Name: Adamari Alonzo
Birthday: October 30, 2002
Grad Year: 2021
Level: 10
Website: Club
Videos: YouTube

Adamari Alonzo was born on October 30, 2002. She currently trains at Powerhouse in Texas. She will graduate from high school in 2021.

Adamari began competing as a level four in the fall of 2010. She competed level five in 2011, placing second on beam at the South State Championships. Adamari finished fourth all-around at the 2012 State Championships as a level six. Adamari mobilized out of level seven and began competing level eight in 2014. She won vault at the Alamo Classic. She placed second all-around at the IGI Chicago Style and Metroplex Challenge. She place in the top ten at the State Championships and top fifteen at Regionals.

As a level nine in 2015, Adamari placed third all-around at the Metroplex Challenge. She won bars, floor and the all-around at the Kurt Thomas Invitational. She placed first on bars at the WOGA Classic. Adamari finished fourth all-around at the Denver Winterfest. At the State Championships, she finished third on floor and tenth all-around. She placed sixth all-around at Regionals. Adamari concluded her season at Westerns with a tenth place finish in the all-around.

Adamari began competing level ten in 2016. She competed on bars at the Metroplex Challenge. In 2017, Adamari finished in the top fifteen at the State Championships. She did not compete in 2018. In 2019, Adamari placed second on vault and third on floor at the World Elite Classic. She won vault and floor at the Southwest Invitational. She competed on floor only at the State Championships.


2015: L9 Westerns- 10th AA
2015: L9 Regionals- 6th AA
2015: L9 State- 3rd FX
2014: L8 Regionals- 14th AA

Photos copyright to Alonzo