Name: Eliza Greco
Birthday: June 17, 2002
Grad Year: 2020
Club: Georgia Elite
Level: 10
Website: Personal | Club
Videos: YouTube

Eliza Greco was born on June 17, 2002. She began gymnastics at 4 years old at Hammond Park in Atlanta. She trained at Gwinnett Gymnastics Center in 2011 and moved to Northwind Gymnastics Center for levels 6-8. She began training with Pete Arenas at Georgia Elite for the 2014 season. She moved to Texas Dreams after the 2015 season. She returned to Georgia Elite in the summer of 2017. She will graduate from high school in 2020.

In the fall of 2010, Eliza competed level five. She finished in the top fifteen all-around at the State Championships. She competed one level six meet in the fall of 2011 before moving up to level seven for the 2012 season. Eliza finished second on vault at the Sand Dollar Invitational. She placed fifth all-around at the State Championships. She finished in the top fifteen at the Region 8 Championships. Eliza competed level eight in 2013. She won vault at the Tiger Paw Classic. She finished second all-around at the Kennesaw Classic and third all-around at the Spring Break-Out meet. She placed third all-around at the State Championships. She finished fifth all-around at Regionals.

Eliza moved up to level nine in 2014. She finished first on vault, first on floor and third all-around at the Atlanta Crown Invitational. Eliza placed third on vault and floor at the Lady Luck Invitational. She placed first on bars, beam and the all-around at the Made In The USA Sports Festival. She placed second on bars at the Smoky Mountain Vacation Classic. She placed first on vault, floor and the all-around at the National Gymnastics Challenge. She finished 3rd on vault and sixth all-around at the State Championships. She finished second on floor, fifth on bars and tenth all-around at Regionals. She tested hopes at the May Elite Qualifier where she won the silver on vault. Eliza qualified for Hopes at the July Qualifier at the National Training Center at both the compulsory and optional meets. She won Gold for the vault and finished fourth all-around. She competed as a Hopes at the U.S. Challenge in August, finishing 4th in vault. In the Fall of 2014, Eliza attended November Developmental Camp, verifying a Yurchenko double-full and a double layout.

In 2015, Eliza competed level 10 but was only able to complete in limited meets due to injury. She finished 6th on vault and 5th on beam in the Junior A division at Sand Dollar. She finished 2nd on vault, 4th on bars, 3rd on beam, 2 on floor and 2 AA at the Made in the USA meet. Coming back from injury, Eliza finished 8th on vault at Regionals. In the September of 2015, Eliza moved to train at Texas Dreams. After missing the 2016 season, Eliza finished fifth all-around at the 2017 Pikes Peak Cup. She won floor at the WOGA Classic. She finished first on floor and tenth all-around at Regionals. In 2018, Eliza won floor at the Made In the USA Invitational. In 2019, Eliza finished fourth all-around at both the Star Struck Invitational and Paws for a Cause Invitational.


Full Scholarship to UNC
2017: L10 Regionals- 1st FX, 10th AA
2015: L10 Regionals- 8th VT
2014: US Challenge- Hopes 4th VT
2014: July Elite Qualifier at NTC—Qualified Hopes Optional with a score of 50.75, 1st vault, 4th AA
2014: May Elite Qualifier at NTC— 2nd Vault
2014: L9 Regionals- 2nd FX, 10th AA
2013: L8 Regionals- 5th AA
2013: L8 State- 3rd AA, UB

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