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2023 Graduates

Region 1
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Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Edessa Abbo 10/12/2004 Brown's LV Uncommitted
McCartney Adams 07/25/2005 San Mateo Uncommitted
Noelle Adams 12/28/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Holly Allen 03/20/2005 Elite (San Diego, CA) Uncommitted
Alilah Alvarado 07/30/2005 SCEGA Uncommitted
Brynlee Anderson 05/25/2005 All American (UT) Uncommitted
Adalyn Andrew 11/21/2004 Arizona Dreams Uncommitted
Angelina Aranda 06/14/2005 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Zoe Arthur 11/11/2004 Azarian (CA) Official Website Uncommitted
Ainsley Ayala 06/23/2004 Brown's LV Uncommitted
Kamilee Bahne-Norris 12/31/2004 SCEGA (CA) Uncommitted
Mallory Baron 11/15/2005 AGA Long Beach Uncommitted
Leyah Bassett 12/07/2004 USA Gym World (UT) Uncommitted
Arushi Basu 07/24/2005 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Hannah Berry 11/04/2004 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Sienna Blake 03/07/2005 East Bay (CA) Uncommitted
Kira Bolden 04/14/2005 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Megan Borland 10/18/2004 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Elliott Bringhurst 03/13/2005 Brown's LV Uncommitted
Olivia Buckner 11/05/2004 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Avery Byun 12/23/2005 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Maya Carr 03/11/2005 Oasis (AZ) Uncommitted
Emma Chandler 03/21/2005 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Brinlee Christensen 07/29/2005 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Evie Chu 08/23/2005 San Mateo Uncommitted
Natalie Consolacion 11/19/2005 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Maddie Dahl 12/20/2004 All American (UT) Uncommitted
Lorelei Dalton 09/16/2005 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Madison Daly 05/03/2005 Desert Gymcats Uncommitted
Morgan Davis 12/19/2004 Coastal Uncommitted
Elle Delgado 08/31/2005 Club Champion Uncommitted
Destiny Denning 02/02/2005 Grace (NV) Uncommitted
Natalie DiLandri 06/07/2005 Rebound West (AZ) Uncommitted
Sarah Dorn 10/21/2005 Edge (CA) Uncommitted
Alyssa Durrans 12/19/2004 USA Gym World (UT) Uncommitted
Isabella Ellwanger 11/17/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Annike Engstrom 05/12/2005 Coastal Uncommitted
Enessa Epstein 10/10/2004 Gymnastics Olympica Instagram Uncommitted
Sammi Erez 03/07/2005 Coastal Uncommitted
Katie Everett 05/08/2005 Matrix (CA) Uncommitted
Rayne Farrelly 12/05/2004 Arizona Dreams Uncommitted
Maria Ferguson 05/27/2005 Salcianu Uncommitted
Alyssa Fernandez 10/21/2004 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Maleah Fox 05/08/2005 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Olivia Fragala 05/11/2005 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Alexi Frank 11/21/2004 SCATS HB Uncommitted
Kira Fredericson 05/07/2005 North Bay Athletics Uncommitted
Peyton Fullmer 03/18/2005 GTC (UT) Uncommitted
Adrienne Gardner 08/09/2005 North Bay Athletic Profile Uncommitted
Caitlin Goldie 02/15/2005 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Madison Gomez 05/06/2005 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Kayleigh Gonzalez 05/05/2005 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Samantha Gottlieb 09/10/2004 Gym World Central (AZ) Uncommitted
Maleah Griffin 07/15/2005 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Abby Grow 03/12/2005 GTC (UT) Uncommitted
Naomi Hamai 09/08/2004 East Bay (CA) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Harris 03/29/2005 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Elle Hatamiya 07/02/2005 Ultimate Sports Connection (CA) Official Website Uncommitted
Kali Helsel 07/12/2005 Azarian Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emily Hernandez 08/03/2005 Majestic (CA) Uncommitted
Hanh Kristen Hoang 08/13/2005 Sokol Diamond Elite Uncommitted
Alex Irvine 10/13/2005 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Lia Johnson 11/23/2005 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Athena Jones 04/26/2005 CCGI Official Website Uncommitted
Ava Jorgensen 01/09/2005 Gold Medal (AZ) BYU
Sierra Kaplan 05/14/2005 The Klub Uncommitted
Abbey Karay 01/27/2005 Azarian Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emily Karay 01/27/2005 Azarian Gymnastics Uncommitted
Allison Karner 10/22/2005 Olympica (CA) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Kelly 08/14/2005 Flips USA (NV) Uncommitted
Alana Kim 01/16/2005 Gymnastics Olympica Uncommitted
Grace Kim 07/23/2005 Bay Aerials (CA) Uncommitted
Mya Kirkham 08/17/2005 Olympus (UT) BYU
Brinley Kitchen 08/02/2005 All American (UT) Uncommitted
Kailyn Knox 11/12/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Jaidan Kossuth 02/04/2005 Arizona Illusion Uncommitted
Madelien Kwok 12/14/2004 SCATS HB Uncommitted
Chloe LaCoursiere 05/10/2005 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Nevaeh Lamy 12/22/2004 Realis Uncommitted
Avery Larsen 01/04/2005 AGA Long Beach Uncommitted
Kaylee Larson 09/20/2004 World Elite RSM Uncommitted
Kyla Larson 09/20/2004 World Elite RSM Uncommitted
Alexia Lau 12/15/2004 San Mateo Uncommitted
Avery Lee 11/17/2005 Bay Aerials (CA) Uncommitted
Justine Leparmentier 12/06/2004 San Mateo Uncommitted
Kristin Lin 05/01/2005 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Carrington Little 08/16/2005 Carter's Uncommitted
Alexa Magana 04/02/2005 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Lily Maguire 05/24/2005 Technique (CA) Official Website Uncommitted
Reina Marchal 05/22/2006 Salcianu Uncommitted
Olivia Markham 06/24/2005 AGA Long Beach Uncommitted
Caralia Martinez 05/13/2005 Arete (UT) Uncommitted
Amanda Marzano 09/06/2005 Paramount Elite Uncommitted
Kyra Mayhew 09/25/2005 Desert Devils (AZ) Uncommitted
Savanna McCalister 08/09/2005 Sokol Diamond Elite Uncommitted
Amelia Mersiowsky 03/17/2005 Biltmore (AZ) Uncommitted
Ensley Miller 07/20/2005 National GTC Uncommitted
Maliyah Miller 07/11/2005 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Aubrey Mindlin 12/22/2004 SoCal GTC (CA) Uncommitted
Eden Mortensen 03/10/2005 Technique (CA) Official Website Uncommitted
Camden Murphy 04/18/2005 Wallers' GymJam (CA) Uncommitted
Natalie Murphy 08/19/2005 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Camila Nabours 08/12/2005 Paramount Elite Uncommitted
Molly Neinstein 08/26/2005 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Mia Nelson 09/03/2004 AGA Long Beach Uncommitted
Riley Newton 06/23/2005 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Brianna Nguyen 04/19/2005 Wildfire Uncommitted
Hannah Noble 01/27/2005 Bay Aerials (CA) Uncommitted
Kourtny Nolan 08/27/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Rowan O'Hara 05/06/2005 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Dalilia Olivera 02/17/2005 Performance Athletics Uncommitted
Hailey Openshaw 03/14/2005 Olympus (UT) BYU
Ayumi Oshiro 01/08/2005 San Mateo Uncommitted
Emma Page 11/28/2004 Club Champion Uncommitted
Kaylee Paige 05/01/2005 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Katie Park 08/05/2004 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Ashlyn Parlett 04/19/2005 Dream Xtreme (CA) Uncommitted
Raegan Patcheak 03/10/2005 Gym-Max (CA) Uncommitted
Lauren Pearce 04/19/2005 AGA Long Beach Uncommitted
Mia Peralta 03/29/2005 SCEGA Uncommitted
Madison Perkins 06/29/2005 AGA Long Beach Uncommitted
Emily Perotti 04/22/2005 Rebound West (AZ) Uncommitted
Yulia Polischuk 02/25/2005 Elevate (CA) Uncommitted
Jazmin Porras 08/25/2005 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Kiyre Prenton 10/11/2005 Accel Uncommitted
Sarah Quan 12/11/2004 Olympia (CA) Uncommitted
Cierra Ramirez 10/21/2005 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Niya Randolph 11/30/2004 Gymcats (NV) Uncommitted
Kayla Reingold 10/04/2005 Gymnastics Olympica YouTube Uncommitted
Espi Reynolds 10/03/2005 Paramount Elite Uncommitted
Kaydence Reynolds 03/18/2005 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Emily Rezner 11/14/2004 Winner's Uncommitted
Sophia Rivas 10/31/2005 Matrix (CA) Uncommitted
Genesis Rivera 04/22/2005 Head Over Heels (CA) Profile Uncommitted
Sienna Robinson 08/29/2005 Browns Las Vegas Uncommitted
Delayne Rodriguez 07/27/2005 Gymcats (NV) Uncommitted
Elaina Romprey 04/06/2005 Coral Peak (UT) Uncommitted
Ella Roselli 08/04/2005 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Aidyn Ruiz 07/03/2003 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Nya Samora 08/03/2005 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Jacquelyn Sansone 10/27/2004 Technique (CA) Uncommitted
Aida Sapira 01/01/2005 Paramount Elite Uncommitted
Danielle Schaffer 06/03/2005 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Emma Schouten 06/29/2005 Dream Xtreme (CA) Uncommitted
Brea Scott 05/27/2005 Nebo Uncommitted
Ava Shaw 01/28/2005 Azarian Uncommitted
Lindsey Sherman 11/03/2004 Wildfire Uncommitted
Maya Shtolzberg 04/27/2005 Gymnastics Olympica (CA) Instagram Uncommitted
Gianna Silva 11/17/2005 The Klub (CA) Official Website Uncommitted
Jayden Silvers 06/16/2005 The Klub (CA) Uncommitted
Hannah Solt 09/06/2005 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Mia Soltero 04/11/2005 SCEGA Uncommitted
Ui Soma 02/28/2005 San Mateo Uncommitted
Emily Springford 05/22/2005 SCEGA Uncommitted
Emma Steele 11/09/2004 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Natalia Tehrani 04/03/2005 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Kerry Thackeray 02/23/2005 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Caroline Thompson 03/22/2005 Gymnastics Olympica Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Tran 05/13/2005 Wildfire Uncommitted
Adelia Valenzuela 09/18/2004 Synergy (AZ) Uncommitted
Devyn Valuch 05/08/2005 Dream Xtreme Official Website Uncommitted
Isabella Vater 12/31/2004 Brown's Las Vegas (NV) Uncommitted
Jadyn Wakita 10/08/2004 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Jordyn Warner 05/12/2005 South Coast Uncommitted
Lucy Warren 05/03/2005 Flips USA (NV) Uncommitted
Madelyn Warren 11/18/2005 All American (UT) Uncommitted
Alyssa Watson 11/02/2005 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Mahleea Werline 10/06/2005 Salcianu Profile | Website Uncommitted
Simone Wiatrak 09/06/2004 Black Diamond (UT) Uncommitted
Katelyn Wiederspahn 02/28/2005 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Chayse Williams 05/15/2005 World Elite RSM Uncommitted
Maddie Williams 07/28/2005 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Rose Wilson 05/17/2005 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Jordan Wimberly 05/07/2005 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Kiana Wong 02/26/2005 Dream Xtreme (CA) Uncommitted
Jersie Woolsey 06/20/2005 Black Diamond (UT) Uncommitted
Lindsey Yang 10/20/2004 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Isabelle Yoon 05/15/2005 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Jacqueline Young 08/18/2005 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Rhys Allen 08/10/2005 US Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Cora Almajam 09/21/2004 Naydenov (WA) Uncommitted
Stephanie Alvine 03/14/2005 Leading Edge Uncommitted
Cecilia Bahnson 05/01/2005 The Athletic Edge (OR) Uncommitted
Maisie Bates 04/23/2005 National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics Uncommitted
Bella Blea 01/13/2005 The Athletic Edge (OR) Uncommitted
Audrey Bothman 07/07/2005 Westside (OR) Uncommitted
Carly Buell 04/26/2005 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Lila Campbell Stephen 09/08/2004 Westside (OR) Uncommitted
Saige Carney 07/19/2004 Advantage (WA) Uncommitted
Samantha Carver 11/30/2004 Gymnastics East (WA) Uncommitted
Raynah Cheng 07/16/2005 Westside (OR) Uncommitted
Sarah Davenport 11/19/2004 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Ava Franco 01/10/2005 Gymnastics East (WA) Uncommitted
Sydney Graber 09/21/2004 Gem State Uncommitted
Chelsea Hallinan 06/15/2005 Olympic (WA) Uncommitted
Amanda Hargraves 01/07/2005 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Kylynn Hanson 10/22/2004 Gymnastics Northwest) Uncommitted
Sydney Hildebrandt 09/19/2005 Jewarts (OR) Uncommitted
Mariah Hilley 11/16/2005 National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics (OR) Uncommitted
Avery Hitchcock 05/02/2005 National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics (OR) Uncommitted
Kamryn Horiuchi 01/14/2005 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Ella Irving 01/20/2005 Oregon Metropolitan Elite Uncommitted
Kaviana Juries 07/07/2005 Bronco Elite (ID) Uncommitted
Victoria Kramer 01/11/2005 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Ashlie Leage 04/09/2005 Cascade Elite West (WA) Uncommitted
Eva Lowder 04/02/2005 Wings Center (ID) Uncommitted
Megan Morrow 08/25/2005 Dynamic (WA) Uncommitted
Keilee Okumoto 06/22/2005 Gymnastics East (WA) Uncommitted
Emma Olsson 11/18/2004 Island Tumblers (HI) Uncommitted
Kyra Pagud 08/01/2005 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Ava Perry 02/09/2005 Rainbow (HI) Uncommitted
Natalie Peterson 02/11/2005 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Olivia Reardon 12/13/2004 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Meilan Rogers 10/12/2004 Bronco Elite (ID) Uncommitted
Hailey Shirley 08/24/2004 Elevate (ID) Uncommitted
Grace Stoddart 02/04/2005 Lone Mountain (MT) Uncommitted
Macie Stones 11/24/2004 The Athletic Edge (OR) Uncommitted
Emma Stutzke 10/01/2004 Dynamic (WA) Uncommitted
Shima True 12/17/2004 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Vaz 11/17/2004 The Athletic Edge (OR) Uncommitted
Mariyah Wiggins 03/08/2005 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Camryn Adams 10/31/2004 WOGA Uncommitted
Tatum Anderson 12/18/2004 OKC Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ava Andrews 10/05/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Summer Arvanetes 09/19/2005 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Lily Aucoin 03/23/2005 World Champions Centre (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Scarlette Ayakawa 02/26/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Hanha Baber 04/11/2005 5280 Uncommitted
Mina Baber 04/11/2005 5280 Uncommitted
Paige Baham 05/06/2004 World Champions Centre Official Website Uncommitted
Josephine Barrett 07/24/2005 CO Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Anna Barrier 06/12/2005 Zenith Elite Uncommitted
Sydney Barros 07/21/2005 World Champions Centre (TX) UCLA
Cassandra Barry 01/20/2005 Cypress Academy Official Website Uncommitted
Reece Barry 04/23/2005 Peak Athletics Plus Uncommitted
Erin Baugh 06/15/2005 Infinite Bounds (TX) Uncommitted
Annie Beard 04/14/2004 Texas Dreams LSU
Ellie Binger 11/23/2004 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Skye Blakely 02/04/2005 WOGA Florida
Haley Brown 04/04/2005 Cypress (TX) Uncommitted
Isabella Brown 07/08/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Elli Brownfield 10/16/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Kate Bryant 09/13/2005 Active (CO) Uncommitted
Sarah Buchanan 11/16/2004 Pearland Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Natalie Caranci 06/21/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
McKenna Carnesi 06/05/2005 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Reganne Cheang 12/11/2004 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Katin Childress 07/19/2005 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Eryn Chou 08/22/2005 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Victoria Cluck 11/08/2004 WOGA Uncommitted
Kylie Coen 11/22/2004 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Chloe Cohen 02/27/2005 5280 Uncommitted
Meaghan Countryman 10/09/2004 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Sofia Criado 06/28/2005 Alamo (TX) Uncommitted
Daylys Dan 08/07/2005 Dynamo (OK) Uncommitted
Sophie Derr 01/28/2005 WOGA Uncommitted
Madison Dou 01/07/2005 Aspire (AR) Uncommitted
Amari Drayton 12/22/2004 World Champions Centre (TX) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Dulaney 03/22/2005 Mavericks (TX) Uncommitted
Kaelyn Duman 01/03/2005 Mavericks (TX) Uncommitted
Cassidy Eaves 06/22/2005 Austin Elite (TX) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Ashlyn Erickson 03/28/2005 Premier of the Rockies (CO) Uncommitted
Alysia Espinoza 01/28/2005 Stars (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Fosbenner 01/04/2005 Edmond (OK) Uncommitted
Adia Friesen 02/23/2005 JET Kids (CO) Uncommitted
Emily Galan 12/21/2004 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Ashley Gallen 04/27/2005 Capital (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Gillian Garcia 11/02/2004 Texas Best Uncommitted
Kate Gary 03/09/2005 JETS (CO) Uncommitted
Brynn Goble 09/26/2005 CO Gym Institute Uncommitted
Hayden Gough 09/18/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Greenlee Gowin 03/23/2005 Texas East Uncommitted
Payton Greene 07/19/2005 Dynamo (OK) Uncommitted
Arden Griggs 05/04/2005 Edmond (OK) Uncommitted
Lucy Grigsby 06/25/2005 Austin Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Katie Groves 12/02/2004 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Payton Guye 10/08/2004 Metroplex (TX) Uncommitted
Elle Hadrick 08/08/2005 5280 (CO) Uncommitted
Cameron Haley 09/08/2004 Austin Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Julia Hanson 11/24/2004 Metroplex Official Website | Full-Out Uncommitted
Isabella Hart 08/01/2005 Kansas Gym And Cheer Uncommitted
Haley Havenor 02/17/2005 World Champions Centre Air Force
Olivia Heckman 05/08/2005 5280 Uncommitted
Mia Hendon 04/02/2005 Austin Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Courtney Henry 07/03/2004 Denton Official Website Uncommitted
Brooklyn Holik 12/31/2004 Texas East Uncommitted
Lina Hudak 08/30/2005 Austin Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Zoee Hudson 08/22/2005 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Isabelle Huncker 06/02/2005 Diamond (KS) Official Website Uncommitted
Skylar Hupp 09/08/2004 Austin Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Jessie Ingram 09/14/2005 Zenith Elite Uncommitted
Peyton Jenkins 03/14/2005 5280 (CO) Uncommitted
Reagan Johnson 09/20/2004 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Isabella Kebreau 11/23/2004 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Kristina Keenan 02/06/2005 Williams Center (AR) Uncommitted
Madison Kenner 05/03/2005 Premier of the Rockies (CO) Uncommitted
Alicia Kenney 08/18/2005 WOGA Uncommitted
Marin Kent 07/27/2004 Crenshaw (TX) Uncommitted
Sydney Kieu 12/20/2004 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Elly King 10/02/2004 World Champions Centre (TX) Uncommitted
Kealey King 10/04/2004 Ultimate (OK) Uncommitted
Neve King 10/02/2004 World Champions Centre (TX) Uncommitted
Rachel Kirkegaard 07/30/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Sophia Kleier 07/02/2005 McCracken's (KS) Profile Uncommitted
Julie Korfhage 06/24/2004 JAG (KS) Official Website Uncommitted
Renee Krentzel 12/22/2002 McCracken's (KS) Uncommitted
Gabriella Ladanyi 12/04/2004 Champions (TX) Uncommitted
Kendall Landry 06/24/2005 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Madison Larson 08/15/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Hannah Laza 12/29/2004 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Sharon Lee 05/12/2005 Capital (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Emily Leese 06/16/2005 Elite (KS) Official Website Uncommitted
Cassidy Lennard 03/20/2005 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
November Lenz 03/28/2005 Dynamo Uncommitted
Claudia Lessig 06/14/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Madison Lewis 03/22/2005 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Kaelyn Li 09/25/2004 Reflex (TX) Uncommitted
Aurea Licciardi 02/05/2004 Aerial Athletics (TX) Uncommitted
Haley Like 03/09/2005 Airborne (CO) Official Website Uncommitted
Mia Loo 07/07/2005 National Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Analisa Lopez 02/22/2006 United Gymnastics Academy (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Jedda Lusk 03/27/2005 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Sophia Maisel 01/28/2005 World Champions Centre (TX) Uncommitted
Madison Malesic 06/18/2004 Capital (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Amaiya Manirad 05/13/2005 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Abigayle Martin 09/25/2004 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Renata Martinez 07/16/2004 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Ashley Maul 01/14/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Courtney McCann 04/22/2005 WOGA Uncommitted
Sydney McCord 05/14/2005 TIGAR Uncommitted
Kendall McCoy 10/26/2004 DK Uncommitted
Anna Kate McCreary 10/18/2004 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Cate McDaris 08/29/2004 South County (OK) Uncommitted
Samantha Meadows 10/13/2004 Cypress (TX) Uncommitted
Zoe Miller 11/11/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Gerin Moore 04/30/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Jansen Morris 12/01/2004 WOGA Uncommitted
Molly Mounce 09/11/2004 Hopes & Dreams Uncommitted
Finley Myers 02/28/2005 Dynamo Uncommitted
Riley Pearce 09/22/2004 Austin Elite Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Vivian Pen 03/13/2005 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Sarah Pena 10/06/2004 Gold Cup (NM) Uncommitted
Ainsley Pinckard 02/21/2005 Crenshaw (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Elyse Pistole 02/07/2005 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Anna Porter 06/12/2005 Adrenaline (CO) Uncommitted
Morgan Price 06/28/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Matis Rains 02/24/2005 WOGA Uncommitted
Katy Ramos 11/26/2004 Crenshaw Athletic Club Uncommitted
Sydney Razeghi 03/08/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Evalyn Resnick 06/01/2005 CO Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Juliette Rider 09/08/2005 J&R (TX) Uncommitted
Cecily Rizo 08/10/2005 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Katelyn Rosen 07/27/2005 Maverick (TX) UCLA
Alexandra Routsis 04/09/2005 Precizion 509 (CO) Profile Uncommitted
Myra Saxena 11/17/2004 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Jessica Schroeder 02/26/2005 JET Kids (CO) Uncommitted
Zuri Scott 11/18/2004 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Chavala Shepard 01/10/2005 Hopes and Dreams Uncommitted
Alexa Shields 09/22/2004 Stars (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Isabel Sikon 09/20/2004 J&R (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Hannah Sitzman 01/10/2005 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Caitlin Smith 08/26/2004 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Allee Sombatchareun 05/20/2005 Diamond (KS) Official Website Uncommitted
Katie Spell 05/07/2003 Precision (TX) Uncommitted
Harley Starr 10/29/2004 The Rock (TX) Uncommitted
Molly Starrett 04/09/2005 Edmond Uncommitted
Kamryn Stephens 10/09/2004 Aspire (AR) Uncommitted
Kamille Tapley 10/06/2004 Zenith Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Marah Tigtig 10/18/2004 Pearland Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Anya Turner 06/20/2005 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Eva Volpe 02/28/2005 Pearland Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Mary Wehmeyer 05/16/2005 Phillips 66 Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Welk 11/11/2004 United Gymnastics Academy (TX) Uncommitted
Keira Wells 06/15/2005 JAG Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Alyssa Wolf 08/29/2004 TIGAR Uncommitted
Alexis Wood 10/31/2004 WOGA Uncommitted
Sally Woods 08/28/2004 Edmond (OK) Uncommitted
Hattie Wright 04/26/2005 Dynamo (OK) Uncommitted
Katrina Yujuico 07/18/2005 National Elite (TX) Uncommitted

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Taylor Arbuckle 03/30/2005 Emerge Academy (IA) Uncommitted
Elle Betz 11/22/2006 GAGE Uncommitted
Isabella Bins 08/10/2005 LaFleur's (WI) Uncommitted
Maeve Boetel 10/18/2004 All American SD Official Website Uncommitted
Paige Bognar 12/23/2004 Team Central (MO) Uncommitted
Sylvia Bootz 08/20/2005 Gymfinity (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Burns 06/02/2005 Xtreme (MO) Uncommitted
Ava Casey 08/16/2005 TAGS- Eden Prairie (MN) Uncommitted
Grace Christensen 03/04/2005 Scamps (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Sofia Clark 10/01/2005 Lake City Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Jessa Conedera 07/08/2005 Stacey's (MO) Uncommitted
Talia Conner-Dolgner 12/31/2004 Altius (WI) Uncommitted
Alyssa Davis 09/28/2004 Revolution (MN) Uncommitted
Katherine Denny 01/27/2005 GymQuarters (MO) Uncommitted
Samantha Denny 01/27/2005 GymQuarters (MO) Uncommitted
Gabriella Disidore 08/14/2004 GAGE Uncommitted
Madysen Diskerud 08/29/2005 KAATS (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Anna Dueck 04/01/2005 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Gabby Espinoza 12/25/2004 GAGE Uncommitted
Dakota Essenpries 07/12/2005 Missouri Elite Uncommitted
Addison Fishman 03/22/2005 Iowa Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Hailey Gau 10/25/2004 Tobler (MN) Uncommitted
Leah Gonsiorowski 08/08/2005 Lake City Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Halle Gregoire 11/06/2004 American Gold Uncommitted
Emma Hagen 09/24/2004 Perpetual Motion Uncommitted
Ashley Hall 05/03/2005 Chow's (IA) Uncommitted
Chloe Hammond 06/06/2005 Triad Uncommitted
Hana Harlow 12/01/2004 Triad Uncommitted
Ella Harmening 11/11/2004 Iowa Gym-Nest (WI) Uncommitted
Becca Harper 03/11/2005 Show Me Uncommitted
Hannah Horton 09/15/2005 Tobler Uncommitted
Whitney Jencks 07/22/2005 Twin City Twisters (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Katherine Johnson 02/07/2005 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Gracyn Keith 01/24/2005 Chow's Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Reagan Kelley 11/29/2004 Classic (MN) Uncommitted
Lexi Kemmetmueller 10/18/2004 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Clara Kenney 04/13/2005 LaFleur's (WI) Uncommitted
Grace Kiefer 07/13/2005 Legacy (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Sophia King 10/26/2004 M&M (WI) Uncommitted
Hannah Kolars 04/11/2005 Triad (IA) Uncommitted
Rhiannon Lallier 03/10/2005 Elevate (MO) Uncommitted
Temple Landry 03/09/2005 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Aspen Lenczner 07/06/2005 Salto (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Peyton Libbey 04/22/2005 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Jordyn Lyden 06/07/2005 Flips (MN) Minnesota
Alina Markutsya 02/08/2005 Success (IA) Uncommitted
Lydia McGuire 09/10/2004 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Delaney McMahon 02/09/2005 Xtreme (MO) Uncommitted
Riley Melton 09/15/2004 Amplify (MO) Uncommitted
Alyssa Merlet 05/11/2005 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Ashton Meuret 09/20/2004 Eagles (MO) Uncommitted
Lily Mixon 05/03/2005 Sapphire (IA) Uncommitted
Hope Moore 02/08/2005 Cedar Valley (IA) Uncommitted
Sophia Nguyen 05/05/2005 Legacy (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Kelsey O'Connell 03/30/2005 Tobler (MN) Uncommitted
Sydney Pacioni 11/23/2004 M&M Uncommitted
Leah Parton 08/17/2004 Emerge Academy (IA) Uncommitted
Hannah Paustian 01/26/2005 Chow's (IA) Official Website Uncommitted
Kit Peltier 12/10/2004 V.I.P (SD) Official Website Uncommitted
Ava Pesch 02/02/2005 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Aspen Peters 02/17/2005 Gold Medal (MO) Uncommitted
Lilia Purler 09/23/2004 Fuzion (MO) Uncommitted
Riley Querimit 08/25/2005 GymQuarters (MO) Uncommitted
Luna Ramos-Frankowski 11/27/2004 Swiss Turners (WI) Uncommitted
Julianna Ratkowski 06/01/2005 Altius Uncommitted
Maddison Reidenbach 03/17/2005 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Ava Riegelsberger 12/22/2004 Olympiad Chesterfield (MO) Uncommitted
Claire Robbins 03/21/2005 Triad (IA) Uncommitted
Sophia Roskoski 01/10/2005 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Eva Salm 02/24/2005 Ultimate Fusion (WI) Uncommitted
Lyden Saltness 12/01/2004 Midwest (MN) Auburn
Malisa Savice 09/14/2005 Nebraska School of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ellianna Schnieders 01/27/2005 Show Me (MO) Uncommitted
Nicolette Scholl 05/26/2005 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Riley Schwietz 08/12/2005 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Cassie Siegel 08/29/2005 Lake City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Addisyn Sklenar 08/25/2005 Solid Rock (NE) Official Website Uncommitted
Maggie Mae Slife 06/07/2005 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Jaelyn Sorenson 06/11/2005 Minnesota Aerials Uncommitted
Kora Spangler 06/26/2005 Tobler (MN) Uncommitted
Eleanor Stevens 07/23/2004 Team Central (MO) Uncommitted
Sylvia Struve 09/08/2004 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Sophie Swartzmiller 07/30/2004 Salto (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Tang 12/30/2004 American Gold (ND) Uncommitted
Paige Vitek 05/03/2005 Altius (WI) Uncommitted
Clara Wallace 09/07/2005 Xtreme (MO) Uncommitted
Hailey Watermeier 07/30/2005 Solid Rock Uncommitted
McKenzie Welch 12/27/2004 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Rachel Wilkening 01/23/2005 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Jean Xie 12/20/2004 Roseville (MN) Uncommitted
Natalie Ziebell 10/14/2004 Lake City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Ella Zirbes 07/02/2005 Flips (MN) Utah

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Kendall Abney 07/11/2005 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Ireland Adamonis 04/13/2005 Buckeye Uncommitted
Love Akpan 03/11/2005 Buckeye Uncommitted
Betsy Alcorn 10/11/2004 American (IL) Uncommitted
Maci Ames 12/25/2004 Buckeye Uncommitted
Alexandra Anderson 06/30/2005 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Addison Angel 10/20/2005 GTC Rochester Uncommitted
Anna Angus 06/23/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Peri Arkin 08/11/2005 Ultimate (IL) Uncommitted
Terryn Armstrong 07/10/2005 The Flip Zone (IN) Uncommitted
Megan Asher 01/17/2005 Cincinnati Gymnastics Uncommitted
Carly Bachara 11/17/2004 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Brooke Barber 07/07/2005 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Noelle Barclay 03/04/2005 Excel (KY) Uncommitted
Olivia Baren 08/08/2004 Phenom Uncommitted
Ashlynn Bauer 04/06/2004 DeVeau's (IN) Uncommitted
Anna Becker 01/29/2005 Ultimate (IL) Uncommitted
Arriana Beckham 11/24/2004 Elite Sports Academy (IN) Uncommitted
Allison Beckwith 05/13/2005 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Madison Belcuore 05/22/2005 Gymnastics Central (OH) Uncommitted
Leah Benson 04/23/2005 Energym (IL) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Berk 01/26/2005 Palantine (IL) Uncommitted
Reagan Bethard 11/07/2005 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Addison Bielecki 11/15/2005 Splitz (MI) Uncommitted
Marissa Bogden 06/03/2005 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Julia Borawski 09/14/2004 Chicago Park District (IL) Uncommitted
Ellie Boyle 09/14/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Libby Bradney 06/22/2005 Performance (OH) Uncommitted
Grace Briles 11/16/2004 Buckeye Uncommitted
Makenna Brook 02/23/2005 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Hannah Brune 02/21/2005 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Lilly Bruschuk 05/15/2005 The Gymnastics Zone (IL) Uncommitted
Kierston Bryan 10/31/2004 Gymnastics Unlimited (IN) Uncommitted
Audrey Burke 05/06/2005 Crystal Lake (IL) Uncommitted
Alexis Cano 05/25/2005 St. Charles Gymnastics Uncommitted
Gwendelyn Cantu 07/10/2005 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Ellie Carmichael 12/16/2004 Energym (IL) Uncommitted
Rylie Cassidy 08/07/2005 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Amanda Cheney 04/14/2005 Gateway Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Carrington Coffey 02/03/2005 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Jenna Coffman 03/16/2005 C.I.T.Y (IL) Official Website Uncommitted
Shelby Conrad 07/20/2005 Gymnastics At The Courts (IN) Uncommitted
Olivia Coppola 04/13/2005 Cincinnati Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Ami Cosman 05/27/2005 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Mary Cowan 04/04/2005 Renzi (OH) Uncommitted
Payton Crane 09/23/2005 Grand Traverse Bay (MI) Uncommitted
Joycelyn Crum 08/30/2005 The Gymnastics Zone (IL) Uncommitted
Alivia Czaplicki 09/12/2004 Flipstar (IL) Uncommitted
Genae Daniel 03/20/2005 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Ava Davis 12/07/2004 Phenom Uncommitted
Gianna DeConcilis 10/07/2004 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Chloe DeJoy 12/17/2004 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Taylor DeVries 07/12/2005 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Ava Dittus 07/16/2005 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Erin Dow 11/29/2004 Premier West (IL) Official Website Uncommitted
Ava Downie 02/15/2005 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Cate Duffer 04/29/2005 DeVeau's (IN) Uncommitted
Michelle Elliott 01/11/2005 Hartland (MI) Uncommitted
Taylor Ellis 08/26/2005 Infinity (MI) Uncommitted
Courtney Ewald 10/26/2004 Revolution (IN) Uncommitted
Reagan Fisch 02/24/2005 Flips (IL) Uncommitted
Marisa Fisher 03/31/2005 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Kayla Forsyth 09/11/2005 Bounce (MI) Uncommitted
Makena Froman 04/26/2005 Hartland (MI) Uncommitted
Ashley Fry 04/05/2005 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Dani Fuertez 04/12/2005 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Taylor Gaies 12/27/2004 Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kiara Gaines 07/21/2005 Champion (KY) Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Gallagher 12/20/2004 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Abby Gallicho 05/22/2005 American (IL) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Gantner 12/28/2004 JPAC Georgia
Brooke Gelesko 07/06/2005 Power In Motion (MI) Uncommitted
Georgia Claire Gilmore 02/24/2005 Champion (KY) Uncommitted
Jade Golembiewski 06/21/2005 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Delaney Gomolka 03/31/2005 Bounce (MI) Uncommitted
Arija Grana 11/29/2004 Gym America (MI) Uncommitted
Katelyn Gray 05/19/2005 Capitol City (OH) Uncommitted
Mary Green 10/17/2004 Flytz USA (OH) Uncommitted
Amelia Greenfield 01/25/2005 Phenom Uncommitted
Ainsley Greever 11/28/2004 Phenom Uncommitted
Sophia Gresko 07/01/2005 C.I.T.Y (IL) Uncommitted
Kennedy Griffin 10/26/2004 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Retoshia Halsell 10/03/2004 Champion (KY) Uncommitted
Layla Hammer 08/29/2005 Legacy Elite (IL) Maryland
Anna Hammerle 03/31/2005 Emeth (OH) Uncommitted
Sefora Hanc 08/18/2003 Northwest Turners Uncommitted
Lauren Harkins 10/26/2006 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Katie Harper 12/13/2004 Universal Gymnasts (OH) Official Website Uncommitted
Brigid Hattel 09/20/2004 C.I.T.Y (IL) Uncommitted
Bailey Hebert 12/28/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Payton Hejza 04/13/2005 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Kendra Henige 10/28/2004 Libertyville (IL) Uncommitted
Maya Hervey 12/22/2004 Michigan Elite Uncommitted
Mikalah Hevel 06/15/2005 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Tayte Hidy 07/07/2005 Performance (OH) Uncommitted
Megan Higley 02/12/2005 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Lilly Hodge 08/11/2005 Legacy (KY) Official Website Uncommitted
Payton Hughes 01/24/2005 Queen City Uncommitted
Sadie Huizenga 10/18/2005 Champion USA (MI) Uncommitted
Farrah Hutcheson 04/04/2005 Infinity (MI) Uncommitted
Elsie Jackson 01/18/2005 Gym-Nasti (IL) Uncommitted
Sydney Jelen 07/01/2005 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Elle Johnson 03/09/2005 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Reese Johnson 01/19/2005 Michigan Elite Uncommitted
Marissa Jones 06/12/2005 Dominique Moceanu (OH) Uncommitted
Ava Jordan 11/11/2004 DeVeau's (IN) Uncommitted
Samara Jordan 06/09/2005 Flips North Shore (IL) Official Website Uncommitted
Quinlyn Jung 04/07/2005 DeVeau's Uncommitted
Paige Kaminski 07/26/2005 Gym America (MI) Uncommitted
Sadie Karlson 04/19/2005 St. Charles Gymnastics Uncommitted
Laci Keck 04/28/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Kenzie Kenders 10/05/2005 Bartlett (IL) Uncommitted
Haley Klein 04/01/2005 Flips (IL) Uncommitted
Eloise Klingele 07/11/2005 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Grace Knurek 02/23/2005 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Emily Krzciok 07/07/2005 Mid Michigan Uncommitted
Emma Kwak 05/03/2005 Flying High Uncommitted
Sarah Kwapis 01/15/2005 Branch Uncommitted
Grace LaCrosse 8/10/2005 Crystal Lake (IL) Uncommitted
Katie Lagman 04/27/2005 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Abbie Lain 07/09/2005 Fusion (IN) Uncommitted
Sarah Lambert 05/19/2005 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Alize Lee 07/04/2005 Illinois Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Zoe Lee 11/14/2004 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Reese Linton 10/08/2005 Infinity (MI) Uncommitted
Gracesyn Looper 09/09/2004 MEKS (IN) Uncommitted
Paige Magel 07/31/2005 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Taylor Magierka 12/20/2004 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Martin 06/17/2005 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Natalie Martin 04/13/2005 Buckeye Uncommitted
Georgia Mason 06/17/2005 Cincinnati Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Katheryn Mathers 12/06/2004 DeVeau's (IN) Uncommitted
Josephine Maylan 10/17/2004 Agility (KY) Uncommitted
Evelyn McDaniel 08/19/2004 Integrity (OH) Uncommitted
Kaitlin McHale 09/23/2004 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Kaitlyn McIntyre 10/31/2004 Michigan Elite Uncommitted
Kerrigan McManus 03/06/2005 Lakewood (KY) Uncommitted
Brooklyn McQuillan 02/08/2005 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Katie Meyers 04/26/2005 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Eleanor Mikus 04/01/2005 Future (OH) Uncommitted
Leah Miller 10/15/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Hannah Milton 08/25/2005 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Cali Mitchey 09/11/2005 Gym America Uncommitted
Ava Molina 11/06/2004 Cincinnati Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Maddie Muccianti 07/18/2005 Illinois Institute of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kasha Muraski 08/01/2005 Royalty (IL) Uncommitted
Katie Nguyen 10/01/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Kaileigh Norton 04/11/2005 Flytz USA (OH) Uncommitted
Lauren O'Brochta 01/03/2006 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Sela Olender 04/15/2005 Midwest Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Jenna Olshefski 02/03/2005 Universal Gymnasts (OH) Official Website Uncommitted
Alexandria Osmanski 05/12/2005 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Nadia Parente 06/15/2005 Pinnacle (OH) Uncommitted
Kate Parks 07/08/2004 Cincinnati (OH) Uncommitted
Jacquelyn Patterson 02/01/2005 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Emily Pearson 12/04/2004 Gymnastics Academy of Rockford Uncommitted
Maura Pegg 09/15/2005 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Clare Peterson 02/17/2005 Lake Erie (OH) Uncommitted
Taylor Pettit 08/23/2005 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Isabella Pintos 04/13/2005 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Juliana Porco 08/23/2005 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Kiona Powers 08/16/2004 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Sofia Presta 09/28/2004 GymKhana (IL) Uncommitted
Gianna Raap 09/28/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Sophia Reddy 02/18/2005 Euro Stars Uncommitted
Piper Reed 12/02/2004 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Elena Reifsteck 11/01/2004 I-Power (IL) Uncommitted
Janelle Rigel 05/13/2005 Infinity (MI) Uncommitted
Gabriella Riley 11/18/2004 Crystal Lake (IL) Uncommitted
Alyssa Rios 10/20/2005 Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Maya Rios 02/22/2005 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Eden Russell 10/10/2004 Energym (IL) Uncommitted
Dawsyn Sallee 07/13/2005 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Reese Samuelson 11/21/2004 Gymnastics Academy of Rockford Uncommitted
Myka Sandy 11/01/2004 DeVeau's Uncommitted
Marissa Saunders 10/13/2005 Future (OH) Uncommitted
Ashley Schabes 05/24/2005 USGTC (IL) Uncommitted
Kendall Schaupp 06/22/2005 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Hannah Scheible 10/18/2005 All American Flames Uncommitted
Alyssa Schlitt 01/19/2005 Bay Valley Gymnastics Uncommitted
Aubrey Senkowski 09/12/2005 Bay Valley Gymnastics Uncommitted
Tasha Senterfit 01/05/2005 Olympia (MI) Official Website Uncommitted
Breanna Sepanski 02/03/2005 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Acadmey Uncommitted
Jacqueline Shin 05/16/2005 Lakeshore Uncommitted
Makenna Skoczylas 09/17/2004 Flipstar (IL) Uncommitted
Dolly Smiley 02/14/2005 The Flip Zone (IN) Uncommitted
Bronwen Smith 03/18/2005 R Athletics (MI) Uncommitted
Taylor Smith 02/16/2005 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Keira Sons 09/16/2004 St. Charles Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sofia Steffan 09/26/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Anna Stephens 08/17/2005 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Noelle Stewart 12/15/2004 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Ella Stokes 03/21/2005 Premier (Lexington, KY) Uncommitted
Grace Suchecki 01/11/2005 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Megan Sunderman 06/06/2004 Cincinnati (OH) Uncommitted
Ashley Szymanski 06/14/2004 Set-10 (IN) Uncommitted
Kaia Tanskanen 05/11/2005 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Kyla Taress 10/14/2004 Jump Start (OH) Uncommitted
Taylor Thacker 10/26/2004 Gym Xtreme (OH) Uncommitted
Olivia Tocco 05/10/2005 Bounce (MI) Uncommitted
Marlie Todd 06/22/2005 Lake Erie (OH) Uncommitted
Madeline Todorovich 03/25/2005 Five-Star (OH) Uncommitted
Kacey Tokunaga 05/19/2005 Gymkhana (IL) Uncommitted
Isabella Trostel 05/15/2005 Buckeye Uncommitted
Kayla Tucker 10/01/2004 DeVeau's Uncommitted
Nina Turba 10/28/2004 Renzi (OH) Uncommitted
Erin Turner 11/15/2004 Gym America (MI) Uncommitted
Kendall Turner 12/03/2004 Gymnastics Academy of Rockford Uncommitted
Kara Tymensky 07/28/2005 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Lillian Valadez 03/08/2005 DeVeau's Uncommitted
McKenna VanZant 06/21/2005 Splitz (MI) Uncommitted
Molly Vaught 05/11/2005 Elite Core (IL) Uncommitted
Lorraine Vinet 09/24/2004 Gymnastics At The Courts (IN) Uncommitted
Sophie Vonderlage 09/01/2005 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Taylee Wachowiak 03/27/2005 Greater Toledo YMCA (OH) Uncommitted
Adyson Wahl 03/10/2005 Zanesville (OH) Uncommitted
Grace Walker 05/21/2005 Integrity (OH) Uncommitted
Leah Wall 04/10/2005 Queen City Uncommitted
Natalie Wardell 02/18/2005 Gym-Nasti (IL) Uncommitted
Lucy Weimer 08/05/2005 Kids Are TOPS (OH) Uncommitted
Savannah West 06/23/2005 Kids Are TOPS (OH) Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Wetherbee 02/07/2005 Gym America (MI) Uncommitted
Solyce Wilcox 02/05/2004 Bay Valley (MI) Uncommitted
Kira Wilson 04/08/2005 Elite (IN) Uncommitted
Ava Winking 08/23/2005 Gem City (IL) Uncommitted
Josephine Wise 10/08/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Avery Wisniewski 10/23/2004 Grand Tranverse Uncommitted
Ashley Wojdelko 05/29/2005 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Abby Wood 07/08/2005 IGI Uncommitted
Claire Wood 12/6/2004 Universal Gymnasts (OH) Official Website Uncommitted
Ashlyn Yoder 12/01/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Emily Yoshino 02/27/2005 Gym Xtreme (OH) Uncommitted
Paige Yu 10/24/2004 Medina (OH) Uncommitted
Gianna Zirille 08/10/2004 Set-10 (IN) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Jillian Ambler 02/12/2005 Bright Raven (NY) Uncommitted
Paige Anastasi 01/31/2005 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hailey Best 09/05/2005 John's Academy Uncommitted
Cloe Block 09/29/2005 Niagara (NY) Uncommitted
Talia Blythe 07/13/2005 NYC Elite Uncommitted
Maddie Brandt 06/10/2005 Atlantic (NH) Uncommitted
Abigail Burkhart 08/31/2005 Exxcel (MA) Uncommitted
Grace Buzgo 05/25/2005 Massachusetts Elite Gym Academy (MEGA) Uncommitted
Bailey Cahill 12/19/2004 Chelsea Piers (CT) Uncommitted
Sofia Clemente 08/22/2005 GMGC Smithtown Uncommitted
Delaney Collyer 02/04/2005 All Stars (CT) Uncommitted
Emma Conca 04/25/2005 Elite (MA) Uncommitted
Christina DeVincenzo 01/19/2005 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Sophia DiNanno 07/01/2004 Yellow Jackets Uncommitted
Gabriela Dinisoe 10/06/2004 Thames Valley Uncommitted
Abigail Druding 07/30/2005 Yellow Jackets (MA) Uncommitted
Taylor Dunn 12/27/2004 Dynamic (NY) Uncommitted
Olivia Dylnicki 02/22/2005 Apex (NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Megan Dzialo 06/01/2005 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Sophia Esposito 12/24/2004 Phoenix (NY) Uncommitted
Wells Fischer 06/08/2005 Darien YMCA Uncommitted
Emily Ford 01/19/2005 Prestige (RI) Uncommitted
Sophia Gallati 09/28/2004 Giguere'ss Uncommitted
Raina Gandhi 11/13/2004 World Class (NY) Uncommitted
Maya Gessman 10/19/2004 American (CT) Uncommitted
Mayalin Glooch 04/28/2005 Gymnastics Express Too (CT) Uncommitted
Alexandra Goldberg 01/27/2005 Exxcel (MA) Uncommitted
Sophia Greaves 08/09/2005 Athletic Edge (NY) Uncommitted
Riley Gruttadauria 06/03/2004 Stumpf's (NY) Uncommitted
Isabella Guay 07/24/2005 American (CT) Uncommitted
Mia Guster 02/28/2005 John's Academy Uncommitted
Amy Hamilton 08/30/2005 Stumpf's (NY) Uncommitted
Sophia Healey 04/06/2005 Daggett (MA) Uncommitted
Sophia Isbell 07/18/2005 Reading (MA) Uncommitted
Brooke Izzo 07/21/2005 Infiniti Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Sophia Jones 02/22/2005 Gotham (NY) Uncommitted
Amelia Kay 04/02/2005 Gotham (NY) Uncommitted
Eloise Kirchner 12/14/2004 Infiniti Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Cailyn Kitchens 06/11/2005 Athletic Edge (NY) Uncommitted
Alexiah Leguisamon 03/09/2005 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Bella Leo 11/02/2004 Elite (MA) Uncommitted
Elaina Lorenz 07/01/2005 Gymnastics Sports Academy (NY) Uncommitted
Catherine Lyden 11/08/2005 Infiniti Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Meredith Lynch 05/09/2005 All Star (MA) Uncommitted
Tassia Maiorino 02/04/2005 Infiniti Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Remy Manni 10/26/2004 Atlantic (NH) Uncommitted
Renee Manzella 04/24/2005 World Class (NY) Uncommitted
Taylor Markley 06/22/2005 Deary's Uncommitted
Grace Marra 05/23/2005 Towers (NY) Uncommitted
Isabella Marques 08/08/2005 Reading (MA) Uncommitted
Sarah Mauro 01/04/2005 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Jayden McDonnell 04/19/2005 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Kalea McElligott 10/25/2005 Infiniti Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Mile 04/10/2005 Apex (NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Anabella Mills 05/28/2005 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Poulina Minaev 01/31/2005 Apex (NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Jordan Napolitano 03/25/2005 Towers Official Website Uncommitted
Riley Nickola 06/03/2005 Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons Uncommitted
Gwendolyn Ockerbloom 05/30/2005 GTC of Simsbury (CT) Official Website Uncommitted
Amanda Ogden 11/04/2004 Wilkey's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Gabriella Pawlak 11/09/2004 R&R (MA) Uncommitted
Summer Penzi 12/03/2004 LI Elite (NY) Uncommitted
Ellie Perkins 03/31/2005 Arena (CT) Uncommitted
Ava Petit 11/04/2004 Kennett (NY) Uncommitted
Sophia Pratt 09/12/2005 Apex (NY) Uncommitted
Emily Provost 01/17/2005 GymStreet USA (MA) Uncommitted
Maisyn Rader 06/15/2005 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Shaye Robinson 09/03/2004 Prestige (RI) Uncommitted
Olivia Rosen 11/02/2005 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Addy Rothstein 09/24/2004 Chelsea Piers (NY) Profile Uncommitted
Camryn Rueda 03/22/2005 Brestyan's (MA) Uncommitted
Gianna Ruffing 05/25/2005 Elite (MA) Uncommitted
Kiara Sahm-Khiamdavvanh 05/10/2005 Valley Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Maria Samonova 04/12/2005 NYC Elite Uncommitted
Carly Sardo 05/06/2005 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Savannah Sayoc 04/11/2005 Gymnastics Unlimited Orchard Park (NY) Uncommitted
Shayla Shafran 08/24/2005 Gotham (NY) Uncommitted
Ava Shiff 01/29/2005 Stumpf's Uncommitted
Julia Sides 10/06/2004 Regal (VT) Uncommitted
Natalie Steed 06/13/2005 Elite (MA) Uncommitted
Morgan Su 07/30/2005 Brestyan's (MA) Uncommitted
Galena Tanjeloff 02/25/2005 Gotham (NY) Uncommitted
Natalie Tanner 10/25/2005 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Samantha Thornton 01/07/2005 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Julia Toland 04/08/2005 Head Over Heels (MA) Uncommitted
Lindsay Van Eyk 07/15/2005 Brestyan's (MA) Uncommitted
Victoria Ware 05/02/2005 Darien YMCA Profile Uncommitted
Alexa Weber 01/24/2005 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Hannah Weklar 12/08/2004 World Class (NY) Uncommitted
Megan White 03/26/2005 A2 (NH) Uncommitted
Hallie Williams 02/11/2005 Elite (MA) Uncommitted
Samantha Winn 12/16/2004 Gymstreet USA Uncommitted
Ella Woods 10/11/2004 Cape Cod Official Website Uncommitted

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Maribelle Albert 12/19/2004 Endless Mountain (PA) Uncommitted
Reyna Auth 08/22/2005 Baltimore County (MD) Uncommitted
Christine Awad 02/22/2005 Devlin (NJ) Uncommitted
Chloe Bastiaans 10/18/2004 Gymstrada (VA) Uncommitted
Jaydah Battle 05/29/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Jada Beswick 01/20/2005 Bright Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Sydney Bezelik 02/08/2005 Apollo (VA) Official Website Uncommitted
Isabella Biondi 03/18/2004 Alison Biondi's (PA) Uncommitted
Mallory Blackburn 12/09/2004 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Marissa Brady 04/20/2005 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Lauren Brendlinger 04/05/2005 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Zoe Brokamp 10/07/2004 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Raegan Brosseau 02/06/2005 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Julia Brown 10/14/2004 Carol Leone Lions (PA) Uncommitted
Abby Brushwood 11/06/2004 Centre Elite Uncommitted
Logan Buckmon 05/12/2005 Hill's (MD) Official Website Uncommitted
Rayla Buckner 11/09/2004 Stafford Royals Official Website Uncommitted
Samantha Burd 11/25/2004 Ocean Tumblers (VA) Uncommitted
Charlotte Byrne 03/31/2005 Star Bound (NJ) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Cairns 05/29/2005 Rebound (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Gianna Campisi 04/30/2005 Berks East (PA) Uncommitted
Meredith Cappiello 07/09/2005 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Annabella Carrascosa 06/18/2005 MG Elite (NJ) Uncommitted
Madison Carr 07/29/2005 Coastal Point (VA) Uncommitted
Lauren Cashman 04/04/2005 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Victoria Cave 11/03/2004 Roanoke Academy of Gymnastics (VA) Official Website Uncommitted
Caden Cerminara 04/20/2005 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Anne Challman 05/10/2005 Prestige (PA) Official Website Uncommitted
Alexa Chuy 07/27/2005 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Lauren Coleman 03/27/2005 Sportsplex (MD) Uncommitted
Katherine Crochunis 12/16/2004 United Gymnastix (MD) Uncommitted
Carley Deaver 05/24/2005 Coastal Point (VA) Uncommitted
Olivia DiNovi 11/23/2004 First State (DE) Official Website Uncommitted
Danica Dougan 07/01/2005 Chantilly (VA) Uncommitted
Skylar Draser 10/31/2005 Parkettes Official Website Florida
Faye Dubin 07/31/2005 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Arianna Ellis 04/13/2005 Hill's Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Sarah Eskew 07/14/2004 Gymsport Gems Uncommitted
Joanna Esser 02/06/2005 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Caitlyn Evangelista 03/11/2005 Atlantic Coast (NJ) Uncommitted
Addison Fatta 11/13/2004 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Klair Fausnaught 03/30/2004 Dynamats (PA) Uncommitted
Isabella Ferraccio 05/02/2005 Atlantic Coast (NJ) Uncommitted
Ariana Fitzpatrick 12/08/2004 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Erin Flynn 02/07/2005 Will-Moor Official Website Uncommitted
Madeline Frazier 03/03/2005 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Lindsay Fuller 11/03/2004 Force (PA) Uncommitted
Marina Galetovic 03/20/2005 Parkettes Uncommitted
Jenna Germond 05/21/2005 Xquisite Profile Uncommitted
Devlyn Gerrity 07/18/2005 AJS Pancott (PA) Uncommitted
Ayden Gidick 08/10/2005 Cardinal (VA) Uncommitted
Aaliyah Gilmore 07/24/2005 Win-Win Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Cadence Gormley 04/05/2005 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Kaylee Gorsegner 04/08/2005 Skyline (PA) Uncommitted
Corinne Gruber 12/02/2004 Stallone Uncommitted
Hailey Gruber 12/02/2004 Stallone Uncommitted
Brooke Gunter 04/11/2005 Gymstrada (VA) Uncommitted
Elle Gvozdas 08/01/2005 Apollo (VA) Uncommitted
Maddison Haehl 03/31/2005 Docksiders (MD) Uncommitted
Madeline Hall 07/05/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Lily Hamilton 10/23/2004 Mountain Magic (WV) Uncommitted
Aidan Hasling 02/09/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Skyy Henson 06/28/2005 Sportsplex (MD) Uncommitted
Azlynn Heverly 03/07/2005 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Jaiden Hoek 05/18/2005 Silvia's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Chloee Hoke 07/17/2005 Xquisite (PA) BYU
Alexis Hope 07/31/2005 Hurricane (VA) Uncommitted
Kylie Houseknecht 04/18/2005 Ocean Tumblers (VA) Uncommitted
Amore Howard 09/09/2004 Sportsplex (MD) Uncommitted
Kendall Huber 07/20/2005 Mountain Magic (WV) Uncommitted
Danielle James 10/20/2004 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Kayle Jameson 04/11/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Sydney Jarvis 08/07/2005 Carol Leone Lions (PA) Uncommitted
Kyrstin Johnson 07/01/2005 Docksiders (MD) Official Website Uncommitted
Ava Johnston 12/05/2004 Capital (VA) Official Website Uncommitted
Alyse Karenbauer 07/30/2005 Xquisite (PA) Uncommitted
Emma Keating 12/14/2004 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Lauren Kent 01/25/2005 Bright Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Julia Klucinec 09/24/2004 ASAP (PA) Uncommitted
Taylor Knight 12/01/2004 ASAP (PA) Uncommitted
Anneliese Koenig 04/15/2005 Paragon (VA) Uncommitted
Alyssa Kramer 05/17/2005 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Gabrielle Lamb 07/16/2005 Will-Moor (NJ) Uncommitted
Karina Lankamer 03/19/2005 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Taylor Leaman 02/03/2005 Prestige (PA) Official Website Uncommitted
Annie LeBlanc 12/05/2004 1st Class Gymnastics (MD) Uncommitted
Ava Lee 04/07/2005 Hill's (MD) Uncommitted
Grace Martin 02/08/2004 ENA Paramus Uncommitted
Arden Martino 02/11/2005 1st Class Gymnastics Uncommitted
Gianna Mastellone 07/20/2005 MG Elite Uncommitted
Konnor McClain 02/01/2005 Revolution (WV) LSU
Danielle McGonigle 09/10/2004 First State Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Ryli McGorry 10/07/2004 Parkettes Uncommitted
Margaux McKenzie 02/01/2005 United Gymnastix (MD) Uncommitted
Kate Menake 04/23/2005 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Hope Mitchell 03/08/2005 Harford (MD) Uncommitted
Maelyn Molden 01/15/2005 APEX (VA) Uncommitted
Payton Monk 02/28/2005 Northeast (PA) Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Montalbano 09/10/2004 Aeon (NJ) Uncommitted
Raleigh Moore 09/19/2005 Ocean Tumblers Uncommitted
Brynn Mortimer 05/07/2005 Ricochets (PA) Uncommitted
Mareli Muller 09/19/2005 Frederick (MD) Uncommitted
Gracee Murray 02/13/2005 Stafford (VA) Uncommitted
Isabella Nelli 04/02/2005 Star Bound (NJ) Uncommitted
Annalise Newman-Achee 09/28/2005 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Ava Palschakov 02/17/2005 North Stars Uncommitted
Sarah Pastor 11/15/2004 Berks East (PA) Uncommitted
Anna Petke 12/14/2004 Parkettes Uncommitted
Jayleena Pfaff 04/25/2005 Parkettes Uncommitted
Cara Phillips 02/24/2005 Stallone Uncommitted
Anya Pilgrim 11/17/2004 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emma Pizzillo 01/17/2005 Apollo Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Ali Pollock 08/24/2005 Parkettes Uncommitted
Trinity Poltrack 06/09/2005 Docksiders Uncommitted
Keller Pooley 11/30/2005 Parkettes Uncommitted
Brissa Portillo 04/16/2005 Excalibur (VA) Uncommitted
Ginger Richards 04/03/2005 Cardinal (VA) Uncommitted
Erin Roe 12/19/2004 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Emily Rogers 03/03/2005 Action (NJ) Uncommitted
Mollie Ruch 10/01/2004 Force (PA) Uncommitted
Haley Sambora 12/10/2004 AJS Pancott (PA Uncommitted
Lianna Schultz 11/02/2004 Force (PA) Uncommitted
Shayna Schutz 12/06/2004 Atlantic Coast (NJ) Uncommitted
Jamison Sears 04/20/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Hannah Shelton 08/01/2005 Apollo Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Kylie Sitty 02/28/2005 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Skowronek 09/27/2004 AJS Pancott (PA) Uncommitted
Keira Smith 07/29/2005 Maverick (WV) Uncommitted
Lily Smith 06/23/2005 Silvia's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sydney Smith 08/24/2005 First State Official Website Uncommitted
Gabriella Smoyer 05/25/2005 Parkettes Uncommitted
Holly Snyder 03/19/2005 Docksiders Uncommitted
Katie Song 12/08/2004 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Angelina Stanfa 06/20/2005 Star Bound (NJ) Uncommitted
Lydia Stoner 07/08/2005 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Reagan Summerlin 12/22/2004 World Class (VA) Profile Uncommitted
Chloe Szczesniuk 01/16/2005 AJS Pancott (PA) Uncommitted
Sabrina Theurer 06/10/2005 Parkettes Uncommitted
Giselle Trahan 08/26/2005 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Jada Traynor 03/12/2005 John Pancott (PA) Uncommitted
Christian Troche 08/02/2005 Premier (NJ) Uncommitted
Jacqueline Tunney 09/14/2004 Rebound (NJ) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Sophia Tyeryar 08/31/2005 Flips (MD) Uncommitted
Brinley Valentine 12/31/2004 ASAP (PA) Uncommitted
Olivia Vettorel 01/20/2005 Gymsport Gems (PA) Uncommitted
Madison Vitolo 11/13/2004 North Stars Uncommitted
Olivia "Gracie" Walker 11/28/2005 GMS (VA) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Talia Wandyes 04/28/2005 Aim High (RI) Uncommitted
Cindy Wang 11/27/2004 Win-Win (MD) Uncommitted
Eliana Wannall 08/06/2005 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jaelah Warner 02/05/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Haleigh Welch 07/03/2005 Frederick (MD) Uncommitted
Joanna Welch 02/23/2004 Hill''s Uncommitted
Julia Welch 02/23/2004 Hill''s Uncommitted
Emma Wert 10/27/2004 Frederick (MD) Profile Uncommitted
Caroline Wiggins 05/24/2005 Apex (VA) Uncommitted
Adalynn Williamson 10/05/2004 Unique Sports (MD) Official Website Uncommitted
Ashlin Williams 06/07/2005 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Katelyn Williams 10/04/2003 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Madeline Williams 10/05/2005 Chantilly Uncommitted
Addy Williamson 10/05/2004 Unique (MD) Uncommitted
Olivia Witherell 10/02/2004 KMC (PA) Uncommitted
Nadia Wojcik 04/15/2005 Stallone Uncommitted
Jadyn Wong 11/17/2004 Premier (NJ) Uncommitted
Jaime Woodworth 03/19/2005 Go For The Gold (NJ) Uncommitted
Jamie Wright 09/15/2005 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Lauren Wright 07/25/2005 Stallone Uncommitted
Paige Zancan 11/27/2004 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Kaylei Adams 08/28/2005 Raleigh Uncommitted
Kayden Alvarado-Fox 01/08/2005 Suncoast Uncommitted
Emma Grace Anderson 10/07/2004 Ultimate (GA) Uncommitted
McKenna Angeny 04/25/2005 Let It Shine Uncommitted
Anastasia Anthou 01/19/2005 Lakewood Ranch (FL) Uncommitted
Alyssa Arana 09/19/2005 Levya (FL) Uncommitted
Macy Armstrong 04/05/2005 Team Attraction Gymnastics (NC) Uncommitted
Marissa Ashton 10/06/2004 Gymnastix (GA) Uncommitted
Lauren Babineaux 02/01/2005 Elmwood Uncommitted
Anna Baka 07/01/2005 Lake Murray Gymnastics Uncommitted
Clara Baker 10/21/2004 Dinamo Brown's Uncommitted
Carolina Bannach 08/02/2004 Magnitude 10.0 (TN) Uncommitted
Lillie Barnes 06/07/2005 Gymnastics Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Jordan Barrow 05/12/2005 Gymstars (TN) Official Website Uncommitted
Bryn Bartman 02/08/2005 Everest Uncommitted
Mary Rose Bellan 05/06/2005 JamJev Uncommitted
Kady Bills-McCoy 11/28/2004 Brandy Johnson Uncommitted
Whitney Bjerken 03/04/2005 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Morgan Blackberg 09/27/2005 Tennessee Elite Uncommitted
Presley Blackwell 11/10/2004 US Gold (FL) Uncommitted
Kaylee Bluffstone 03/02/2005 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Alexandria Bonham 12/20/2004 KPAC (NC) Uncommitted
Alexis Boone 05/13/2005 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Bailey Bourgeois 05/10/2005 Pristine (LA) Uncommitted
Caroline Bowns 11/26/2004 Bull City (NC) Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Grace Boyd 06/09/2005 Orlando Metro (FL) Georgia
Paige Breckwoldt 01/24/2005 Fun To Be Fit (NC) Uncommitted
Jadyn Breedlove 06/14/2005 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Creslyn Brose 03/15/2005 Bull City (NC) Uncommitted
Adrianna Brown 11/13/2004 JamJev (AL) Uncommitted
Mikayla Brown 03/24/2005 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Samara Buchanan 12/13/2004 American Twisters (FL) Official Website Uncommitted
Chandler Buntin 06/26/2005 ConXion (MS) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Katie Jo Byars 05/02/2005 First in Flight (NC) Uncommitted
Zari Chambers 06/30/2005 Team Attraction Gymnastics (NC) Uncommitted
Sophia Cherkashyna 07/04/2005 First Coast (FL) Uncommitted
Abigail Clem 09/03/2004 Gymini (TN) Uncommitted
Ava Collins 04/28/2005 Brandy Johnson Uncommitted
Kate Cooper-Oliveira 12/03/2004 Elite (FL) Official Website Uncommitted
Alyssa Crisp 11/25/2004 New Vision Uncommitted
Carrington Crobons 01/29/2005 Golden City (FL) Uncommitted
Amanda Czubkowski 04/12/2005 Park Avenue (FL) Uncommitted
Alina Danilchenko 06/10/2005 Orlando Metro Uncommitted
Lily Dansereau 06/24/2005 GymTek (TN) Uncommitted
Jessa Davidson 01/22/2005 Aiken (SC) Official Website Uncommitted
Delaney DeHaan 06/06/2005 Tampa Bay Turners Towson
Ava DelRosario 02/19/2005 Lakewood Ranch Uncommitted
Chelsey Dennis 08/30/2004 Legacy (FL) Uncommitted
Morgan Denofa 05/12/2005 Lakewood Ranch Official Website Uncommitted
Miriam Derouen 10/05/2004 Gymnastics Elite Training Center (LA) Uncommitted
Lauren DiBona 12/12/2004 Bull City Uncommitted
Nicole Dillis 07/20/2004 KPAC (NC) Uncommitted
Kora Donley 08/18/2005 All Stars (LA) Uncommitted
Ella Dragosavac 08/24/2005 Legacy (FL) Uncommitted
Rhegan Duncombe 11/26/2004 EVO Athletics Uncommitted
Maddy Elmore 05/13/2005 Starlight Uncommitted
Isabelal Feltman 05/07/2005 Enso Elite (NC) Uncommitted
Madeline Fernandez 06/08/2004 PAC (LA) Official Website Uncommitted
Shelby Fields 06/20/2005 Sun Country (FL) Uncommitted
Molly Finan 03/08/2005 Golden City (FL) Uncommitted
Delaney Fisher 08/09/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Averie Fitzhugh 06/22/2005 Clarksville Elite (TN) Uncommitted
Kendall Flury 08/31/2005 International Gold (FL) Uncommitted
Lauren French 07/21/2005 Brandy Johnson Uncommitted
Raven Gadson 12/06/2004 Coast Elite Uncommitted
Cameron Galvin 12/06/2004 Official Website Uncommitted
Destiny Garcia 05/08/2005 Tampa Gymnastics and Dance Uncommitted
Karis Gidley 06/10/2005 JamJev (AL) Uncommitted
Leilani Gillie 05/31/2005 Golden City (FL) Uncommitted
Emily Gittemeier 10/18/2004 Stick It (GA) Uncommitted
Emily Golden 02/16/2005 EVO Athletics Uncommitted
Elliott Goldsmith 05/14/2005 Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga Uncommitted
Savannah Goveia 07/30/2006 Everest Uncommitted
Hannah Gray 05/26/2005 Gulf Breeze (FL) Uncommitted
Gabrielle Greenwald 01/22/2005 American Twisters Uncommitted
Annika Gregson 01/26/2005 Southeastern (FL) Uncommitted
Cayden Groome 03/10/2005 Gym & More (SC) Official Website Uncommitted
Tyler Hambright 03/24/2005 Bull City Uncommitted
Amelia Hansen 09/08/2004 Ultimate (GA) Uncommitted
Rebecca Harris 02/11/2005 Gym & More (SC) Uncommitted
Janiya Harrison 07/07/2005 Carolina Gymnastics Uncommitted
Maddie Hastings 09/15/2004 Legacy (AL) Uncommitted
Sophie Hernandez 11/29/2004 Bull City Uncommitted
Abby Hicks 02/07/2005 Sonshine (NC) Uncommitted
Jewel Hill 07/26/2005 JamJev Uncommitted
Talia Hitt 12/23/2004 Southeastern (NC) Uncommitted
Peyton Hoffmeyer 04/15/2005 High Point Uncommitted
Reagan Hofseth 12/01/2004 Lake Murray Gymnastics Uncommitted
Maggie Holman 03/27/2005 SGA (NC) Uncommitted
Julianne Huff 07/07/2005 JamJev Uncommitted
Elizabeth Janssen 10/21/2004 Lanier's (MS) Uncommitted
Promise Jean-Marie 03/04/2005 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted
Aryal Jones 10/25/2004 The Brook-Lin Center (MS) Uncommitted
Tinley Jones 06/20/2005 Con-Xion (MS) Uncommitted
Gabriella Kaminski 08/19/2005 Fun To Be Fit (NC) Uncommitted
Lienna Kay 03/24/2005 Raleigh (NC) Uncommitted
Olivia Kennedy 11/21/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Eryn Klaus 11/04/2004 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Ashley Knight 09/29/2004 High Point Uncommitted
Julia Krzywanski 04/19/2005 Golden City (FL) Uncommitted
Kenzie Kurdys 03/25/2005 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Lily Kurrack 07/14/2005 LaFleur's Tampa Utah State
Lexi Kurtz 06/03/2004 Top Notch Uncommitted
Jurnee Lane 12/02/2004 Let it Shine Official Website Uncommitted
Hayley Laurenson 12/06/2004 Gymnastics Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Kaila Lawrence 03/14/2005 Rose's (NC) Uncommitted
Kelsey Lee 08/23/2005 Lakewood Ranch Official Website Uncommitted
Sofia Licausi 05/27/2005 Coast Elite (FL) Uncommitted
Rayna Light 06/09/2005 Golden City Gymnastics Uncommitted
Gabrielle Linden 03/08/2005 American Twisters Temple
Kaitlyn Llano 08/29/2005 Tampa Bay Turners Uncommitted
Gracie Long 12/25/2004 ConXion (MS) Official Website Uncommitted
Amber Lowe 09/14/2005 Atlanta Northstars (GA) Uncommitted
Analise Lurie 12/23/2004 Southeastern (NC) Uncommitted
Lilly Lynch 02/11/2005 Lakewood Ranch Uncommitted
Sarah Mangrum 05/17/2005 ETC (TN) Uncommitted
Ashlyn Marshall 01/02/2005 MJ Elite (TN) Uncommitted
Jasmin Matchett 12/19/2004 Coast Elite Uncommitted
Amelia May 01/19/2005 Believe (TN) Profile Uncommitted
Maggie McDonough 10/05/2004 Let It Shine Uncommitted
Kendall McGuire 01/07/2005 Floride Elite Official Website Uncommitted
McCall McMullen 04/13/2005 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Emma Misenheimer 01/22/2005 Bull City Official Website Uncommitted
Ashley Morgan 11/30/2004 Roswell (GA) Uncommitted
Zora Morgan 03/28/2005 Orlando Metro Official Website Uncommitted
Maggie Morris 02/11/2005 Upstate (SC) Uncommitted
Jessica Naranjo 01/12/2005 American Twisters Uncommitted
Brooke Neupaver 11/14/2004 Tampa Bay Turners Uncommitted
Ashlyn Novak 05/17/2005 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Gabriella Ortiz 03/17/2005 LaFleur's Tampa Pittsburgh
Alexa Rose Pahila 03/20/2005 Acrosmith (SC) Uncommitted
Priscilla Park 11/12/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Heather Parker 05/31/2005 ETC (TN) Official Website Uncommitted
Paris Parker 10/21/2004 High Point Official Website Uncommitted
Mia Passarella 09/11/2004 Atlanta North Stars (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Addie Pearson 07/02/2005 Brandy Johnson Uncommitted
Lariise Perkins 02/25/2005 KPAC Uncommitted
Sydney Pettus 07/06/2005 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Alexis Pokorski 07/06/2005 Broadway (FL) Uncommitted
Nia Poole 10/25/2004 Southeastern (NC) Uncommitted
Chloe Powers 11/12/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Olivia Raife 12/29/2004 Prattville YMCA (AL) Uncommitted
Ashleigh Rappaport 10/08/2004 New Bern (NC) Uncommitted
Brooke Reardon 04/29/2005 Flight (FL) Uncommitted
Lena Richardson 07/22/2005 Superior Uncommitted
Vanessa Rippee 07/06/2005 Southeastern Uncommitted
Addison Rohdenberg 07/26/2005 Acrosmith Uncommitted
Isabella Ross 04/02/2005 Sonshine Official Website Uncommitted
Hayden Sanders 10/12/2004 Starlight (FL) Official Website Uncommitted
Jordyn Sanders 12/21/2004 Conxion (MS) Official Website Uncommitted
Lee Lee Sanders 04/11/2005 Auburn (AL) Uncommitted
Ashlyn Saville 04/09/2004 Lake Murray (SC) Official Website Uncommitted
Ashlyn Scanlon 06/30/2005 Infinity (GA) Uncommitted
Amanda Schmidt 12/23/2004 Legacy (FL) Uncommitted
Isabel Scott 02/15/2005 Roswell (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Segedy 02/17/2005 Bull City (FL) Uncommitted
Doree Shelton 11/02/2004 GymTek Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Shockley 07/07/2005 Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta Uncommitted
Sydney Shryock 12/10/2004 Enso Elite (NC) Uncommitted
Brooke Simpson 07/19/2004 Premier Knoxville Uncommitted
Hailey Smallwood 01/10/2005 Starlight Official Website Uncommitted
Paris Smiley 01/10/2005 Brandy Johnson's (FL) Uncommitted
Victoria Smirnov 10/28/2004 Shooting Stars Boise State
Isabella Solaro 09/15/2005 Islands YMCA (GA) Uncommitted
Riley Sorrell 09/26/2005 Sonshine Uncommitted
Eleanor Souder 08/10/2004 Team Attraction Gymnastics (NC) Uncommitted
Kinley Stanley 04/26/2005 Let it Shine Official Website Uncommitted
Alyssa Stepanek 04/30/2005 Enso Elite (NC) Uncommitted
Vivi Stovall 07/11/2005 Champions (FL) Profile Uncommitted
Calista Sumonthee 03/30/2005 Elite (FL) Uncommitted
Victoria Taran 08/31/2004 Southeastern Uncommitted
Natalie Taunton 12/08/2004 TNT Gymnastics (FL) Uncommitted
Megan Teaster 10/19/2004 Premier Knoxville (TN) Uncommitted
Taylor Templin 05/16/2005 Roswell (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Ella Thurman 03/10/2005 Infinity (GA) Uncommitted
Bethany Thuss 11/01/2004 Planet (AL) Official Website Uncommitted
Skye Tolbert 08/23/2005 U.S. Gold FL Uncommitted
Emily Twilley 12/28/2004 West Georgia Uncommitted
Madison Ulrich 06/23/2005 Southeastern (NC) Official Website Denver
Riley Urash 12/03/2004 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Eugenia Verlezza 12/09/2003 Park Avenue (FL) Uncommitted
Julia Versluis 11/02/2004 Gymnastix Uncommitted
Cora Villere 04/29/2005 Elmwood Uncommitted
Peyton Viso 06/08/2005 JamJev Uncommitted
Kiley Wenger 06/07/2005 TNT Gymnastics (FL) Official Website Uncommitted
Lulu Wentz 10/28/2004 Thomas Gymnastics Uncommitted
Audrey West 02/26/2005 LaFleur's Tampa (FL) Uncommitted
Caroline White 04/27/2005 Infinity (GA) Uncommitted
Sofiya Whitehead 05/04/2004 Perfect Balance (NC) Official Website Uncommitted
Madison Wiggins 08/23/2005 InTown Stars (GA) Uncommitted
Gillian Wilson 10/21/2004 Chapin Christian (SC) Official Website Uncommitted
Kalani Witherspoon 02/15/2005 West Georgia Uncommitted
Mya Witte 06/22/2005 Genie's Gymnastics (FL) Uncommitted
Ainsleigh Wyman 11/16/2004 Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta Uncommitted
Hayden Zabrowsi 12/13/2004 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted