphyr Koren 01/14/2009 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Cali Kruer 03/07/2009 Southern Indiana Uncommitted
Gabi Largen 12/16/2008 Flip Star (IL) Uncommitted
Brinley Leavitt 03/25/2009 Buckeye (OH) Uncommitted
Brianna Luby 09/10/2008 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Jillian Luif 02/17/2009 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Amina Mackalo 07/07/2009 Gym America (MI) Uncommitted
Lauren Malerich 09/30/2008 Integrity (OH) Uncommitted
Leighton Maltby 07/17/2008 Hunt's (MI) Uncommitted
Kaliyah Martin 06/10/2009 Flip Zone (IN) Uncommitted
Grace Mathey 09/09/2008 BIG (IL) Uncommitted
McKena Mauk 05/08/2009 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Payton McClain 09/23/2008 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Isabelle McNamara 12/23/2008 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Rylee Mehn 04/14/2009 Gymnastics Etc. (IL) Uncommitted
Ava Mickey 08/26/2009 Hunt's (MI) Uncommitted
Mia Minton Rogers 02/17/2009 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Marin Moffett 11/04/2008 Southern Illinois Uncommitted
Reagan Nowak 06/10/2009 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Kya Nye 10/22/2008 Five-Star (OH) Uncommitted
Tehya Nye 12/16/2008 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Rilyn O'Hern 02/09/2009 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Addison Oiler-Velez 03/10/2009 Buckeye (OH) Uncommitted
Julia Parchanowicz 04/03/2009 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Lily Perse 05/13/2009 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Nia Peterson 11/20/2008 GTC Rochester (MI) Uncommitted
Abigail Pettit 05/19/2008 DeVeau's (IN) Uncommitted
Erin Peyton 10/22/2008 Future (OH) Uncommitted
Natalia Pfeffer 05/10/2009 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Nora Pomatto 09/24/2008 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Natalia Pudelko 02/09/2009 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Campbell Rajski 09/17/2008 Palmer's (IL) Uncommitted
Addison Reiser 01/06/2009 GTC (IN) Uncommitted
Brielle Rousseau 05/09/2008 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Vanessa Samaan 04/22/2009 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Ayla Savalle 11/25/2008 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Peyton Scott 03/24/2009 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Sophie Shackley 04/21/2009 Bay Valley (MI) Uncommitted
Kingsley Southard 12/12/2008 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Alexandria Stevens 03/16/2009 Euro Stars (MI) Uncommitted
Ruby Swatosh 01/14/2009 GTC Rochester (MI) Uncommitted
Alli Szymanski 11/30/2008 Set-10 (IN) Uncommitted
Leeann Tackett 05/27/2008 Mid Ohio Uncommitted
Madison Taips 01/14/2009 Dominique Moceanu (OH) Uncommitted
Marchelle Tolbert 12/21/2008 Michigan Elite Uncommitted
Marissa Torri 09/12/2008 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Mckenna Trolio 05/29/2008 Olympic Dreams (OH) Uncommitted
Whitney Walker 04/20/2009 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Miami Ward 08/25/2008 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Audrey Wilkerson 07/23/2008 Buckeye (OH) Uncommitted
Ella Wright 04/26/2009 Hunt's (MI) Uncommitted
Ella Yang 04/28/2009 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Maine

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Alyssa Beaudoin 05/01/2009 Brestyan's (MA) Uncommitted
Beatrice Bergeron 05/05/2009 Elite (MA) Uncommitted
Abby Bianchi 01/15/2009 Rochester (NY) Uncommitted
Harlow Buddendeck 06/13/2009 Rochester (NY) Uncommitted
Cecile Cynar 06/21/2009 Gotham (NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Callie Donovan 05/27/2009 Yellow Jackets (MA) Uncommitted
Nami Elmammann 03/10/2009 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Ashdyn Ensel 05/13/2009 Cartwheels (NY) Uncommitted
Kasey Fitzgerald 01/06/2009 Yellow Jackets (MA) Uncommitted
Ariana Franco 08/11/2009 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Isabella Galeas 12/15/2008 Hotshots (NY) Uncommitted
Gabby Gibson 08/12/2008 Suffield (CT) Uncommitted
Laura Guster 12/12/2008 John's Academy (CT) Uncommitted
Abigail Kube 10/10/2008 Brestyan's (MA) Uncommitted
Haley Kufferman 08/08/2009 Massachusetts Elite Gym Academy Uncommitted
Kaleigh LaBianca 06/15/2009 Towers (NY) Uncommitted
Carly Lansky 08/12/2009 Apex (NY) Uncommitted
Isabella Lovera 04/17/2009 Gold Medal (GMGC-NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Abigail Martin 03/10/2009 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Stella Mungo 01/20/2009 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Aleah Nolan 11/15/2009 The Victors (NY) Uncommitted
Payton O'Keefe 06/13/2009 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Avery Padula 05/24/2009 Rochester (NY) Uncommitted
Sienna Ralphs 08/29/2008 Aim High (RI) Uncommitted
Kamryn Rego 02/12/2009 Towers (NY) Uncommitted
Lola Reikhrud 04/30/2009 Aim High (RI) Uncommitted
Kayla Rejewski 03/04/2009 Niagara (NY) Uncommitted
Capri Sferrazza 01/15/2009 ABCs Shoreline (CT) Instagram Uncommitted
Sophia Stellato 03/31/2008 Yellow Jackets (MA) Instagram Uncommitted
Brooke Weiner 07/30/2009 Apex (NY) Instagram Uncommitted
Kaylee Wescott 03/28/2009 Yellow Jackets (MA) Instagram Uncommitted

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Addison Adams 09/15/2009 Atlantic Coast (NJ) Uncommitted
Haley Beauregard 04/22/2009 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Finley Blankenship 11/16/2008 Bozhi's (WV) Uncommitted
Nora Blanz 12/28/2008 ENA Paramus (NJ) Uncommitted
Nylah Boatwright 05/29/2009 GMS (VA) Uncommitted
Anna Bowsher 03/24/2009 Mountain Magic (WV) Uncommitted
Kylie Bowsher 03/24/2009 Mountain Magic (WV) Uncommitted
Talia Cheng 10/18/2009 Thrive (MD) Uncommitted
Olivia Collins 10/29/2008 ENA Paramus (NJ) Uncommitted
Natalie Derocher 03/02/2009 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Kate Desimone 10/16/2008 Precision (NJ) Uncommitted
Mia Diaz 08/23/2009 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Kyra DiCello 12/06/2008 Hill's (MD) Uncommitted
Taryn DiNicola 10/25/2008 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Stella Fischer 08/08/2009 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Natalia Flores 06/05/2009 Star Bound (NJ) Uncommitted
Jordyn Francis 05/13/2009 Xquisite (PA) Uncommitted
Emma Belle Gaskins 11/05/2008 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Natalie Gatlos 09/21/2008 First State (DE) Uncommitted
Chloe Gietka 03/14/2009 4 Star (MD) Uncommitted
Bryleigh Gill 07/28/2008 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Giada Gines 07/25/2009 Chantilly (VA) Uncommitted
Keira Gontkosky 09/11/2008 Parkettes Uncommitted
Arielle Hamerman 05/26/2009 ENA Paramus (NJ) Uncommitted
Dana Imperial 04/10/2009 MG Elite (NJ) Uncommitted
Katelyn Kelly 01/12/2009 Metzler's (PA) Uncommitted
Jenna Kidd 02/19/2009 Virginia Techniques Uncommitted
Violet Kloiber 12/28/2008 Thrive (MD) Uncommitted
Olivia Kovach 05/15/2008 Ultimate (PA) Uncommitted
Alison Lardieri 10/25/2008 Head Over Heels (NJ) Uncommitted
Bree Lauer 06/18/2009 Will-Moor (NJ) Uncommitted
Seiko Mallon 04/05/2009 Silvia's (PA) Uncommitted
Jamie McDonough 01/07/2009 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Ella McLeod 11/20/2008 Stallone (PA) Uncommitted
Gianna Micco 11/30/2008 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Aashna Mohapatra 12/16/2008 ENA Paramus (NJ) Uncommitted
Natalia Nazzal 11/24/2008 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Lirit Newman-Achee 07/27/2009 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Wylie Pappas 01/02/2009 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Hadley Parks 08/06/2009 Gym Center of Hershey (PA) Uncommitted
Eliza Power 12/14/2008 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Marin Raible 11/20/2008 Xquisite (PA) Uncommitted
Emma Roppatte 10/14/2008 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Madeline Rose 08/13/2009 Central Bucks (PA) Uncommitted
Evie Rosselli 11/19/2008 Xquisite (PA) Uncommitted
Melina Rossi 06/13/2008 Off Limits (PA) Uncommitted
Danica Ruggiano 07/24/2009 Will-Moor (NJ) Uncommitted
Alessi Salvaggio 01/16/2009 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (PA) Uncommitted
Kirsten Santana 03/08/2009 Girls Co-Op (PA) Uncommitted
Madison Scanlon 05/26/2009 Virginia International Uncommitted
Macie Schmidt 09/22/2009 Coastal Point Uncommitted
Norah Seman 12/30/2008 Synergy (PA) Uncommitted
Sydney Spradley 02/20/2009 Will-Moor (NJ) Uncommitted
Grace Wallace 01/06/2009 Excalibur (VA) Uncommitted
Ruthie Wehrung 05/18/2009 Central Bucks (PA) Uncommitted
Camie Westerman 07/07/2009 Hill's (MD) Uncommitted
Jah'zania Winborne 10/24/2008 Coastal Point Uncommitted
Madeleine Wingerter 03/24/2009 Premier Gym and Cheer (PA) Uncommitted
Taylor Wirt 10/27/2008 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Jada Wood 08/26/2009 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Alyssa Wunder 01/01/2009 Girls Co-Op (PA) Uncommitted
Ali Yowell 03/16/2009 Classics (VA) Uncommitted

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Molly Abbondanza 07/25/2008 MJ Elite (TN) Uncommitted
Mia Albert 05/26/2009 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Ava Aragona 09/12/2008 Precision South (GA) Uncommitted
Payton Austein 11/19/2008 ConXion (TN) Uncommitted
Ariana Barksdale 10/12/2009 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Joelie Berelc 03/18/2009 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Harlow Bertanzetti 12/30/2008 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted
Maya Bradley 03/11/2009 Everest (NC) Uncommitted
Avalie Brinn 07/29/2009 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted
Braelynn Carnes 05/11/2009 Douglasville (GA) Uncommitted
Caleigh Cassine 06/08/2009 All Star (LA) Uncommitted
Addy Cullen 03/01/2009 Starlight (FL) Uncommitted
Erin Davis 05/07/2009 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted
Paisley Davis 11/27/2008 Southeastern (NC) Uncommitted
Nyah Dockery 11/03/2008 Rockdale (GA) Uncommitted
Ava Domino 09/25/2008 Gymnastics Inc (SC) Uncommitted
Raleigh Easter 12/11/2008 Coastal Dreams (FL) Uncommitted
Nadia Erwin 05/14/2009 Let It Shine (TN) Uncommitted
Paige Feemster 03/17/2009 KPAC (NC) Uncommitted
Ryan French 02/11/2009 Atlanta North Stars (GA) Uncommitted
Piper Gardner 05/12/2009 Everest (NC) Uncommitted
Jazmine Giles 11/06/2008 E.T.C. (TN) Uncommitted
Abigail Gornik 05/24/2009 Gymnastics & More (SC) Uncommitted
Abby Gutterman 10/23/2008 Brandy Johnson's (FL) Uncommitted
Taylor Harden 01/04/2009 LaFleur's (FL) Uncommitted
Isabella Helfand-Elg 01/13/2009 Ace (FL) Uncommitted
Olivia Hendrix 10/08/2008 Brandy Johnson's (FL) Uncommitted
Anslee Hill 10/14/2008 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Emma Howells 04/11/2009 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Eva Iannarelli 11/09/2008 Palm Coast (FL) Uncommitted
Graciee Johnson 12/15/2008 Florida Elite Uncommitted
Raegan Leary 09/20/2008 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Rhyanna LeBlanc 12/31/2008 PAC (LA) Uncommitted
Arianna Luongo 09/03/2008 Palm Beach (FL) Uncommitted
Kennaday Matthews 05/05/2009 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Ryleigh McCoy 12/10/2008 Everest (NC) Uncommitted
Caliah McGriff 02/07/2009 Coastal Dreams (FL) Uncommitted
Gabbie Mitchell 06/19/2009 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Lillian Moates 01/10/2009 Lake Norman (NC) Uncommitted
Autumn Moberg 09/23/2009 Coastal Dreams (FL) Uncommitted
Triniti Montgomery 02/27/2009 Stick It (GA) Uncommitted
Jada Oliver 01/21/2009 Brandy Johnson's (FL) Uncommitted
Tori Ortiz 11/13/2008 Lake Norman (NC) Uncommitted
Kerriyah Pettus 11/26/2008 Nashville GTC Uncommitted
Halle Phelan 10/02/2008 ConXion (MS) Uncommitted
Addison Pittenger 07/10/2009 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Claire Potter 12/20/2008 Mountain Brook (AL) Uncommitted
Eleena Ralston 07/16/2009 Tennessee Elite Uncommitted
Hannah Riccio 12/30/2008 North Florida Uncommitted
Eliza Kate Rikard 01/06/2010 Lake Murray (SC) Uncommitted
Anna Schwartz 11/07/2008 Palm Coast Uncommitted
Guiliana Serrao 06/08/2009 Park Avenue (FL) Uncommitted
Mila Spallone 11/21/2009 Acrosmith (SC) Uncommitted
Allison Stancil 05/21/2009 Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta (GA) Uncommitted
Danica Stoner 10/22/2008 Everest (NC) Official Website Uncommitted
Lily Tappouni 09/15/2008 Salem (NC) Uncommitted
Chloe Tart 06/29/2009 Gymnastics Academy of Charleston (SC) Uncommitted
Kylie Thompson 05/22/2009 Lake Murray (SC) Uncommitted
Khloe Timmer 12/05/2008 Leyva (FL) Uncommitted
Sarah Torres 07/31/2008 Bio (GA) Uncommitted
Rylee Tucker 03/20/2009 Precision Dynamix (TN) Uncommitted
Christina Uhl 11/26/2008 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted
Olivia Vandevander 09/29/2008 Team Attraction Gymnastics (NC) Uncommitted
Karelyn Vega 02/12/2009 Orlando Metro (FL) Uncommitted
Aubrey Waldren 02/16/2009 Gymnastics Academy of Charleston (SC) Uncommitted
Marley Warren 02/03/2009 Nashville GTC Uncommitted
Lauren Wilkes 04/15/2009 Gymnastics Gold (GA) Uncommitted
Jillian Zinnert 01/20/2009 Orlando Metro (FL) Uncommitted