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2022 Graduates

Region 1
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Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Agenais Abeyta 06/22/2004 Arizona Dynamics Uncommitted
Mikaile Aderinto 10/21/2003 Desert Devils Cal
Amanda Albee 04/06/2004 Olympus Uncommitted
Leila Altshuler 03/04/2004 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Sam Anderson 12/11/2003 Broadway (CA) Uncommitted
Avalon Angell 03/28/2004 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Madisyn Anyimi 03/10/2005 Technique (CA) Uncommitted
Brianna Balian 08/19/2004 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Juliet Besana 05/18/2004 Phoenix Gymnastics Academy (AZ) Uncommitted
Avery Bibbey 06/22/2004 Arizona Illusions Uncommitted
Rachel Bir 04/21/2004 Coach Patty's (CA) Uncommitted
Kiona Bischoff 09/06/2004 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Berkeley Bolinger 05/29/2004 Desert Gymcats (NV) Uncommitted
Lauren Bowers 07/12/2004 Azarian Gymnastics Uncommitted
Madison Brandon 06/01/2004 Broadway (CA) Uncommitted
Casey Brown 08/22/2004 East Bay Sports Academy (CA) Cal
Sydney Buerk 06/05/2004 Airborne (CA) UC Davis
Rachel Burdick 06/29/2003 Accel Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Madeline Burroughs 07/19/2004 West Coast Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Shea Campbell 07/13/2004 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Kristina Carandang 05/24/2004 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Ashley Carroll 04/22/2004 SoCal GTC (CA) Uncommitted
Ashley Carter 04/01/2004 Charter Oak Gliders Stanford
Francesca Caso 06/05/2003 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Shaina Chen 02/09/2004 Winner's Uncommitted
Sarah Cheon 05/28/2004 West Coast Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Skyler Chiabai 02/21/2004 Broadway (CA) Uncommitted
Kira Co 07/19/2004 Sokol (CA) Uncommitted
Samantha Cochran 04/22/2004 Wildfire Uncommitted
Sarah Coghlan 08/25/2004 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Haylie Coit 06/16/2004 Technique (CA) Uncommitted
Annika Cole 12/04/2003 Tumble Time (CA) Uncommitted
Colleen Cordell 05/05/2004 Elite (Salinas, CA) Uncommitted
Breanna Corral 05/12/2004 North Bay Athletics Uncommitted
Sage Crandall 07/23/2003 GTC (UT) Uncommitted
Avril Crespin 03/10/2004 SCEGA Uncommitted
Caitlyn Cu 11/11/2004 Edge (CA) Uncommitted
Sydney Daily 11/05/2003 Central California (CCGI) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Dayton 11/20/2003 Browns LV Uncommitted
Marissa De Leon 02/26/2004 Matrix (CA) Uncommitted
Claire Dean 01/01/2004 East Bay Sports Academy (CA) Stanford
Lauren DeLara 10/07/2003 Arizon Illusions Uncommitted
Ariana DeSouza 05/27/2004 Dream Xtreme Official Website Alaska
Sophia Dewar 03/08/2004 Chula Vista YMCA (storm) Uncommitted
Kellis Dieter 08/24/2004 Galaxy (CA) Uncommitted
Allison DiLandri 12/30/2003 Rebound West (AZ) Uncommitted
Gia Donati 05/22/2004 Rebound (AZ) YouTube Uncommitted
Reese Drotar 07/27/2004 Airborne (CA) Arkansas
Kylie Eaquinto 02/17/2004 Bold (UT) BYU
Audrey Easter 12/10/2003 Wildfire Uncommitted
Abigail Egbert 04/28/2004 Galaxy (CA) Uncommitted
Hannah Ewart 07/06/2004 Arizona Dreams Uncommitted
Anna Ferguson 01/28/2004 Salcianu Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Fong 09/12/2004 San Mateo Uncommitted
Ella Frank 02/24/2004 USA Gym World (UT) Uncommitted
Taylor Gandy 01/21/2004 Santa Rosa (CA) Uncommitted
Maguire Garcia 08/27/2004 Elevate (CA) Uncommitted
Rilee Gibbs 03/19/2004 Technique (CA) Uncommitted
Milla Gideon 05/27/2004 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Grace Gomez 03/27/2004 Wildfire (CA) Uncommitted
Madelyn Gomez 03/10/2004 Dream Xtreme Official Website Uncommitted
AnnMarie Gonzalez 04/14/2004 East Bay (CA) UC Davis
Trista Goodman 11/12/2003 Salcianu Southern Utah
Tristin Green 04/16/2004 SCEGA Uncommitted
Makayla Harper 01/27/2004 Elevate (CA) Uncommitted
Selena Harris 11/05/2003 Gymcats UCLA
Anna Hatala 02/23/2004 SoCal GTC (CA) Uncommitted
August Hayashi 09/24/2004 AGA (Long Beach, CA) Uncommitted
Mia Heather 09/24/2004 San Mateo Uncommitted
Nadia Herrera-Set 07/31/2004 Accel Official Website Uncommitted
Sidnei Heubach 05/04/2004 Desert Lights (AZ) Uncommitted
Elaina Hollinger 08/06/2004 Gymcats (NV) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Hollinger 08/06/2004 Gymcats (NV) Uncommitted
Elle Horst 02/26/2004 Accel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Riley Howlett 08/16/2004 West Coast Elite Uncommitted
Morgan Huber 12/21/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Zoey Hughes 12/23/2003 Desert Devils Uncommitted
Kauri Hunsaker 09/07/2003 Desert Lights Uncommitted
McKaella Jarvis 06/11/2004 SCATS HB Uncommitted
Faye Jones 06/26/2004 USA Gym World (UT) Uncommitted
Kaly Jones 03/26/2004 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Lydia Kallas 07/31/2004 Marin Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Sydney Kho 08/28/2004 Gliders Boise State
Sabrina Knauss 07/01/2003 Gymnastics Zone (CA) Uncommitted
Denzlee Knudsen 10/04/2003 Cache Elite (OR) Uncommitted
Eden Kolber 06/28/2004 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Taylor Konopacke 05/30/2004 Gym-Max Official Website Uncommitted
Sarah Krump 05/26/2004 Brown's LV (NV) Utah
Mila Kujat 05/26/2004 Accel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Elizabeth LaRusso 09/08/2004 Gymcats (NV) Arizona
Myl Lauc 02/08/2004 V-Force Elite Profile Uncommitted
Jayda Lealaogata 04/04/2004 Arizona Dreams Uncommitted
Lillian Lewis 10/15/2004 San Mateo Alabama
Sydney Leitch 06/07/2004 Azarian Uncommitted
Sophie Lian 05/17/2004 Wildfire Uncommitted
Caroline Lichtman 11/13/2003 West Coast Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Jessica Lin 06/13/2004 Azarian Brown
Amy Lopez 03/28/2004 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Audrey Love 04/28/2004 Synergy (AZ) Uncommitted
Sophia Low 10/01/2004 Edge (CA) Uncommitted
Sarah Lutrel 10/28/2004 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Samantha Lyon 04/27/2004 Carter's Uncommitted
Sarah Macasieb 03/08/2004 Coach Patty's Uncommitted
Madeline Macias 03/16/2004 West Coast Elite Uncommitted
Malia Maire 07/15/2004 Central Coast Uncommitted
Rhiannon Majchrzak 09/07/2004 SCEGA Uncommitted
Kaelin Marquez 11/21/2004 Cal Sports Center Uncommitted
Adrianna Martinez 09/04/2003 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Yuval Mazor 11/22/2003 San Mateo Uncommitted
Kennedi McClain 12/31/2003 Olympus (UT) Southern Utah
Kylie McKay 11/01/2004 Byers Roseville Uncommitted
Vivian McNally 03/21/2004 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Jaida Menteer 03/24/2004 Paramount Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Erika Miyagi 10/06/2004 Miyagi (CA) Uncommitted
Amelia Moneymaker 09/22/2004 Dream Xtreme (CA) UC Davis
Jasmine Monroe 01/07/2004 Technique Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jacquie Moran 03/08/2004 San Mateo Georgia
Indigo Morgan 02/12/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Emily Nelson 02/24/2004 Carter's Uncommitted
Daniella Newstrom 01/16/2004 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Michelle Ng 12/28/2003 Elevate (CA) Uncommitted
Michelle Ngo 08/05/2004 Elevate (CA) Uncommitted
Taralyn Nguyen 03/04/2004 Technique Gymnastics Official Website Stanford
Thu Nguyen 04/14/2004 Wildfire Washington
Jessica Norman 09/04/2004 UCSB Spirals Uncommitted
Peyton Oliver 06/18/2004 North Bay Athletics Uncommitted
Haley Omanoff 03/24/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Carly Oniki 02/25/2004 San Mateo (CA) Pennsylvania
Olivia Oppegard 03/02/2004 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Madelyn Osborn 01/22/2004 Edge (CA) Uncommitted
Karyssa Owens 01/26/2004 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Damaris Partida 01/27/2004 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Mak Pasquarello 05/14/2004 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Alyson Peragine 11/09/2003 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Marley Peterson 03/18/2004 USA Gym World (UT) Uncommitted
Mikaela Pitts 04/07/2004 Central Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Jehaan Poonja 12/01/2004 Gymnastics Olympica Uncommitted
Shelby Primeaux 06/03/2004 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Sabra Prows 11/13/2003 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Amaya Rambo 03/28/2004 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Laurel Raymond 10/07/2004 North Bay Athletics Uncommitted
Madison Richman 06/13/2004 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Beach Ries 10/13/2003 GTC (UT) Uncommitted
Makenna Roberson 06/16/2004 The Matrix (CA) Uncommitted
Crystal Roxas 09/08/2004 San Mateo Uncommitted
Sara Ruckle 03/09/2004 Springs (AZ) Uncommitted
Emma Schrady 06/30/2004 Flips USA (NV) Uncommitted
Hannah Schwartz 08/06/2003 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Allena Shadan 08/24/2004 Wildfire Uncommitted
Amanda Shaw 11/23/2003 Chula Vista YMCA Uncommitted
Madison Simons 12/11/2003 Flips USA (NV) Uncommitted
Rylie Slezak 08/18/2004 Brown's Las Vegas (NV) Uncommitted
Annalise Smaby 07/18/2004 Gold Star Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Kimberly Smith 07/27/2004 Azarian Gymnastics Arizona State
Lily Smith 02/14/2004 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Sabrina Smith 01/03/2004 Gymnastics Olympica Official Website Uncommitted
Hana Strause 11/09/2004 San Mateo Yale
Hope Sunseri 05/18/2004 Flames (AZ) Uncommitted
Haruna Tamaki 09/17/2004 South Coast (CA) Uncommitted
Meghan Tandy 08/04/2004 Central California (CCGI) Uncommitted
Julienne Templeman 09/23/2004 Champion (Stockton, CA) Uncommitted
Victoria Tobol 01/26/2004 Edge (CA) Uncommitted
Kayla Toniolo 05/28/2004 SCATS HB Official Website Uncommitted
Porsche Trinidad 12/21/2003 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Isabella Ubaldini 10/29/2003 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Melisss Venzon 01/06/2004 Flips USA (NV) Uncommitted
Emma Waarama 08/21/2003 Arizona Dynamics Uncommitted
Zara Waddell Jordan 01/11/2004 Wallers’ GymJam Official Website Cal
Ashlee Wagner 07/08/2004 Gym-Max Uncommitted
Lily Walker 03/11/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Ariel Watson 09/30/2003 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Leah White 09/26/2004 Salcianu Uncommitted
Lia Whitman 09/27/2003 Gymcats Uncommitted
Reagan Wilkins 07/06/2004 V-Force Elite Uncommitted
Tirzah Wise 01/31/2004 Salcianu Uncommitted
Emily Wisehart 03/13/2004 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Cassidy Wo 05/25/2004 Airborne (CA) Uncommitted
Clara Wren 07/01/2004 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Samantha Wu 01/14/2004 West Valley Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Stella Ye 01/19/2004 Rodina Elite Uncommitted
Marii Yonemoto 07/02/2004 Azarian Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ashley Young 08/25/2004 SCATS (CA) Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Quinn Aiken 09/08/2004 Leading Edge (WA) Uncommitted
Rylye Anderson 03/20/2004 Ascend (WA) Uncommitted
Kennedy Ausbun 09/06/2003 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Scarlet Becker 10/22/2003 Nat'l Academy of Artistic (NAAG) Official Website Uncommitted
Sydney Brown 12/05/2003 Danik Uncommitted
Kylie Chin 03/11/2004 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Piper Colby 07/30/2004 Jewart's (OR) Uncommitted
Olivia Dansie 05/30/2004 Idaho Falls Uncommitted
Maia Decker 01/19/2004 Nat'l Academy of Artistic (NAAG) Uncommitted
Gabby Fendrich 05/25/2004 Gymnastics Northwest  Uncommitted
Rachel Hahle 12/18/2003 Bronco Elite (ID) Uncommitted
Shelby Hamura 06/08/2004 Pantheon Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Handy 11/24/2003 America's Best Kids (OR) Uncommitted
Kymberlyn Hashimoto 06/11/2004 Pantheon Uncommitted
Alyssa Helbling 01/22/2004 Northwest (WA) Uncommitted
Paloma Hopson 11/20/2003 Multnomah Athletic Club (OR) Uncommitted
Tali Joelson 08/30/2003 Cascade Elite Uncommitted
Ryley Just 05/08/2004 Olympic (WA) Uncommitted
Allee Kooch 05/25/2004 Westside (OR) Uncommitted
Zoey Kunz 12/15/2003 Leading Edge (WA) Uncommitted
Kailyn Loper 05/19/2004 US Gym Academy (OR) Uncommitted
Kenya Meyer 07/27/2004 Lone Mountain (MT) Uncommitted
Tasha Miller 09/12/2003 Idaho Falls Uncommitted
Lily Millington 02/14/2004 Lone Mountain (MT) Uncommitted
Asia Mosley 07/08/2004 Island Tumblers Uncommitted
Mikaylee Pope 01/05/2004 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Ada Reece 04/18/2004 Mt. Si (WA) Uncommitted
Kaylee Reich 07/13/2004 Denali (AK) Uncommitted
Carli Richards 02/06/2004 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Anna Roberts 05/19/2004 Metropolitan (WA) Stanford
Cara Schweitzer 02/11/2004 Cascade Elite West Uncommitted
Karlei Shearer 10/29/2003 Zenith Elite West (WA) Uncommitted
Breeann Spain 04/22/2004 Pantheon Uncommitted
Lucy Toelcke 07/23/2004 Flathead (MT) Uncommitted
Zoe Traul 02/09/2004 US Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Ellie Weaver 06/16/2004 Naydenov Oregon State
Emma Wright 03/04/2004 Naydenov Uncommitted
Avery Yahna 04/28/2004 Metro (OR) Uncommitted
Rylin Zimmerman 01/16/2004 Dynamic (WA) Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Lily Abbinanti 10/25/2003 Olympia Hills Official Website Uncommitted
Vienne Abrahamian 07/05/2004 Mavericks Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nailah Adams 06/13/2004 Pearland Elite (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Lauren Andrews 02/02/2004 Kurt Thomas (TX) Uncommitted
Nirel Bart-Williams 03/12/2004 WOGA Illinois State
Kayla Bassford 08/19/2004 Sunburst (TX) Uncommitted
Ava Bautch 01/04/2004 Crenshaw (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Amanda Beauregard 06/11/2004 Eagle (TX) Uncommitted
Lily Berkowitz-Martinez 10/20/2003 G-Force (NM) Uncommitted
Brianna Blanding 04/15/2004 Diamond (KS) Uncommitted
Kaia Bochow 03/17/2004 Airborne (CO) Uncommitted
Zanna Brewer 09/22/2003 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Rylie Bright 10/16/2002 Denton Official Website Uncommitted
Abigail Brown 04/06/2005 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Macy Brown 11/09/2002 Woodlands (TX) Uncommitted
Olivia Bullington 12/11/2003 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Kylee Burton 11/05/2003 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Sophia Butler 06/27/2004 Discover Gymnastics Official Website Florida
Alea Byrne 08/18/2004 WOGA Illinois
Brenna Calvo 12/26/2003 Xtreme Altitude Uncommitted
Madison Carlisle 04/16/2004 World Champions Centre Official Website Uncommitted
Kinzey Carroll 06/05/2004 Gymnastics Unlimited (CO) Uncommitted
Camila Ceron 10/24/2004 Flipnastics (TX) Uncommitted
Maia Choi 10/24/2003 Metroplex Official Website Uncommitted
Phoenix Cosley 12/18/2003 Crenshaw (TX) Uncommitted
Jordynn Cromartie 10/20/2004 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
McClaine Daigle 04/03/2004 AIM Athletics (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Chloe Dannevik 10/14/2003 Texas Elite Uncommitted
Chloe Dominguez 05/11/2004 Kurt Thomas (TX) Uncommitted
Brooklynn Einck 09/12/2003 McCracken's Profile Uncommitted
Brooke Ferrari 07/17/2004 Airborne (CO) Texas Woman's
Claire Flores 02/23/2004 Bart Connor (OK) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Fong 09/11/2004 Peak Athletics Plus (CO) Uncommitted
Amy Foret 10/06/2003 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Isabella Fridia 05/24/2004 Bart Connor (OK) Official Website Uncommitted
Karis German 02/19/2004 World Champions Centre Alabama
Katie Giesecke 08/24/2004 Stars Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Alexandra Gillette 04/25/2004 Acrotex Official Website Uncommitted
Annabel Green 05/16/2004 Airborne (CO) Uncommitted
Emma Green 05/16/2004 Airborne (CO) Uncommitted
Kylee Greene 06/14/2004 Conoco Phillips Official Website Uncommitted
Emily Gross 10/02/2003 Cypress (TX) Uncommitted
Georgia Guynn 06/29/2004 Zenith Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Hannah Hagle 03/10/2004 Texas East Auburn
McKenna Hall 08/19/2003 Aspire Arkansas Uncommitted
Kylee Hamby 07/30/2004 Dynamo (Ok) Uncommitted
Payton Harris 02/25/2004 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Lydia Hayden 04/15/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Kyla Heidaker 08/13/2004 Stars Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Charlyze Hemby 04/22/2004 Mavericks Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Riley Henderson 12/03/2003 Crenshaw (TX) Uncommitted
Brooklyn Henry 08/27/2003 Aspire (AR) Uncommitted
Sarah Hitchcock 12/16/2003 JET Kids (CO) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Holland 01/29/2004 Top Flight (TX) Uncommitted
Morgan Hood 04/13/2004 Houston Gym Center Uncommitted
Ava Hooks 08/24/2004 Austin Elite (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Angelina Hogan 02/02/2004 WOGA Official Website Uncommitted
Riley Horton 05/13/2003 Edmond Uncommitted
Kara Houghton 08/12/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Ingle 05/05/2004 Texas Dreams SEMO
Avery Ingram 11/12/2003 Bart Connor Official Website Uncommitted
Brooke Irwin 02/08/2004 Airborne (CO) Official Website West Virginia
Sude Item 09/18/2003 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Alyssa Jefferson 02/14/2006 Pearland Elite Uncommitted
Emily Johnson 08/23/2003 Incline Uncommitted
Audrey Jones 01/14/2004 Tali Tumblers (TX) Uncommitted
Natalie Keating 07/04/2003 Houston Gym Associates Official Website Uncommitted
Alexandra Kim 07/29/2004 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Allison Landry 01/20/2004 Pearland Elite Texas Woman's
Katherine Larranaga 07/03/2004 Gold Cup (NM) Uncommitted
Callie Leavell 07/08/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
Hannah Lemon 03/09/2004 JAG (KS) Official Website Uncommitted
Carolyn Lindberg 04/19/2004 Alamo Uncommitted
Teagan Lindgren 06/21/2003 OKC Gym Uncommitted
Brandy Liu 06/23/2004 Victory (OK) Uncommitted
Reagan Loftis 03/22/2004 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Zoe Lynch 05/18/2004 Texas Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Mizuki Maeda 09/16/2003 Discover Gymnastics Uncommitted
Gabriella Margheim 05/03/2004 McCracken's Uncommitted
Riley Marr 08/09/2004 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Camila Martinez 04/15/2004 World Champions Centre Official Website Uncommitted
Malea Martinez 06/09/2004 World Champions Centre Uncommitted
Gianna Martyna 06/01/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Uncommitted
McKenna Marvin 03/04/2004 Zenith Elite (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Amaya McConkay 10/30/2003 Airborne (OK) Uncommitted
Caitlin McWilliams 02/12/2004 Incline Uncommitted
Carissa Mercer 11/26/2003 Pearland Elite Uncommitted
Ella Merrill 02/02/2004 McCracken's Uncommitted
Jessica Miley 01/31/2004 Diamond (KS) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Vanelda Mode 01/16/2004 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Malia Moore 09/03/2004 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Tealise Moore 08/04/2004 Love (TX) Uncommitted
Isabelle Morcombe 09/14/2003 Powersports (TX) Uncommitted
Brooklen Morgan 04/09/2003 Edmond Uncommitted
Kaila Muhammad 07/24/2004 Texas Champion Uncommitted
Naomi Murphy 03/11/2004 Achievers (TX) Uncommitted
Sophia Neylon 01/05/2004 Houston Gym Associates Uncommitted
Kadence Nguyen 12/03/2003 Pearland Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Samantha Nokes 03/04/2004 National Elite (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Suzan Ogunleye 07/09/2004 Crenshaw Uncommitted
Peyton Oltman 10/22/2003 Texas Dreams Official Website Uncommitted
Phoebe Olvey 07/16/2004 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Emily Owens 06/11/2004 Mavericks (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Kayla Pardue 09/16/2003 TIGAR Profile | Website Southern Utah
Sarah Pastore 02/15/2004 Aspire (AR) Uncommitted
Natalia Pawlak 02/27/2004 Metroplex Pittsburgh
Isabelle Perez 02/01/2004 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Wynter Poolaw 04/08/2004 Bart Conner Uncommitted
Paige Prejean 06/25/2004 Woodlands UNC
Angela Preston 10/11/2003 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Madison Raesly-Patton 07/17/2004 Denton (TX) Nebraska
Christian Ray 03/17/2004 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Abby Raymond 05/10/2004 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Kati Rice 01/21/2004 Texas Dreams Profile Uncommitted
Hannah Richter 12/05/2003 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Lauren Riggs 05/28/2004 Crossfire (TX) Uncommitted
Mia Ristaino 12/31/2003 Austin Elite (TX) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Ella Robins 03/22/2004 World Champions Centre (TX) Ohio State
Alexia Rodriguez 06/28/2004 Pearland Elite Uncommitted
Megan Rodriguez 10/28/2003 Reflex (TX) Uncommitted
Genevieve Rump 04/19/2004 Incline Uncommitted
Destiny Sanchez 01/05/2004 Texas Dreams Official Website Uncommitted
Sophie Schmitz 03/23/2004 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Megan Sapp 06/02/2004 Denton (TX) Uncommitted
Aaliyah Saucedo 04/28/2004 Denton Uncommitted
Rebecka Saulnier 01/01/2004 Stars (TX) Uncommitted
Riley Shaffer 02/18/2004 Maverick (TX) Official Website Boise State
Morgen Shambo 05/29/2004 Xtreme Altitude Official Website Uncommitted
Sami Shavlan 10/25/2003 Pearland Elite Uncommitted
Krista Sherfield 07/02/2004 Edmond (Ok) Uncommitted
Ocean Simons 08/19/2004 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Makenna Smith 04/04/2004 Gold Cup Gymnastics Utah
Sophia Stephens 05/28/2004 WOGA Arizona
Olivia Stratman 05/27/2004 H-town Elite Uncommitted
Delaney Sweeney 07/06/2004 AIM Texans Uncommitted
Nevaeh Tauer 08/20/2004 Diamond (KS) Uncommitted
Stuart Terry 11/28/2003 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Mattison Thetford 04/12/2004 Bart Conner Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Tolbert 10/15/2003 Airborne (OK) Profile Uncommitted
Clairey Townsend 09/10/2003 Woodlands Uncommitted
Morgan Trevor 10/05/2003 WOGA BYU
Lilly Tubbs 06/09/2004 Acrotex Official Website Washington
Alena Tucker 02/24/2004 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Ayana Tyler 10/19/2003 J&R (TX) Uncommitted
Lauren Valmidiano 06/21/2004 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Ashley Viso 04/17/2004 Ultimate (OK) Uncommitted
Jenna Waldo 11/21/2003 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Arielle Ward 03/26/2004 Metroplex Uncommitted
Emma Waresback 07/02/2004 Dynamo (OK) Uncommitted
Anna Warring 07/14/2004 Cypress (TX) Uncommitted
Brooklyn Weingardt 08/29/2004 Premier of the Rockies (CO) Uncommitted
Lauren Williams 09/16/2002 Aspire (AR) Arkansas
Lexie Wills 09/16/2002 Denton Uncommitted
Bryce Wilson 06/25/2004 Pearland Elite Official Website LSU
Riley Wilson 05/04/2004 Texas Dreams Uncommitted
Clara Womeldorph 08/03/2004 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Kamille Zarlengo 12/31/2003 Incline Texas Woman's

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Eva Abler 05/05/2004 Legacy (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Ciena Alipio 03/07/2004 Midwest (MN) UCLA
Evelyn Ausbury 04/08/2004 GymQuarters (MO) Uncommitted
Reese Baechle 12/01/2001 Olympiad Chesterfield (MO) Missouri
Ashlyn Barker 12/06/2003 JETS (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Kate Barth 07/24/2004 American Gold Uncommitted
Polina Belanovski 10/12/2003 Swiss Turners Towson
Thea Bender 05/06/2004 Madtown Twisters Uncommitted
Heidi Benningfield 08/23/2003 Show Me (MO) Uncommitted
Rachael Brock 06/30/2003 Liberty (MO) Uncommitted
Isabelle Brown 07/12/2003 Omaha Uncommitted
Kealyn Burns 06/15/2004 Triad Uncommitted
Sara Kate Busch 04/06/2004 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Molly Campbell 05/08/2004 Solid Rock (NE) Uncommitted
Marina Casaregola 09/21/2003 Barron (MO) Uncommitted
Megan Childers 09/03/2003 Omaha Uncommitted
Leah Davis 02/12/2004 Team Central (MO) Uncommitted
Maddie Dukart 10/27/2003 American Gold Southern Utah
Morgan Engels 06/24/2004 Emerge (IA) Uncommitted
Ariel Fu 10/07/2003 Lake City Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Ashtyn Gagner 07/08/2004 TAGS South (MN) Uncommitted
Megan Garrison 07/07/2004 Classic (MN) Uncommitted
Teagan Green 12/20/2003 Jet (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Aneta Guzior 08/17/2004 IGM (MN) Uncommitted
Kyra Haala 07/20/2005 KidSport (MN) Uncommitted
Kyra Hansen 01/15/2004 Classic (MN) Uncommitted
Payton Harris 06/23/2004 M&M Ohio State
Mackenzie Havlik 04/26/2004 Ultimate Fusion (WI) Uncommitted
Isabella Hayden 02/02/2004 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Carrie Hays 10/28/2003 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Leah Hendrickson 01/19/2004 Iowa Twisters Uncommitted
Elleri Herman 01/04/2004 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Rachel Hettiarachchy 09/30/2003 Flyaways Gold (MN) Uncommitted
Myrn Holman 02/06/2004 Fuzion (MO) Uncommitted
Lauren Homecillo 11/11/2003 Omaha Nebraska
An Hua 08/12/2004 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
McKenzie Jeffrey 04/15/2004 GAGE Uncommitted
Payton Johnson 05/09/2004 Triad (IA) Uncommitted
Jaly Jones 04/29/2004 Iowa Gym-Nest Uncommitted
Emily Joyce 06/21/2004 Xtreme (MO) Uncommitted
Braelyn Juve 10/28/2003 Just Jymnastics (SD) Uncommitted
Audra Kaiser 12/10/2003 Revolution (MN) Uncommitted
Grace Kehr 12/16/2003 Jam Hops (MN) Uncommitted
Lydia Kibler 10/25/2003 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Jenna Konitzer 03/30/2004 Salto (WI) Uncommitted
Samantha Krenzel 03/31/2004 Fuzion (MO) Uncommitted
Claire Krysiak 06/26/2004 TAGS- Eden Prairie (MN) Uncommitted
Ailey Kuehn 02/03/2004 TAGS South (MN) Uncommitted
Kaylee LaFernier 08/26/2004 Salto Uncommitted
Haley Lamberson 05/18/2004 Chow's Uncommitted
Addison Lawrence 09/12/2003 GAGE Missouri
Anna Leamy 07/14/2004 Deutsch's (WI) Uncommitted
Maddox Lee 07/17/2004 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Gianna Lenczner 11/07/2003 Salto Gymnastics Official Website Arizona
Bailey Libby 04/29/2004 Iowa Twisters Uncommitted
Olivia Liddle 06/25/2005 Show-Me Uncommitted
Shawna Lindemann 09/12/2003 Iowa GymNest Uncommitted
Sarah Lutz 06/19/2004 Revolution (MN) Uncommitted
Ava Mabanta 08/16/2004 Twin City Twisters Denver
Madelyn Manternach 08/19/2003 Russell (WI) Official Website Iowa State
Hannah Martini 03/29/2004 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Paige Matthys-Pearce 08/20/2003 Team Central (MO) Uncommitted
Hunter Matulka 10/03/2003 Omaha (NE) Uncommitted
Taylor McGill 03/18/2004 Solid Rock (NE) Uncommitted
Keegan Messner 04/22/2004 TAGS Apple Valley Uncommitted
Chaniya Miller 12/09/2003 Fuzion (MO) Uncommitted
Isabella Moeller 03/31/2004 Swiss Turners Uncommitted
Mari Mohling 05/17/2004 Revolution (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Carleigh Moore 12/29/2003 Gymfinity (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Myah Morris 06/30/2004 Dakota Gold Uncommitted
Trinity Munsisoumang 05/05/2004 Classic (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Abby Newhouse 05/18/2004 Classic (MN) Uncommitted
Ava Obermoller 10/09/2003 American Gold Uncommitted
Samaria Ownby 02/21/2004 Lake City Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Vanessa Palmer 07/09/2003 American Gold Uncommitted
Amber Pedersen 04/01/2004 Xtreme (MO Uncommitted
Mia Petersen 02/06/2004 Nebraska School of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Casandra Poddig 04/14/2004 St. Louis Gym Centre (MO) Uncommitted
Abby Ramberg 11/14/2003 Flips (MN) Uncommitted
Aliyah Reed-Hammon 04/26/2004 M&M (WI) Uncommitted
Ava Ridlehoover 08/12/2004 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Brooklyn Rowray 01/26/2004 Chow's Minnesota
Anastasia Rudnitskaya 02/01/2004 Salto Gymnastics Official Website Illinois State
Heidi Schultz 02/11/2004 LaFleur's (WI) Kent State
Jordan Schultz 02/11/2004 LaFleur's (WI) Arizona
Regine Schultz 09/16/2004 Flyaways Gold (MN) Uncommitted
Jafree Scott 02/13/2004 GAGE Florida
Elli Sigman 03/12/2004 Team Central (MO) West Virginia
Paige Simon 07/13/2003 Country Twisters (ND) Uncommitted
Ashlynn Skillings 08/23/2004 Jam Hops Uncommitted
Megan Steensland 05/06/2004 Legacy (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Claire Stippich 08/21/2003 Salto Official Website Kentucky
Emma Strom 10/16/2003 Premier (NE) Arizona
Kaydon Sutton 02/14/2004 Gold Medal (MO) Official Website Uncommitted
Morgan Svec 06/03/2004 Chow's Uncommitted
Grace Taylor 04/22/2004 Omaha (NE) Uncommitted
Erin Tisler 07/09/2004 Lake City Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Madelyn Viles 09/21/2004 Lake City Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Alexa Wade 09/12/2003 GymQuarters (MO) Uncommitted
Leah Wadel 07/17/2004 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Mikayla Wallin 01/29/2004 Twin City Twisters (MN) Uncommitted
Juliane Wiesner 06/17/2004 Show Me (MO) Uncommitted
Courtney Wood 12/03/2003 Missouri Valley Missouri

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Hannah Adachi 02/21/2004 Illinois Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Avery Agema 12/10/2003 Naperville Uncommitted
Hannah Agins 01/26/2004 American (IL) Uncommitted
Allison Anderson 01/09/2004 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Julia Armbrust 09/17/2003 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Julia Bageanis 04/28/2004 Flying High (IL) Uncommitted
Mara Bagley 02/11/2004 Stars & Stripes Uncommitted
Maya Balachandran 08/08/2004 Cincinnati Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kendal Baldwin 03/18/2004 Queen City Uncommitted
Olivia Bandurski 07/22/2004 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Yuna Batmunkh 06/07/2004 All Around (IL) Uncommitted
Elle Beaufait 06/16/2004 All American Flames Michigan State
Madelyn Bellmore 09/22/2003 Grand Traverse Bay (MI) Uncommitted
Alexia Bernard 12/26/2003 Madison Gym World (IN) Uncommitted
Alli Berrong 04/06/2004 Champion (KY) Uncommitted
Grace Besse 09/25/2003 Gymnastics Michiana (IN) Uncommitted
Mallory Bezanis 12/23/2003 Flying High Uncommitted
Abby Bielski 06/02/2004 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Saylor Biggin 12/17/2003 Olympic Dreams (OH) Uncommitted
Megan Bingham 08/26/2004 Champion (KY) Bowling Green
Alexis Boccone 12/30/2003 The Flip Zone (IN) Uncommitted
Cate Bonanno 03/19/2004 Flying High Uncommitted
Avery Bonk 05/10/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Graci Botka 06/28/2004 Flipstar (IL) Uncommitted
Olivia Bovell 01/05/2004 Aerial (IL) Uncommitted
Katherine Boyd 09/07/2004 Buckeye Uncommitted
Naomi Brattinga 04/28/2004 GTC- Rochester Hills (MI) Uncommitted
Caroline Breeding 01/14/2005 Becca's Flip-Town USA (KY) Uncommitted
Megan Brueck 10/16/2003 Queen City Uncommitted
Mila Brusch 03/13/2004 Cincinnati Gymnastics Denver
Audrey Bryan 04/26/2004 Gym-Nasti (IL) Uncommitted
Presleigh Buck 11/30/2003 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Abigail Buda 02/23/2004 Bay Valley Gymnastics Uncommitted
Katrina Carlson 02/08/2004 Action (IL) Uncommitted
Bella-Claire Carter 08/10/2003 Legacy (KY) Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Cekay 10/01/2003 Flips (IL) Uncommitted
Avery Chambers 09/09/2003 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Shannon Chase 02/23/2004 Emeth Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lily Clapper 04/15/2004 Gym America Official Website Michigan
Ella Clemons 04/10/2004 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Tara Coffey 07/09/2004 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Avery Compson 06/21/2004 Buckeye Uncommitted
Ava Corcoran 07/08/2004 Queen City Uncommitted
Hayley Corder 12/29/2003 Future (OH) Uncommitted
Coral Cotteleer 04/26/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Alex Cottrell 08/12/2004 Gymnastics Etc. (IN) Uncommitted
Riece Crooks 07/21/2004 Cincinnati (OH) Uncommitted
Maleah Crowley 02/25/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Erin Delahunty 04/04/2004 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Faith Diegel 10/06/2004 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Meredith Donovan 04/13/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Danielle Dudziak 11/28/2003 Great Lakes (OH) Official Website/td> Uncommitted
Ella Dye 06/20/2004 Kentucky Gym Academy Uncommitted
Isabella Edington 09/08/2003 The Flip Zone (IN) Uncommitted
Annie Eggerding 08/24/2003 Gymnastiks Unlimited (MI) Uncommitted
Michaela Ehrhardt 03/03/2004 Top Flight (KY) Uncommitted
Kelly-Ann Empleo 08/21/2004 Bartlett (IL) Uncommitted
Carina Engst 07/29/2004 Gymnastics ETC (IL) Uncommitted
Raegan Ernst 01/27/2004 Gym X-Treme (OH) Uncommitted
Caroline Etter 09/05/2003 InterActive (IN) Uncommitted
Ashtyn Evans 12/09/2003 Tri-Star (IN) Uncommitted
McKenzie Farrell 05/26/2004 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Callie Feldsien 03/03/2004 Indiana Elite Uncommitted
Gabrielle Fico 09/23/2003 Aerial (IL) Uncommitted
Kendal Fisher 02/07/2004 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Regan Flannery 04/19/2004 Stars & Stripes Uncommitted
Mackenzie Flutman 09/16/2003 Flipstar (IL) Uncommitted
Tessani Foster 05/07/2004 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Madina French 07/23/2003 The Flip Zone (IN) Uncommitted
Molly From 05/12/2004 IGI Uncommitted
Presley Gabram 07/21/2004 Renzi (OH) Uncommitted
Sydney Galsan 05/06/2004 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Miranda Garcia 07/08/2004 Chicago Park District Uncommitted
Alexandria Gardini 03/09/2004 Integrity (OH) Uncommitted
Claire Geiger 07/18/2003 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Kaylee Gibson 03/16/2004 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Sydney Gibson 05/27/2004 Lake Erie (OH) Uncommitted
Alyvia Gitler 02/03/2004 American (IL) Uncommitted
Mia Gordiano 06/06/2004 Gymkhana (IL) Uncommitted
Ellie Greco 07/09/2004 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Holly Griffith 06/24/2004 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Ashnaya Gupta 05/20/2004 DeVeau's (IN) Uncommitted
Charlee Gutridge 10/20/2003 All Starz (OH) Uncommitted
Brooklyn Hall 06/03/2004 Kentucky Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Sydney Hallsten 02/18/2004 US GTC (IL) Uncommitted
Jocelyn Harbeck 01/02/2004 Gym-Kinetics (IL) Uncommitted
Audrey Harrington 06/11/2004 Palmer's Uncommitted
Alexa Harris 12/30/2003 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Cassandra Hasaj 07/11/2004 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Lindsey Havens 04/10/2004 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Abby Hawksworth 02/18/2004 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Ella Hayes 02/06/2004 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Jillian Helzer 04/30/2004 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Olivia Herrera 12/28/2003 Balance Institute of Gym Official Website Uncommitted
Emaley Hill 04/14/2004 Olympic Dreams Uncommitted
Gabrielle Hinkle 07/21/2004 Capital City Flips (MI) Official Website Uncommitted
Logan Hinson 04/14/2004 Michigan Elite Uncommitted
Isabella Hodder 05/07/2004 Gym America Uncommitted
Sarah Hoke 08/23/2004 InterActive (IN) Uncommitted
Alexis Holmes 07/07/2004 Tri Star (IL) Uncommitted
Lauren Holt 06/01/2004 GTC Rochester Hills Uncommitted
Natalie Homerding 12/01/2003 Flipstar (IL) Uncommitted
Juliet Horenziak 10/18/2004 Perfection (OH) Uncommitted
Min Jee Howell 08/05/2003 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Alexia Inquilla 09/23/2003 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
McKenna Jaggers 07/28/2004 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Chelsea Jones 06/05/2003 Gymnaworld (IN) Uncommitted
Courtney Jones 07/07/2003 All American Flames (MI) Uncommitted
Rigley Jump 11/29/2003 Aerial (IL) Official Website Uncommitted
Sydney Jundt 07/18/2004 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Jessica Justa 01/05/2004 Hunt's (MI) Uncommitted
Alayna Karl 06/09/2004 Gym-Nasti Profile | Official Website Uncommitted
Kylie Kazmierski 10/17/2003 Queen City Uncommitted
Clare Keane 09/12/2003 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Madeline Kees 12/29/2003 Energym Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Sage Kellerman 07/07/2004 All American Flames Michigan State
Lindsay Kern 05/16/2004 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Ava Ketterman 08/30/2003 Naperville Uncommitted
Makenna King 04/09/2004 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Grace Kirk 06/25/2004 All Starz (OH) Uncommitted
Brookelyn Klepfer 08/27/2004 Crystal Lake (IL) Uncommitted
Kelly Klobach 05/30/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Samantha Koch 05/03/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Rory Koperski 03/30/2004 Buffalo Grove Uncommitted
Natalie Kotecki 01/31/2004 Kids Gym Inc (MI) Uncommitted
Sophie Krcik 12/04/2003 Crystal Lake (IL) Uncommitted
Ella Large 07/10/2003 Zanesville (OH) Uncommitted
Stephanie Lebster 08/14/2004 Champion USA (MI) Michigan State
Olivia Lesko 12/05/2003 Splitz (MI) Uncommitted
Claire Lewis 03/18/2004 Aerial (IL) Uncommitted
Lily Lippeatt 08/28/2004 Cincinnati Gymnastics LSU
Morgan Mace 04/01/2004 Interactive (IN) Official Website Uncommitted
Leah Mackie 01/08/2004 Gym America (MI) Uncommitted
Sarah Maggiore 05/24/2004 All Around (IL) Uncommitted
Lauren Main 10/06/2004 Gymnastics Academy of Rockford Uncommitted
Gracie McCarthy 12/12/2003 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Jaylee McCarthy 09/20/2003 Hunt's (MI) Uncommitted
Rachel McClow 12/10/2003 Bartlett (IL) Uncommitted
Sarah Mella 07/21/2004 Indiana Elite Uncommitted
Avery Miller 04/27/2004 Lakeshore Academy of Mt. Prospect (IL) Uncommitted
Kayla Miller 12/17/2003 Branch (MI) Uncommitted
Nina Miller 03/23/2004 Gym America Uncommitted
Savannah Miller 10/18/2003 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Oregon State
Kate Mitchell 11/17/2003 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Tea Mladjenovic 11/12/2003 The Gymnastics Shop (IL) Uncommitted
Emily Moore 09/22/2003 Victory (IN) Uncommitted
Sarah Moraw 06/08/2004 Champion USA (MI) Minnesota
Kayla Moses 09/24/2003 Kids in Action (IL) Uncommitted
Kaci Mundorf 05/18/2004 Champion (KY) Uncommitted
Audrey Nadrasik 05/25/2004 Kids Gym Inc (MI) Uncommitted
Makayla Neal 08/23/2003 Midwest (IN) Uncommitted
Jadelyn Ngo 09/25/2003 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Mary O'Neill 04/05/2004 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Kiera O'Shea 08/24/2004 All Around (IL) Uncommitted
Ellie Ohngren 10/25/2004 Warren (MI) Uncommitted
Janie Ottenbreit 07/31/2003 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Padulo 11/29/2003 American (IL) Uncommitted
Hannah Paszkiewicz 11/13/2003 Royalty (IL) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Patricelli 11/16/2003 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Sydney Patterson 06/30/2004 All Starz (OH) Uncommitted
McKenna Phelan 04/06/2004 Illinois Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Gabriella Pierce 09/22/2003 Naperville (IL) Uncommitted
Alexia Pierscinski 03/17/2004 AGA (MI) Uncommitted
Mia Pomeroy 11/10/2003 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Hannah Primeau 10/25/2004 Bay Valley Gymnastics Uncommitted
Aleah Radojevich 10/18/2003 Flying High Uncommitted
Olivia Ramundo 08/05/2004 Queen City Uncommitted
Tara Richter 01/28/2004 Five-Star (OH) Uncommitted
Olivia Rickle 06/07/2004 Integrity (OH) Uncommitted
Kierra Rietsma 08/20/2004 R-Athletics Uncommitted
Isabella Rivelli 08/27/2004 Naperville Uncommitted
Rachael Romero 10/14/2004 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Lizzy Ruger 05/14/2004 Indiana Fitworks Uncommitted
Gracie Runge 08/22/2003 InterActive (IN) Uncommitted
Neeve Ryan 08/30/2004 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Rachel Rybicki 05/09/2004 Olympia (MI) Alabama
Maya Sagen 06/25/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Aliya Salley 10/10/2003 Midwest Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Chloe Salski 11/28/2003 Midwest Elite Gymnastics Academy (IL) Uncommitted
Mara Santiago 03/09/2004 All American Flames Uncommitted
Callie Scanlon 01/08/2004 Naperville Uncommitted
Reagan Schaefer 09/03/2004 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Ellie Schroeder 09/20/2003 Queen City Uncommitted
Megan Scott 01/02/2004 Legacy Elite Uncommitted
Logan Selsky 09/20/2003 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Sol Serratos 12/05/2003 Gymkhana (IL) Uncommitted
Samantha Shannon 01/12/2005 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Samella Shive 08/20/2004 Gym-Kinetics (IL) Uncommitted
Olivia Short 01/03/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Emilee Siebenthal 06/16/2004 Gymnastics World Twinsburg (OH) Uncommitted
Dalanie Singleton 07/07/2004 JPAC (IN) Uncommitted
Caitlin Sivy 11/02/2003 Gym World (OH) Uncommitted
Thalia Skoulikaris 01/08/2004 American (IL) Uncommitted
Ellie Slager 06/01/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Khya Smith 01/08/2004 Naperville Uncommitted
Nikki Smith 05/24/2004 Euro Stars (MI) Official Website Michigan State
Ariel Sokoloski 11/29/2003 Gym-Nasti (IL) Uncommitted
Victoria Soper 04/13/2004 Above the Barre (OH) Uncommitted
Taylor Standridge 02/12/2004 Gymnaworld (IN) Uncommitted
Renata Stefaniuk 01/02/2004 Balance Institute of Gymnastics (IL) Uncommitted
Emma Stoddard 02/15/2004 Euro Stars Official Website Uncommitted
Marissa Swanson 07/19/2004 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Margaret Szerlong 12/07/2003 St. Charles Gymnastics Uncommitted
Shihori Takenaka 05/11/2004 Buffalo Grove (IL) Uncommitted
Olivia Tangorra 11/06/2003 American (IL) Uncommitted
Ava Taranto 10/25/2003 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Baily Tessena 05/17/2003 Pinnacle (OH) Uncommitted
Paige Thaxton 03/27/2004 Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Eliana Thompson 05/13/2004 Capital City Flips (MI) Profile Uncommitted
Madelyn Toeppner 02/09/2004 Stars & Stripes Uncommitted
Madison Tomlin 03/31/2004 Energym (IL) Uncommitted
Faith Torrez 12/09/2003 Legacy Elite (IL) Oklahoma
Samantha Towers 04/30/2005 Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lillian Towles 08/01/2004 Buckeye Uncommitted
Kylee Vanderbeek 01/26/2004 Champion USA (MI) Uncommitted
Skyler Vulchev 03/10/2004 Royalty (IL) Uncommitted
Veronica Waugaman 06/22/2004 Great Lakes (OH) Uncommitted
Leah Wheat 07/05/2003 Cincinnati Uncommitted
Monet Whelton 02/20/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Cami Whitaker 07/16/2004 Gym-Nasti (IL} Uncommitted
Sophia White 12/22/2003 Aspire (IL} Uncommitted
Kendhyl Wilder 08/08/2004 All Stars (OH) Uncommitted
Gracie Willis 02/18/2004 Crystal Lake Air Force
Madison Woodard 12/04/2003 Pinnacle (OH) Uncommitted
Brenna Woodruff 03/17/2004 Gymnastics At the Courts (IN) Uncommitted
Annie Worley 09/27/2003 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Amy Wozniak 05/26/2004 Legacy Elite (IL) UNC
Elyssa Wuerfael 07/22/2004 Gymkhana (IL) Uncommitted
Alexia Xiromeritis 11/24/2003 Capital City Flips (MI) Uncommitted
Sherrye Zhong 11/15/2004 Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Anna Zini 11/03/2003 Farmington (MI) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Kailee Adomaites 10/27/2004 Apex (NY) Official Website NC State
Brooke Anastasi 02/09/2004 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emily Bakalos 10/03/2003 10.0 (MA) Uncommitted
Olivia Bakalos 10/03/2003 10.0 (MA) Uncommitted
Samantha Bakalos 10/03/2003 10.0 (MA) Uncommitted
Emma Bergsohn 11/12/2004 Mid-Island (NY) Uncommitted
Anya Betts 07/28/2004 Aim High (RI) Uncommitted
Lilly Blowers 04/23/2004 Southern Tier (NY) Uncommitted
Kasey Burke 05/26/2004 Yellow Jackets (MA) George Washington
Alexis Cavallo 07/10/2004 Infiniti Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Amelia Charland 03/31/2004 Decal (ME) Uncommitted
Anna Chodon 07/13/2004 GMGC Smithtown Uncommitted
Eleanor Cioffi 06/20/2003 Gym & More (MA) Uncommitted
Serena Clue 02/13/2004 John's Academy of Gymnastics (CA) West Virginia
Cecilia Cooley 10/08/2003 NYC Elite Denver
Lily Coscia 09/08/2004 Infiniti Elite Profile Uncommitted
Cali Czarcinski 10/08/2003 Gym Unlimited Orchard Park Uncommitted
Maria Damiano 10/29/2003 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Michaela DeFrancisco 05/03/2004 World Class (NY) Uncommitted
Nicole Dementyev 03/04/2004 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Umi Elmammann 02/29/2004 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Brown
Ashley Elrod 04/22/2004 Patti Dunne's Official Website Uncommitted
Carla Ferzoco 12/01/2003 Elite (MA) Official Website Pittsburgh
Mia Fetter 10/15/2003 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Holly Foothorap 08/30/2004 Galaxy Gymnastics Uncommitted
Corey Foster 10/16/2003 Nashua (NH) Uncommitted
Marisa Frascatore 03/27/2004 CNY Gym Centre Uncommitted
Madeline Fraser 06/07/2004 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Ava Fraulo 11/22/2003 10.0 (MA) Uncommitted
Megan Frazee 12/09/2003 All-Star (MA) Uncommitted
Elaina Greco 02/10/2004 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lizzie Green 01/01/2004 Libertyville (IL) Uncommitted
Alexis Haley 04/03/2004 Daggett Uncommitted
Reegan Henry 08/12/2004 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Alexa Henshaw 04/13/2004 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Adele Hong 05/14/2004 American (CT) Uncommitted
Valentina Hurtado 04/25/2004 GMGC - Centereach (NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Xiomara Jennings 06/07/2004 Ocean State (RI) Uncommitted
Alison Johnson 11/06/2003 Gymnastics Express Too (CT) Uncommitted
Victoria Justincic 11/19/2004 Apex (NY) Official Website UCLA
Sage Kaplan 07/30/2004 Giguere'ss Uncommitted
Priya Karle 05/15/2004 Metro South Uncommitted
Macarthy Keane 02/20/2004 John's Academy of Gymnastics (CT) Uncommitted
Daniella Kerekes 06/13/2004 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Marissa Kraez 05/31/2004 Daggett Uncommitted
Rose Lama 10/03/2004 Sports Fitness and Fun (NY) Uncommitted
Lainey Link 03/31/2004 Infiniti Elite (NY) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Farah Lipetz 09/11/2004 Infiniti Elite Official Website Michigan
Logan Lombardi 10/23/2004 All Stars (NY) Uncommitted
Liza Marcus 02/10/2004 Chelsea Piers (NY) Brown
Reese Marquis 09/10/2004 Athletic Edge (NY) Uncommitted
Jadyn Marshall 05/05/2004 Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons (NH) Uncommitted
Emma Masse 03/10/2004 Aim High (RI) Kent State
Madelyn Massoud 01/29/2004 Valley Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kirsten Maybach 09/18/2004 Stumpf's (NY) Uncommitted
Areyanna McCarthy 12/08/2003 Sports Fitness & Fun (NY) Uncommitted
Olivia McCoy 11/18/2004 Valley Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Rachel McKean 08/11/2004 CNY Gymnastics Profile Uncommitted
Haley Miller 05/21/2004 Valley (NY) Uncommitted
Tierney Milliken 03/22/2004 Massachusetts Elite Gym Academy (MEGA) Uncommitted
Sydney Morrison 02/02/2004 GMGC Smithtown Uncommitted
Ava Moussalem 02/03/2004 A2 (NH) Uncommitted
Serena Mullin 03/18/2004 John's Academy of Gymnastics (CT) Temple
Samantha Neale 03/31/2004 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Kiersten Nyqust 04/24/2004 Connecticut Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Catherine O'Rourke 05/27/2004 Gymnastics & More (MA) Uncommitted
Annalisa Page 11/22/2004 Niagara Uncommitted
Alivia Penman 02/14/2004 Gym Unlimited Orchard Park Uncommitted
Emma Quirk 02/20/2004 Yellow Jackets Uncommitted
Ashley Richard 05/19/2004 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Alexandra Richardson 02/03/2004 Rochester Gymnastics Uncommitted
Alyssa Rosen 04/02/2004 All Stars (NY) Pennsylvania
Liliana Sack 05/06/2004 Bright Raven (NY) Uncommitted
Darah Sadowsky 05/15/2004 Apex (NY) Uncommitted
Isabella Savino 10/25/2003 Ace (MA) Uncommitted
Emily Schoen 12/16/2003 Exxcel (MA) Uncommitted
Deana Sheremeta 03/14/2004 Galaxy Gymnastics George Washington
Shani Sirota 12/19/2003 Hotshots (NY) Maryland
Mia Slade 09/12/2003 Aim High (RI) Uncommitted
Abby Smith 11/23/2004 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Miranda Smith 01/30/2004 Valley (NY) West Virginia
Trudy Smith 08/11/2004 Rochester Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kendall Sobczyk 10/22/2004 Niagara Uncommitted
Nova Staruk 09/12/2003 Gymnastics Learning Center (MA) Uncommitted
Tessa Sutton 08/21/2004 Rochester Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Stacy Taylor 10/04/2004 Dudziak's (ME) Uncommitted
Olivia Vercellone 10/17/2003 Daggett Uncommitted
Brynn Vetrano 08/14/2003 South Shore (MA) Illinois State
Sophia Voss 03/22/2004 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Aquinnah Wehrwein 04/24/2004 Ace (MA) Uncommitted
Emma White 07/20/2003 Ocean State (RI) Uncommitted
Jill York 12/26/2002 Atlantic (NH) Uncommitted
Madison Young 02/14/2004 Ace (MA) Official Website Uncommitted

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Ashley Anderson 08/22/2004 Silver Stars (MD) Uncommitted
Lillian Aune 05/13/2004 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Barber 04/24/2004 Excalibur Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sandy Bartholomew 12/06/2003 Stallone Uncommitted
Trinity Bellamy 04/08/2004 Sportsplex (MD) Uncommitted
Kennedy Bowen 08/10/2004 Stallone Uncommitted
Samantha Bowers 03/09/2004 Chantilly Uncommitted
Chelsea Boyer 10/09/2004 Docksiders Official Website Uncommitted
Quinn Bracknell 10/18/2004 Gymstrada (VA) Uncommitted
Sophia Breschi 03/12/2004 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Chloe Brubaker 06/24/2004 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Elise Brzoska 01/22/2004 Liberty Bell Athletics (PA) Uncommitted
Eleanor Bucchianeri 08/08/2003 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Hannah Burke 12/19/2003 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Carmella Calafati 04/07/2004 Silvia's Towson
Grace Chen 02/04/2004 Arlington Aerials (VA) Uncommitted
Jenelle Cloud 04/20/2004 Action (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Madison Coburn 01/20/2004 Berks East Uncommitted
Trinity Coley 09/08/2004 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Isabella Conti 07/27/2004 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Margaret Coyle 01/11/2004 Montgomery County Uncommitted
Kirsten Deckert 12/19/2003 Prestige (PA) Official Website Uncommitted
Porsha Demby 12/31/2003 Will-Moor (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Caroline Dietz 03/27/2004 Giant (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Mia DiGiacobbe 10/17/2003 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Kayla DiCello 01/25/2004 Hill's Gymnastics Florida
Gabrielle Dildy 08/05/2004 Excalibur Gymnastics Rutgers
Nikki Lee DiPillo 07/04/2004 AJS Pancott Uncommitted
Katie Donnelly 06/25/2004 1st Class Gymnastics Uncommitted
Savannah Duckworth/td> 02/19/2004 Mountain Magic (WV) Uncommitted
Ekaterina Edwards 06/10/2003 Capital (VA) Official Website Uncommitted
Emily Erb 04/07/2004 Top Flight (NJ) Uncommitted
Kailen Evans 11/02/2003 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Violet Fanara 06/29/2004 Paragon (VA) Uncommitted
Kelly Fangyen 01/09/2004 Chantilly (VA) Uncommitted
Hailey Fausnaught 07/25/2003 Dynamats (PA) Uncommitted
Renee Figueroa 01/31/2004 ENA Paramus Official Website Uncommitted
Zoe Fleming 11/28/2004 First State Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Liliana Foote 07/29/2004 Precision Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Mackenzie Fox 05/10/2004 Stafford (VA) Uncommitted
Emjae Frazier 01/29/2004 Parkettes Cal
Jayda Freeman 08/26/2004 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Cameron Freeze 12/11/2004 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Ana Garippa 02/07/2004 Parkettes Uncommitted
Catherine Garrison 01/27/2004 New Kent (VA) Uncommitted
Reyna Garvey 06/22/2004 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Deanna Gehr 08/05/2004 Stallone Uncommitted
Kenna Geibel 02/11/2003 Stallone Uncommitted
Madelyn Gerhart 05/16/2004 Silvia's Uncommitted
Natalie Gerhart 05/16/2004 Silvia's Uncommitted
Mikayla Gibble 07/10/2004 Stallone Uncommitted
Rylee Gibson 06/09/2004 Ocean Tumblers (VA) Uncommitted
Grace Gillenwater 11/12/2003 Classics (VA) Uncommitted
Liliana Gines 12/30/2003 Chantilly Uncommitted
Ashley Glynn 09/29/2003 Stallone Temple
Zoe Gravier 11/20/2004 First State (DE) Alabama
Olivia Greaves 05/28/2004 MG Elite Auburn
Lauren Greene 02/19/2004 Apex (VA) Uncommitted
Cecelia Hackenburg 04/09/2004 Xquisite Uncommitted
McKenna Harris 01/14/2004 Atlantic Coast (NJ) Uncommitted
Julia Heckler 07/10/2003 Frederick Uncommitted
Amani Herring 02/19/2004 North Stars Penn State
Sydney Herz 12/27/2003 Hill's Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Highfill 12/16/2004 Gemnastics (MD) Uncommitted
Adriana Hoffman 09/12/2003 VA Techniques Towson
Nicolette Horton 04/07/2004 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Naya Howard 03/12/2004 Ocean Tumblers Georgia
Emily Hyun 11/20/2004 Chantilly Uncommitted
Emily Inness 10/03/2003 Gymkhana (PA) Washington
Gina Janiel 05/19/2004 Off Limits Uncommitted
Anna Grace Johnsson 04/28/2004 Liberty Bell Athletics (PA) Uncommitted
Victoria Jordan 05/20/2004 Girls Co-Op (PA) Uncommitted
Cameron Joyce 01/05/2004 Pittsburgh Northstars (PA) Uncommitted
Hailey Kanto 11/20/2003 Stallone Uncommitted
Ava Kelly 08/09/2004 Rock (NJ) Uncommitted
Abigail Kenney 01/24/2004 Rock (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Samantha Keough 05/20/2004 Atlantic Coast (NJ) Uncommitted
Skyelar Kerico 05/04/2004 First State (DE) Penn
Julia Kix 01/21/2004 Central Bucks Uncommitted
Abbie Knox 01/03/2004 Apex (VA) Uncommitted
Madeline Komorski 09/29/2004 Pittsburgh Northstars Maryland
Maxine Kuhl 06/10/2004 Silvia's Uncommitted
Aislyn LaBadie 03/20/2004 Central Bucks Ball State
Anna Lacey 04/25/2003 Stallone Uncommitted
Ascha Laird 05/13/2004 AJS Pancott Profile | Website William & Mary
Allyson Lambe 01/29/2004 Premier (NJ) Uncommitted
Abbie Lancetta 04/28/2004 Star Bound Uncommitted
Brooke Lancetta 04/28/2004 Star Bound Uncommitted
Rylee Langdon 09/30/2004 Champions United (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Mickennah Lanza 08/25/2004 Rebound (NJ) Uncommitted
Marissa Lassiter 11/13/2003 Unique Sports (MD) Official Website Uncommitted
Katie Leary 05/30/2004 Parkettes Penn State
Maia Lee 12/20/2003 Hill's Gymnastics Maryland
Isabel Lin 01/27/2004 North Stars Uncommitted
Camille Lindley 03/28/2004 Arlington Aerials (VA) Uncommitted
McKenna Little 12/27/2003 Stallone UNH
Valentina Lorente-Garcia 07/09/2003 Excalibur Uncommitted
Rebecca Lu 07/08/2004 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kyra Martone 11/13/2003 Atlantic Coast Uncommitted
Maddy Matassa 04/28/2004 Docksiders (MD) Uncommitted
Molly McAleavey 01/29/2004 Precision (NJ) Official Website | Official Website Uncommitted
Molly McCusker 07/20/2004 Gymolympic (PA) Uncommitted
Reanna McGibboney 02/24/2004 Metzler's Official Website Uncommitted
Mary McGinty 12/22/2003 AJS Pancott Uncommitted
Marisol McLaughlin 09/10/2003 Frederick Uncommitted
Innocent Mensah 06/28/2004 Sportsplex (MD) Uncommitted
Brenna Mills 07/14/2004 VA Techniques Uncommitted
Ava Miranov 06/05/2004 West Virginia GTC Uncommitted
Della Miravich 07/09/2004 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Gianna Mirigliano 02/09/2004 AJS Pancott SUNY Cortland
Ella Mockel 11/09/2003 ENA Paramus Official Website Uncommitted
Molly Molosky 07/18/2004 Uzelac (PA) Uncommitted
Sydney Morris 04/05/2004 First State (DE) Uncommitted
Rebecca Muehlhauser 03/26/2004 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Karina Munoz 02/07/2004 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website Iowa
Grace Murray 11/20/2003 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Carlee Nelson 11/05/2003 Gymniks (WV) West Virginia
Samantha Nickle 09/05/2004 World Class (VA) Northern Illinois
Yilaina Nichols 01/11/2004 Sportsplex Uncommitted
Rowan Nolen 01/30/2004 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Kimberly O'Donnell 05/03/2004 Min's Academy (NJ) Uncommitted
Mia Oh 12/03/2003 Docksiders (MD) Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Orlando 04/15/2004 North Stars Southern Utah
Gemma Ossi 08/24/2004 Parkettes Uncommitted
Shannon Parrau 03/24/2004 Flips Fun (MD) Uncommitted
Ava Piedrahita 02/02/2004 Hill's Gymnastics Official Website Penn Statef
Olivia Pitzer 02/20/2004 Skyline (PA) Uncommitted
Caitlyn Poff 12/07/2003 Virginia International Gymnastics School Official Website Uncommitted
Ariel Posen 09/23/2004 Arena (NJ) Georgia
Jaime Pratt 04/30/2004 Hanover (PA) Arkansas
Malia Prebish 07/16/2004 Summit (PA) Uncommitted
Savanna Pringle 01/27/2004 Maverick (WV) Uncommitted
Alexis Quitugua 04/13/2004 Novak's Uncommitted
Samantha Radzai 02/17/2004 Stallone (PA) Uncommitted
Zoe Rankin 10/22/2003 Centre Elite (PA) Uncommitted
Julia Reer 10/09/2003 Tumble Techs (NJ) Uncommitted
Danyella Richards 12/01/2003 G-Force (VA) Uncommitted
Melina Ringas 09/15/2004 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Amelia Rieder 01/09/2004 United (PA) Uncommitted
Jillian Riggio 01/05/2004 Arena (NJ) Official Website Caldwell A&T
Veronica Rodnyanskiy 10/29/2003 Min's Academy (NJ) Uncommitted
Adrienne Roth 09/13/2003 Roth's CrossPoint (PA) Uncommitted
Brianna Rott 12/20/2003 Central Bucks (PA) Uncommitted
Abby Royer 08/23/2004 Silvia's Uncommitted
Kylie Ruggiero 09/19/2003 AJS Pancott Uncommitted
Sophie Rush 12/04/2003 Harford (MD) Uncommitted
Gianna Sabatini 02/21/2004 United (PA) Yale
Jessica Santiago 02/03/2004 Gymkhana (PA) Uncommitted
Amanda Scheuerman 02/28/2004 Action (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Sidney Schreiber 09/11/2003 US Gym (NJ) Uncommitted
Maillie Semp 08/08/2004 Virginia Elite Uncommitted
Lola Sepulveda 02/11/2004 GMS (VA) Official Website Uncommitted
Lisa Shank 06/21/2004 AJS Pancott Uncommitted
Ava Siegfeldt 08/03/2004 First State (DE) Oklahoma
Amanda Siskind 04/16/2004 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Ashley Snow 03/09/2004 Force (PA) Uncommitted
Brooke Stefanish 07/15/2004 Chantilly Uncommitted
Kathryn Steiger 06/03/2004 Jersey Shore Uncommitted
Isabella Stile 04/14/2004 US Gym DC (NJ) Uncommitted
Donyale Strayhorn 02/04/2004 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Meadow Swanson 10/01/2004 GMS Uncommitted
Bridget Sweeney 04/01/2004 Berks East (PA) Uncommitted
Alex Tornberg 09/25/2003 North Stars Uncommitted
Kendall Totten 08/30/2004 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Corinne Tsou 11/02/2003 Hurricane (VA) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Tucker 07/13/2004 Cardinal (VA) Uncommitted
Savanna Ulat 09/29/2003 Capital (VA) Uncommitted
Madison Urbaniak 06/11/2004 Ocean Tumblers (VA) Uncommitted
Sydney Walker 10/04/2003 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Sydney Watters 07/30/2003 Lions (PA) Uncommitted
Gracie Weaver 11/24/2003 Uzelac Uncommitted
Emma Wehry 06/28/2004 Stallone West Virginia
Maddie Welsh 03/28/2004 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Alisha Werlen 08/19/2004 Arena (NJ) Pennsylvania
Kearney Whalen 04/19/2004 Gemini Pittsburgh (PA) Uncommitted
Jasmine Williamson 07/28/2004 GMS Profile | Website Uncommitted
Kendall Williamson 03/12/2004 Will-Moor Uncommitted
Alyssa Wilson 10/30/2003 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Jillian Zitcovich 03/08/2004 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Chloe Adams 11/22/2003 Gymnastics ETC (LA) Uncommitted
Logan Adams 06/26/2004 First in Flight (NC) Uncommitted
Meg Adler 05/17/2004 Bull City NC State
Alana Aldridge 03/22/2004 Acrosmith (SC) Uncommitted
Brighid Armentor 05/31/2004 Elmwood (LA) Official Website Uncommitted
Audrey Baker 10/05/2003 C&C (GA) Uncommitted
Calyie Basselin 06/16/2003 JamJev (AL) Official Website Uncommitted
Sophia Bastrikova 09/06/2003 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Madyson Baucom 07/21/2004 Everest Gymnastics Uncommitted
Bradleigh Bearden 09/09/2003 Let It Shine (TN) Uncommitted
Charlie Behner 03/24/2004 Bio (GA) Temple
Allie Berkley 03/18/2004 GymStars (TN) Uncommitted
Amanda Bernhard 03/05/2004 Gym & More (SC) Uncommitted
Bianca Bertrand 09/11/2003 RAD (FL) Uncommitted
Dilynn Blair 04/09/2004 LaFleur's Largo Official Website Uncommitted
Kiara Booker 12/07/2003 Gymnastix (GA) Profile Uncommitted
Sauna Bourdon 06/01/2004 Florida Elite Uncommitted
Bridget Bourque 09/07/2004 LaFleur's Tampa Kentucky
Lauren Brady 12/12/2003 Tampa Bay Turners Uncommitted
Reagan Brannigan 10/22/2003 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Charniya Brown 05/23/2004 Let It Shine Gymnastics Official Website Bowling Green
Lori Brubach 07/15/2004 RAD (FL) Uncommitted
Macy Bryson 11/08/2003 Rose's Gymnastics (NC) Uncommitted
Mikayla Burton 07/06/2004 Newman Uncommitted
Alicia Buteau 08/13/2003 Roswell (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Sadie Cahoon 02/27/2004 Summit (TN) Official Website Uncommitted
Lia Carter 10/01/2003 Infinity (GA) Uncommitted
Madison Carter 05/05/2004 Gym Center of Chattanooga (TN) Uncommitted
Hanna Castillo 03/22/2004 American Twisters Iowa
Meghan Charlton 11/13/2003 US Gold (FL) Uncommitted
Lilly Chouinard 07/07/2004 US Gold (FL) Uncommitted
Hailey Clark 01/14/2004 Orlando Metro Official Website Uncommitted
Lana Climenhaga 08/04/2004 Brandy Johnson's Uncommitted
Zyia Coleman 09/05/2003 Gymnastix (GA) Uncommitted
Olivia Combs 04/04/2004 West Broward (FL) Uncommitted
Madison Conway 06/08/2004 Ace (FL) Uncommitted
Peyton Corbin 05/01/2004 ConXion (MS) Uncommitted
Ashley Cowan 10/21/2003 Bull City Gymnastics Missouri
Rylee Coyne 03/16/2004 Southeastern Uncommitted
Blythe Crabbe 06/02/2004 Rome Aerials Uncommitted
Isabella Crane 10/28/2003 Lakewood Ranch Profile | Website Uncommitted
Morgan Crites 12/02/2003 Gymnastics Unlimited FL Official Website Uncommitted
Sydney Crouch 03/24/2004 American Twisters Uncommitted
Madelynn Crow 12/31/2003 Stick It (GA) Uncommitted
Renn Cutick 11/28/2003 Bull City Gymnastics Uncommitted
Maryn Damron 06/11/2004 Southern Starz Uncommitted
Adia Davis 06/04/2004 Roswell (GA) Uncommitted
Leeiah Davis 06/24/2004 Georgia Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Emmalyn Dearborn 09/23/2003 Orlando Metro Uncommitted
Madison DeBernardo 04/14/2004 Bull City Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Reese DeHaan 03/04/2004 Tampa Bay Turners Temple
Ariana Delgado 04/21/2004 American Twisters Uncommitted
Wellesley DePass 08/25/2004 Thomas Uncommitted
Mira Donahue 08/18/2003 360 (FL) Uncommitted
Sarah Donatelli 12/25/2003 Leading Edge (GA) Uncommitted
Sierra Dos Santos 10/22/2003 Broadway (FL) Uncommitted
Islay Drake 04/21/2004 Leading Edge (GA) Uncommitted
Hannah Drielick 07/13/2004 LaFleur's Tampa Northern Illinois
Dannette Dunavent 03/28/2004 Everest Gymnastics Uncommitted
Riley Duttera 05/05/2004 Gymnastics Academy of Charleston Uncommitted
Hannah Egert 01/21/2004 Park Avenue Uncommitted
Gwendolyn Fink 09/15/2003 Southeastern UNC
Sidney Fitzgerald 09/13/2003 C&C (GA) Georgia
Gray Fleetwood 08/29/2003 Let It Shine (TN) Uncommitted
Kaya Forbes 12/10/2003 PAC (LA) Uncommitted
Samantha Forman 04/27/2004 American Twisters (FL) Official Website Kentucky
Emalee Frost 10/03/2003 Let it Shine (TN) Official Website Uncommitted
Hayley Gabbard 08/25/2004 Horizon (FL) Uncommitted
Eve Gaffney 11/13/2003 Sandhills (NC) Uncommitted
Paola Gandia-Felices 09/02/2004 Orlando Metro Uncommitted
Isabella Gillis 11/04/2003 Legacy (FL) Uncommitted
Gabrielle Gladieux 07/07/2004 High Point Alabama
Rubylyn Goad 03/23/2004 Newman Uncommitted
Juliet Granetz 06/07/2004 Next Level (SC) Uncommitted
Avery Grant 04/29/2004 JamJev (AL) Uncommitted
Daijsa Green 10/03/2004 Lakewood Ranch Official Website Uncommitted
Casey Greenberg 04/09/2004 Sun Country (FL) Uncommitted
Emma Gregory 02/25/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Mallory Gregory 08/28/2004 Brandy Johnson's Ohio State
Riley Griffith 12/08/2003 Let It Shine Uncommitted
Erin Grigsby 05/03/2004 United Gymstars (AL) Uncommitted
Mary Beth Hall 04/15/2004 Prattville YMCA (AL) Uncommitted
Kylie Hammonds 10/12/2003 Starlight Uncommitted
Mary Austin Head 12/08/2003 Mountain Brook Uncommitted
Celeste Helfgott 10/30/2003 Planet (AL) Uncommitted
Ashley Hernandez 03/16/2004 Raleigh (NC) Uncommitted
Riley Himes 08/07/2004 Orlando Metro Official Website Uncommitted
Kathryn Huddleston 07/29/2004 Mountain Brook (AL) Uncommitted
Nicole Jackson 11/12/2003 Gymnastix (GA) Uncommitted
Jirelys Jimenez 04/07/2004 Ace (FL) Uncommitted
Cyniah Jordan 08/05/2004 Infinity (GA) Uncommitted
Ella Jordan 03/22/2004 JamJev (AL) Official Website Uncommitted
Hailey John 08/17/2004 Orlando Metro Official Website Auburn
Chloe Johnson 12/12/2003 Gym & More (SC) Uncommitted
Seria Johnson 10/07/2003 Gymnastix (GA) Official Website Minnesota
Kylee Kerce 06/26/2003 World Xtreme (GA) Uncommitted
Nicole King 04/07/2004 Bio (GA) Georgia
Caris Koos 11/06/2004 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Lauren Little 01/02/2004 Everest Gymnastics Alabama
Siena Lombardozzi 08/15/2003 First In Flight Uncommitted
Margarita Lopez 09/16/2003 Lakewood Ranch Uncommitted
Kyrie Lowe 07/01/2003 Intensity (FL) Rutgers
Brantley Lucas 05/11/2004 Georgia Elite Gymnastics Uncommitted
Olivia Martin 05/24/2004 Elmwood (LA) Uncommitted
Gianna Masella 01/30/2004 Tampa Bay Turners Official Website Iowa
Ashlin Matthews 04/15/2004 Gym Center of Chattanooga Uncommitted
Jillian Matthews 03/31/2004 Thomas (SC) Uncommitted
Emily McClung 11/06/2003 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Talia McCoury 01/16/2004 Southeastern Uncommitted
Olivia McDonald 10/28/2003 Everest Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Melina McHugh 05/01/2004 American Twisters (FL) Uncommitted
Jennifer McMillan 08/20/2004 Southeastern Oregon State
Madison McMullen 09/03/2003 Georgia Elite George Washington
Lia McSweeney 03/01/2004 Infinity (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Grace Merrell 05/10/2004 Mountain Brook Uncommitted
Mya Migliore 04/20/2004 Gymnastix Kent State
Claire Miller 09/27/2003 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Lauren Miller 06/09/2004 Florida Elite Uncommitted
Isabella Minervini 07/28/2004 Gymnastics Unlimited (FL) Towson
Kaylyn Mintz 09/04/2004 Superior Ohio State
Alyssa Monk 06/07/2004 Raleigh (NC) Uncommitted
Lily Moore 12/28/2003 Legacy (FL) Uncommitted
Leah Moreno 09/03/2003 Bull City Gymnastics UNH
Kaylen Morgan 06/06/2004 Everest Michigan
Irene Moxley 09/18/2004 Upstate (SC) Uncommitted
Jordan Navarrete-Morrison 04/09/2004 Beaches Gymnastics Profile Uncommitted
Sofia Obregon 06/08/2004 JamJev (AL) Uncommitted
Starr Ogilvie 08/11/2003 Bull City Gymnastics Bowling Green
Makayla Parkerson 03/11/2004 Victory (TN) Uncommitted
Whitney Parziale 05/12/2004 Florida Elite Uncommitted
Lana Pearson 03/24/2004 Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
Emma Pichelmann 10/03/2003 Florida Elite Uncommitted
Lily Pierson 12/26/2003 Lakewood Ranch Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Pond 03/10/2004 Legacy (FL) Uncommitted
Giavana Poyner 05/11/2004 360 (FL) Uncommitted
Gabriella Poza 12/19/2003 International (FL) Uncommitted
Gabrielle Proulx 05/03/2004 Orlando Metro Uncommitted
Chloe Radmer 03/27/2004 Con-Xion (MS) Uncommitted
Taylor Rech 03/30/2004 Bio (GA) Maryland
Emi Reed 07/31/2003 Mountain Brook Uncommitted
Madeline Reid 03/20/2004 Lake Murray Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Ava Riche 12/29/2003 Gymnasiana Uncommitted
Josie Rivas 11/20/2003 Clarksville Elite (TN) Uncommitted
Emily Rivera 12/20/2003 American Twisters Uncommitted
Abigail Ronek 04/28/2004 EVO Athletics Uncommitted
Kiley Rorich 02/13/2005 Southeastern Denver
Gianna Santoriello 09/11/2003 West Broward (FL) Uncommitted
Gabriella Schwarz 03/13/2004 Suncoast (FL) Uncommitted
Ivy Seales 11/25/2003 Mountain Brook Uncommitted
Stella Seay 04/29/2004 Infinity (GA) Uncommitted
Sarah Shaffer 06/21/2003 Bio (GA) Uncommitted
Alauna Simms 09/21/2003 Gym Center of Chattanooga Official Website Uncommitted
Maya Slater 06/02/2004 Southern Starz (FL) Uncommitted
Jessica Small 06/04/2004 Soda City (SC) Uncommitted
Camryn Smeraglia 08/19/2004 Alabama Starz Uncommitted
Emily Smith 07/04/2004 Elmwood Uncommitted
Emily St. Onge 12/26/2003 Brandy Johnson's Uncommitted
Campbell St. Paul 05/11/2004 The Brook-Lin Center (MS) Uncommitted
Harly Sultuska 06/28/2004 US Gold (FL) Uncommitted
Cally Swaney 09/16/2004 First in Flight Arkansas
Madeline Swanson 10/07/2004 First in Flight Uncommitted
Aniyah Taylor 06/16/2004 Everest Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Rian Thompkins 08/09/2004 Georgia Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Jolie Thompson 11/13/2003 Soda City Uncommitted
Brooke Traugott 05/26/2004 Gymnastix Uncommitted
Celia Trotter 06/02/2004 Let It Shine (TN) Towson
Karah Vargo 01/16/2004 Golden City (FL) Ball State
Arden Vickers 10/03/2003 C&C (GA) Uncommitted
Ruth Wamack 05/31/2004 Gym Center of Chattanooga (TN) Uncommitted
Harmoney Webster 02/20/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Karly Wells 02/25/2004 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Jaida Wilburn 07/08/2004 Sun Country Uncommitted
Eryn Williams 05/12/2004 Premier Knoxville (TN) Official Website Georgia
Joy Ziegenfelder 09/29/2003 Sun Country Illinois State
Ava Zimny 04/21/2004 West Broward (FL) Uncommitted
Olivia Zsarmani 06/19/2004 KPAC Uncommitted