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2017 Graduates

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7
Region 8

Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Gabrielle Adams 03/03/1999 Gold Medal (AZ) SEMO
Victoria Adams 02/05/1999 Arrowhead Spinetts Uncommitted
Samantha Aguirre 12/23/1998 Bay Aerials Ursinus
Morgan Alfaro 10/29/1998 Gym-Max Gymnastics Southern Utah
Shelbee Avelino 08/24/1999 Performance Athletics Uncommitted
Shasta Ayala 08/01/1999 Elevate BYU
Emma Bailey 06/19/1999 Golden State Uncommitted
Jacey Baldovino 06/03/2000 San Mateo Yale
Arianna Balogh 09/25/1999 Redwood Empire Hawaii Pacific A&T
Annabelle Beck 10/08/1998 Nebo Utah State
Abbey Beeston 06/23/1998 All American UT BYU
Avery Bennett 05/18/1999 Desert Lights Gymnastics BYU
Alexis Blackwell 11/25/1998 Olympus Gymnastics Dixie State
Abby Boden 08/06/1999 Byers Roseville BYU
Gabriela Bouza-Lazo 12/13/1998 AZ Dynamics Boise State
Amanda Bowers 04/16/1999 Technique UC Davis
Kendra Braida 11/19/1999 Technique Sac State
Maya Broadnax 07/25/1999 Airborne (CA) San Jose State
Jordyn Brent 08/01/1999 AOGC Official Website Sac State
Gaia Brooks 10/01/1999 Chula Vista YMCA (Storm) Uncommitted
Tatum Bruden 02/16/1999 Arizona Sunrays Boise State
Alexis Burch 08/16/1999 Flips USA Utah
Maya Burns 03/04/1999 Wallers' GymJam UC Davis
Emily Carr 01/16/1999 Club Champion Cornell
Amanda Chau 02/06/1999 Edge Gymnastics Uncommitted
Trinity Clagg 03/03/1999 CCGI Uncommitted
Allegra Clarkson 10/21/1998 All American UT BYU
Emily Coombs 01/11/1999 South Coast Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sierra Dabareiner 09/21/1998 Aftershock Gymnastics Uncommitted
Julianna Dahlke 07/04/1999 South Coast Gymnastics Southern Utah
Nicole Delfino 11/27/1998 CA Gymnastics Academy Official Website UW-Eau Claire
Kaylin Dennington 11/28/1999 Royal (Tracy, CA) Uncommitted
Abigail DeShazo 10/11/1999 AOGC Uncommitted
Rylie Dewhurst 12/04/1998 Brown's LV UNC
Madison DeYoung 12/16/1998 Broadway Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kylie Dickson 02/12/1999 AOGC Official Website Alabama
Ashley Dibble 02/10/1999 Gold Coast Gymnastics Uncommitted
Rose Domonoske 05/26/2000 Black Diamond (Utah) Brown
Seana Duffy-Reddy 04/15/1999 Broadway Gymnastics Lehigh
Nicole Duggan 02/06/1999 Arizona Sunrays San Jose State
Savannah Dunbar 05/21/1999 Desert Lights Gymnastics Official Website Sac State
Jadacie Durst 08/27/1999 Flips USA Seattle Pacific
Stella Felice 06/01/1999 Mission Valley YMCA San Jose State
Savanna Force 10/30/1998 Deltchev Gymnastics Oregon State
Sydney Freidin 03/08/1999 Wallers' GymJam Arizona
Samantha Friesen 02/19/1999 CA Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Katelyn Garay 07/14/1999 Edge (CA) Sac State
Alexis Gonzales 04/20/1999 Wildfire Gymnastics Oregon State
Katrina Gonzalez 09/21/1999 Elevate Gymnastics Azusa Pacific A&T
Sofia Gonzalez 07/25/1998 Gym-Max UCLA
Kaylee Grothe 07/07/1999 Elite (Salinas, CA) Uncommitted
Calyx Hampton 08/26/1999 Wildfire Gymnastics Oregon A&T
Jada Haynes 02/26/1999 Royal Gymnastics UC Davis
Kelley Hebert 02/09/1999 Edge NorCal UC Davis
Lauren Helgeson 08/14/1999 Club Champion
Jasmine Henley 11/25/1998 Redwood Empire Uncommitted
Eva Hilbert 03/17/1999 Performance Athletics Boise State
Micah Jordan 02/02/1999 Go for it USA UNLV Cheer
Rebecca Karlous 10/12/1999 South Coast Gymnastics UCLA
Kyla Kessler 01/08/1999 Pacific West UC Davis
Savannah Kooyman 08/22/1998 Precision Gymnastics Official Website UCLA
Alma Kuc 09/21/1998 AOGC Cal Berkeley
Adrienne Kwee 11/05/1999 Bay Aerials Uncommitted
Gabrielle Landess 02/25/1999 Airborne (CA) UC Davis
Cairo Leonard-Baker 12/23/1999 Head Over Heels (CA) ASU
Melane Lockhart 12/18/1998 Wildfire Gymnastics BYU
Shelby Lopez 03/23/1999 Performance Athletics Uncommitted
Tia Lumer 10/09/1998 AOGC Gymnastics Uncommitted
Angelica Maligat 12/06/1998 North Bay Athletic Association San Jose State Cheer
Courtnee Marquez 08/01/1999 Gymcats Gymnastics Sac State
Jaiden Mayo 06/09/1999 Nebo Uncommitted
Darcy Matsuda 05/05/1999 San Mateo Gymnastics Official Website Penn
Bianca McCalester 05/18/1999 Elite (San Diego, CA) Uncommitted
Madison McClure 08/08/1999 Elite (Salinas, CA) Uncommitted
Madison McIntyre 05/01/1999 Wildfire Gymnastics Utah State
Bailee Mecham 01/16/1999 Desert Lights Gymnastics Uncommitted
Natalie Mejia 01/06/1999 AOGC Gymnastics San Diego State
Cameron Meyer 02/09/1999 Victory (San Diego, CA) Uncommitted
Abbey Miner 05/25/1999 All American Utah BYU
Ayane Mochizuki 07/14/1999 Accel UC Davis
Taylor Mumby 06/08/1999 Coastal Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lehua Murata 06/15/1999 Redwood Empire Hawaii Pacific A&T
Lauren Navarro 08/23/1999 Gliders Gymnastics Stanford
Jayden Nelson 06/18/1999 Brown's LV Arizona Christian
Kate Nelson 02/01/1999 Gymtowne Gymnastics Brown
Hannah Nipp 09/10/1999 Azarian Gymnastics Southern Utah
Samantha Nydam 09/01/1999 Phoenix Gymnastics Uncommitted
Rachel Obmann 09/22/1999 Byers Roseville Boise State
Celine Olguin 04/25/1999 AOGC Uncommitted
Marie Ong 09/27/1999 Technique Gymnastics Uncommitted
Daria Osborn 04/26/1999 Pacific Coast Profile Oregon A&T
Tessa Otuafi 05/07/1999 Flip USA Gymnastics Boise State
Jamie Panchak 03/29/1999 Airborne (CA) UC Davis
Madalyn Parsons 05/11/1999 Wildfire Gymnastics Oregon A&T
Talia Patt 10/06/1998 Wallers' GymJam Cal
Haley Pitou 03/18/1999 All American Utah Official Website BYU
Kendal Poston 06/22/1999 Azarian Gymnastics UCLA
Mackenzie Power Arrowhead Spinetts Uncommitted
Madilyn Probst 07/21/1999 Gold Medal Gymnastics Official Website San Jose State
Erika Pulliam Royal (Tracy, CA) Uncommitted
Lauren Ramirez 01/28/1999 Gold Medal (AZ) Bridgeport
Trisha Raquel 06/14/1999 American Long Beach San Jose State
Alexis Rezendes 05/04/1999 Champion (Stockton, CA) Converse College A&T
Taylor Rezendes 05/04/1999 Champion (Stockton, CA) Converse College A&T
Catherine Rogers 02/06/1999 All American Utah Stanford
Victoria Salem 11/06/1999 San Mateo Gymnastics Official Website Cal Berkeley
Danya Schaefer Desert Lights Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nina Schank 09/11/1998 Head Over Heels (CA) Cal Berkeley
Alexandra Sexton 07/03/1999 West Valley Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sarah Shirley 09/25/1998 Gold Medal (AZ) W. Michigan
Chloe Spencer 12/04/1998 Pacific Coast Springfield
Caroline Spertus 01/23/1999 Broadway Gymnastics Stanford
Ashley Stahl 01/15/1999 Gym-Max Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nitya Tammana 02/04/1999 West Valley Gymnastics Michigan
Addison Toney 02/10/1999 Olympus (UT) Air Force
Megan Verceles Carr 07/05/1999 West Valley Gymnastics Official Website Nebraska
Chloe Vitoff 11/17/1998 Arizona Sunrays George Washington
Lilia Waller 04/21/1999 Wallers' GymJam UCLA
Casslyn Ward 08/24/1998 SCEGA Gymnastics Official Website Mount Saint Mary's
Aspen Welch 12/01/1998 Champion of Southern UT BYU
Amanda Wiltsie 04/08/1999 USA Gym World (UT) Southern Utah
Jenna Wiseman 01/09/1999 Olympus Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jacquelynne Woods 09/23/1999 Dream Xtreme Official Website Oregon A&T
Colette Yamaoka 06/16/1999 USA Sports (Gilroy, CA) Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Yanish 03/06/1999 Arizona Dynamics Oregon State
Mariah York 09/06/1999 Gold Medal (AZ) Sac State
McKenna Zimmermann 11/18/1999 Airborne (CA) Seattle Pacific

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Ashley Albrecht 02/18/1999 Leading Edge UIC
Grace Allen 03/19/1999 Mt. Helena Gymnastics Washington State
Chloe Camello 01/06/1999 Rainbow Air Force
Makena Chatlin 09/07/1998 Bronco Elite Uncommitted
Jada Czysz-Deboer 02/04/1999 Auburn Gymnastics Official Website Hamline
Emily Eddington 08/14/1998 Bronco Elite Uncommitted
Courtney Giessinger 04/28/1999 The Athletic Edge (OR) Uncommitted
Nicole Hansen 06/17/1999 Cascade Elite West Georgetown College A&T
Samantha Hege 11/03/1998 Mismo Gymnastics Uncommitted
Audrey Hinatsu 06/07/1998 Riverside Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sarah Ingraham 08/05/1999 Bronco Elite Southern Utah
Maddie Johnson 07/14/1998 NAAG Oregon State
Kaitlyn Lane 06/10/1999 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Lauren Lauro 10/26/1998 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Alyssa Looney 02/06/1999 The Athletic Edge Uncommitted
Margo Mead 08/08/1999 Metropolitan Profile Uncommitted
Jenn Mickelson 07/22/1999 Mimso Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mary Packham 05/29/1999 Metropolitan Elite (OR) Southern Utah
Michaela Phillips 06/03/1999 Wing Center Alaska
Kylie Reese 01/15/1999 NAAG Uncommitted
Sophia Reiten 06/29/1999 Bronco Elite Uncommitted
Sage Rindfleisch 01/10/1999 Idaho Elite Uncommitted
Alexi Speas 11/17/1998 Lone Mountain Uncommitted
Kailey Springer 01/21/1999 Lone Mountain Uncommitted
Katrina Terry 12/19/1998 Billings Gymnastics Uncommitted
Geneva Thompson 03/22/1999 Metropolitan Washington
Maykayla Waggoner 03/12/1999 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Danica Abanto 01/14/1999 Texas East Ohio State
Kyndall Baze 07/12/1999 Empire TX Lindenwood
Jiang Braley 09/10/1999 TIGAR Southern Utah
Taylor Brooks 03/21/1999 Texas Best Uncommitted
Brooke Bruder 08/22/1999 Airborne CO Air Force
Kaylie Bull 03/21/1999 National Elite Uncommitted
McKenna Burnside 06/14/1999 US Gold TX BYU
Mallory Cadell 08/26/1998 Zero Gravity (TX) Official Website West Virginia Wesleyan A&T
Reagan Campbell 09/03/1998 Texas Dreams Official Website LSU
Lauren Clevenger 03/25/1999 Dynamo Gymnastics Missouri
Jordan Danbury 11/17/1998 Extreme TX Official Website BYU
Tyler Davis 10/20/1998 Richardson Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nina DiMauro 02/03/1999 Zero Gravity (NM) Official Website Uncommitted
Mackenzie Doerr 02/08/1999 Active Athletics (CO) Uncommitted
Jordan Draper 10/28/1998 Empire TX Oklahoma
Lauren Farley 07/01/1999 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Michigan
Rachael Flam 07/12/1999 Stars (Houston, TX) Stanford
Isabelle Fox 04/30/1999 Flips Texas Official Website Alaska
Shelbey Fuller 03/06/1999 Capital TX Official Website TWU
Leonie Gast 08/10/1998 Aerial Athletics Ohio State
Kyana George 11/10/1998 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Cal Berkeley
Kailey Gillings 05/28/1999 Stars Houston Official Website Arkansas
Jada Glenn 08/22/1999 Adrenaline Gymnastics Official Website Auburn
Emily Glynn 05/06/1999 Airborne (CO) Denver
Gabrielle Gottula 09/01/1999 AIM Texans Official Website Missouri
Jessica Guajardo 07/01/1999 Aerial Athletics Uncommitted
Alexandra Gutierrez 12/17/1998 Stars (Houston, TX) Uncommitted
Marisa Harriet 05/27/1998 Summit (Wyoming) Uncommitted
Rachel Heald 01/21/1999 5280 Gymnastics Colorado
Renata Hilbourn 08/04/1999 Metroplex Gymnastics Minnesota
Gracie Hundley 12/27/1998 US Gold TX SCSU
Autumn Huskie 10/27/1998 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Seattle Pacific
Karley Hutchinson 08/20/1999 Pearland Elite Nebraska
Torri Hutchinson 08/20/1999 Pearland Elite Nebraska
Tra'Vanni Jacobs 09/24/1998 H&H Gymnastics Kentucky
Lynne Jad 11/05/1998 Adrenaline Gymnastics Air Force
Sruthi Kaushik 06/03/1999 Bart Connor UC Davis
Bailie Key 03/16/1999 Texas Dreams Official Website Alabama
Jessica Kirkpatrick 08/23/1999 Airborne (CO) Air Force
Annamarisa (Isa) Koch 01/15/1999 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Alyssa LaDieu 01/22/1999 Trevino's Gymnastics Southern Utah
Lakin Legereit 08/31/1999 AcroTex Gymnastics Arkansas
Kaylee Logan 05/18/1999 Hopes and Dreams Uncommitted
Paulina Lopez 06/06/1998 Texas Dreams Official Website Uncommitted
Morgan Lowe 10/24/1998 WOGA Gymnastics Ohio State
Morgan Maddox 06/14/1999 5280 Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kamber Mahaffey 02/11/1999 Bart Conner Uncommitted
Kiara Martin 02/16/1999 Aerial Athletics SUNY Cortland
Paige Mayhew 03/26/1999 Ultimate OK UW-Oshkosh
Carli McCloud 11/23/1998 JAG (Kansas) Uncommitted
Molly McNamara 03/08/1999 Pearland Elite Official Website Arizona State
Kasey Meeks 04/22/1999 Pinnacle KS Illinois
Natalie Miller 10/05/1998 United TX ASU
Courtney Mitchell 03/10/1999 KGDC Official Website Lindenwood
Lexi Montgomery 02/13/1998 Metroplex Gymnastics Minnesota
Allison Moring 05/02/1999 Zenith Elite Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Annabelle Mosier 10/18/1998 Airborne CO Iowa
Emily Muhlenhaupt 09/16/1999 Colorado Aerials Boise State
Tatyana Nichols 08/24/1999 5280 Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emily North Victory (OK) Uncommitted
Aidan O'Connell 03/27/1999 GK Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jennifer Oh 05/26/1999 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Washington
Tiffani Peacock 01/26/1999 Zero Gravity (TX) Baylor Track
Myrka Ponce 09/21/1998 Zero Gravity (TX) Uncommitted
Natalie Prestwich 11/03/1998 Denver School of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Gabriele Raibikyte 08/05/1998 Aerial Athletics Uncommitted
Emily Roma 11/22/1998 Colorado Aerials Uncommitted
Kyleigh Romero 08/16/1999 Colorado Aerials Lindenwood
Isabella Scalapino 02/14/1999 AcroTex Gymnastics Uncommitted
Melanie Schattle Infinite Bounds Uncommitted
Abigail Schmidt 04/15/1999 J&R Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Scott 02/12/1999 Metroplex Gymnastics Alabama
Celinda Sewell 08/18/1999 Denton Uncommitted
Madison Smith 04/09/1999 Houston Gymnastics Center Cornell
Emily Speciale 03/10/1999 Aerial Athletics Official Website SUNY Cortland
Annabel Spence 02/10/1999 Denver School of Gym Uncommitted
Shelbi Spivey 01/24/1999 Zero Gravity (TX) Seattle Pacific
Jordan Stavrou 03/21/1999 Texas Champion Official Website Uncommitted
Hailey Strole Woodlands Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mi Van Thai 06/08/1999 Texas Champion Uncommitted
Aleah Turon 05/02/1999 US Gold TX Lindenwood
Ava Verdeflor 01/02/1999 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Penn State
Drew Watson 09/24/1998 Texas East Official Website Auburn
Jordan Williams 10/14/1998 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website SEMO
Hannah Willmarth 05/21/1999 Airborne CO Washington
Blaise Wilson 04/24/1999 Gymnastics Unlimited (CO) UW-Whitewater
Emily Zeng 11/29/1998 Zenith Elite Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Marissa Alvarez 05/16/1999 Gold Medal (MO) Uncommitted
Cierra Anderson LaFleur (WI) Uncommitted
Courtney Anderson 09/01/1998 Prairie Fire Uncommitted
Ashley Benes 01/27/1999 Grand Rapids MN UW-Eau Claire
Jaclyn Bertrand 03/28/1999 Air Force Gymnastics UW-Stout
Claire Bonacorsi 07/25/1999 GymQuarters Lindenwood
Shadae Boone 01/09/1999 Twin City Twisters Southern Utah
Lynnzee Brown 09/04/1998 GAGE Gymnastics Denver
Ally Brugler 05/01/1999 Midwest (MN) UW-LaCrosse
Andrea Buschkoetter 06/07/1999 Stacey's Gymnastics Saint Louis University
Sophia Carter 02/15/1999 GAGE Arkansas
Erin Castle 01/14/1999 Triad Gymnastics Iowa
Chelsey Christensen 09/22/1998 Spearfish Gymnastics Missouri
Samantha Coppock 11/30/1998 Wausau-Woodson YMCA UW-Oshkosh
Jenna Danninger Crag Gymnastics Uncommitted
Regan Dillon 10/01/1998 Wausau-Woodson YMCA Official Website Bridgeport
Autumn DeHarde 09/24/1998 LaFleur's (WI) Official Website Utah State
Anika Dujakovich 09/06/1998 Fuzion Gymnastics Official Website Nebraska
Cassie Ehmann 07/22/1999 Just Jymnastics UW-Stout
Sarah Ellingboe 06/20/1999 North Shore (MN) Minnesota
Caitlynn Emick 05/21/1999 Just Jymnastics Oregon A&T
Elizabeth Fletcher 06/25/1999 Team Central Uncommitted
Deja Flores 06/21/1999 Scamps Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lindsey Gearin 04/28/1999 Flyaways Gold Uncommitted
Kaylee Gessay Salto Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kristin Gessay Salto Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ashley Glasow 05/31/1999 Flyaways Gold Uncommitted
Tea Grady Triad Gymnastics Uncommitted
Taylor Gullickson 07/18/1998 Jam Hops Gymnastics Uncommitted
Reedyn Hansen 07/27/1999 American Gold ND Uncommitted
Emma Hartzler 04/13/1999 Iowa Gymnastics Academy Iowa
Grace Hesser 06/09/1999 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Meaghan Holub 12/17/1998 Salto Gymnastics Wisconsin
Jordyn Huneke 02/03/1999 Just Jymnastics Black Hills State
Abigail Johnson 06/10/1999 Jam Hops Gymnastics Uncommitted
Annie Johnson 07/14/1998 Legacy MN Official Website Iowa State
Megan Johnston Edge (Liberty, MO) Uncommitted
Molly Jozwiakowski 12/16/1998 St. Louis Gym Centre Southern Utah
Maddie Kampschroeder 02/1999 Fuzion Gymnastics Official Website Iowa
Sommar Kaufmann Oshkosh Gymnastics Uncommitted
Breghan Kiloran 12/07/1998 North Shore (MN) UW-LaCrosse
Kia Kivi Northwest (MN) Uncommitted
Mollie Korth 12/12/1998 Madtown Twisters Kentucky
Madeline Langenstroer Salto Gymnastics Uncommitted
Cassidy Laudie Edge (Riverside, MO) Uncommitted
Emily Lesniak 07/06/1999 Northshore (WI) Official Website Uncommitted
Meredith Loui St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Molly Lyngaas 11/19/1998 Minnesota Flyers UW-LaCrosse
Emily Mann Grand Rapids MN Uncommitted
Abagail Moran 12/06/1998/td> Fuzion (MO) Northwest Missouri State
Kylie Noonan 09/12/1998 Midwest (MN) Illinois
Molly O'Boyle 09/15/1998 Scamps Gymnastics Wisconsin
Adra Parks 10/28/1998 Triad Gymnastics Arizona
Maleah Pearson 01/18/1999 Twin City Twisters Cal Berkeley
Victoria Perron Perpetual Motion Uncommitted
Lexy Ramler< 02/06/1999 Kidsport Gymnastics Minnesota
Karyssa Richardson Nebraska School of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kynsee Roby 11/25/1998 Triad Gymnastics Official Website Nebraska
Jada Rondeau 07/20/1999 Legacy MN Official Website Eastern Michigan
Desiree Rudolph GymQuarters Uncommitted
Alexis Sands 04/19/1999 Iowa Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Kali Schierl 08/06/1998 Russell Gymnastics Ohio State
Evy Schoepfer 03/15/1999 Triad Gymnastics Oklahoma
Zoie Schroeder 08/21/1999 Twin City Twisters N. Illinois
Helena Schultz Scamps Gymnastics Uncommitted
Faith Sersland 07/01/1999 American Gold UW-LaCrosse
Kerri Seyfert Woodson-Wausau YMCA Uncommitted
Olivia Shaffer 06/28/1999 GAGE Gymnastics Profile Uncommitted
Quincee Simonson 10/05/1998 TNT North Dakota Uncommitted
Emma Sirjord 03/16/1999 Jam Hops Gymnastics UW- Stout
Raegan Small 12/04/1998 Gleason's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Caylin Smisek 07/13/1999 Twin City Twisters Iowa State
Rachel Thompson 09/15/1999 Nebraska School Nebraska
Katie Waldman 04/22/1999 Omega (NE) William & Mary
Delaney Weaver Edge (Riverside, MO) Uncommitted
Samantha Weyker Scamps Gymnastics Uncommitted
Laura Whitney LaFleur (WI) Uncommitted
Carly Woodard 01/05/1999 Fuzion Gymnastics Official Website Oklahoma
Brooke Wrage 05/20/1999 Triad Gymnastics Official Website Nebraska
Ariana Zens 04/10/1999 Salto Gymnastics Iowa

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Amira Ali 02/10/1999 Oakland Gymnastics Profile | Website UW-Oshkosh
Katie Anderson IGI Official Website Uncommitted
Sophia Atienza 07/02/1999 Pinnacle )OH) Official Website Rutgers
Nicole Baars 11/21/1998 Crystal Lake Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kyleigh Baird 01/27/1999 Gym America Uncommitted
Terra Baumgartner 10/09/1998 I-Power Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mary Beall 12/23/1998 Midland Gymnastics Abion
Ashley Beatty 10/11/1999 Olympia (MI) Michigan State
Hanna Bergeson 10/22/1998 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Cortney Bezold 02/01/1999 Gym-Nation Eastern Michigan
Catherine Biddle 07/27/1999 Gedderts' Twisters Northern Illinois
Rachel Bielawksi Crystal Lake Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mary Kate Bihary 08/31/1999 Hunt's Gymnastics Illinois State
Sophie Bochenek 08/08/1999 Splitz Pittsburgh
Rachel Borden 05/28/1999 Legacy Elite IL Illinois
Cadi Borsellino 10/30/1998 Infinity (IL) SCSU
Megan Bossle 01/14/1999 Legacy Elite IL Kentucky
Lauren Bottrell 09/29/1999 Splitz Gymnastics UW-Whitewayer
Sabrina Bowen Grand Rapids MI Uncommitted
Morgan Bradley Gym-Nation Uncommitted
Vanasia Bradley 01/21/1999 Splitz (MI) Official Website Florida
Erin Bregman Palmer's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Tristan Brown 05/04/1999 Gedderts' Twistars Michigan State
Melissa Brozier 10/21/1998 All Around Gymnastics Official Website West Virginia
Alexis Burton 03/15/1999 Libertyville Gymnastics Winona State
Courtney Casper Hartland Gymnastics Uncommitted
Callie Cassan Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Alexis Charles 03/21/2000 Ohio Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Brooke Chesney 10/30/1998 Cincinnati Gymnastics Ohio State
MacKenzie Clay 09/08/1999 Legacy KY Uncommitted
Olivia Cousins 05/15/1999 Splitz Gymnastics Uncommitted
Faye Cox 12/07/1998 Libertyville Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sydney Dame 08/08/1999 Hunt's Gymnastics UW-Eau Claire
Anna Dayton 06/21/1999 Geddarts' Twistars Uncommitted
Nia Dennis 02/03/1999 Legacy Elite IL UCLA
Rose Devine 02/13/1999 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Taylor Dittmar 02/08/1999 World Class IL Utah State
Alison Emerick 06/02/1999 I-Power School of Gym Uncommitted
Mia Falbo 03/08/1999 Aerial (IL) Uncommitted
Kailee Ferguson 03/09/1999 JPAC Converse College A&T
Nora Fettinger 12/16/1998 Mid-Michigan Gymnastics Central Michigan
Danielle Fisher 08/04/1999 Tri-State Gymnastics Grand Valley State
Jessica Froncek 02/12/1999 Medina Gymnastics Uncommitted
Samantha Gallet 04/27/1999 BIG SEMO
Morgan Gatewood 12/28/1998 Legacy KY SCSU
Madaline Goldfarb Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Grace Gough 05/24/1999 JPAC Illinois
Abigail Grau 05/29/1999 Queen City Ohio State
Raven Grant 11/22/1999 Bay Valley Gym West Virginia Wesleyan A&T
Emma Hansen 04/24/1999 Queen City Brown
Cali Harden 07/24/1999 Gym America Eastern Michigan
Mackenzie Harris 01/14/1999 AGA Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hannah Hartley 03/02/1999 Dreams Gymnastics Indiana University
Naya Haynes 10/28/1999 Splitz Gymnastics UW-Oshkosh
Rose Hoffman 08/04/1999 Universal Gymnasts Official Website Penn
Ashley Holzer 12/10/1998 Legacy Elite Kentucky
Anna Howe 03/29/1999 Oakland Gymnastics Uncommitted
Rachel Huggins 09/08/1998 Grand Rapids MI Uncommitted
Lia Jacobson 12/03/1998 DeVeau’s Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Katheryn Jakalski 06/02/1999 Bartlett Gymnastics UIC
Mya Kasten 01/26/1999 Youngstown Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kathleen Kennedy 03/26/1999 Integrity Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jessica Konik 05/27/1999 All American Flames (MI) Converse College A&T
Paige Kovnesky 03/03/1999 New Heights Missouri
Melissa Krzak 09/06/1998 Flying High Gymnastics Uncommitted
Anne Kruspe 06/18/1999 Queen City Uncommitted
Kelsey Kurtiak 10/22/1999 AGA Gymnastics Nebraska
Lindsey Lammlin 02/07/1999 Grand Rapids MI Uncommitted
Haven Lanzador 03/09/1999 Buckeye Gymnastics Official Website Seattle Pacific
Faith Leary 01/27/1999 Cincinnati Gymnastics Utah State
Lexy Leggett 11/17/1998 North Canton YMCA Uncommitted
Aleah Leman 08/20/1999 Energym Gymnastics Lindenwood
Cirrus Lingl 11/02/1998 Crystal Lake IL Uncommitted
McKenna Linnen 05/22/1999 Gym America West Virginia
Victoria Long 02/10/1999 Anderson Gymnastics Ball State
Mia Lord 10/24/1998 DeVeau's Gymnastics N. Illinois
Tyaeme Lugo 04/07/1999 St. Charles Gymnastics Converse College A&T
Kate Lund 05/27/1999 Gymnastics of Ohio Uncommitted
Nasha Manitkul-Davis 01/19/1999 JPAC Kent State
Sally Mankins 10/31/1998 Southern Ohio Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Sarah Martinez IGI Uncommitted
Kaci Martir 02/18/1999 Cincinnati Gymnastics Temple
Elizabeth Massel 12/22/1998 Geist Gymnastics Uncommitted
Katherine Mason 04/16/1999 Westside (IN) Uncommitted
Abigail Matthews 09/01/1999 Cincinnati Gymnastics Oklahoma
Anne Maxim 03/10/1999 Olympia MI Michigan State
Catherine McGibbon 01/29/1999 Bloomington United (IN) Uncommitted
Madison McHale 01/22/1999 Legacy Elite Michigan State
Olivia Meyers 04/08/1999 Gym-Nation Uncommitted
Melynda Meyrick 06/06/1999 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Dominique Militello 08/28/1998 Bay Valley Gym Western Michigan
Madison Miller 02/08/1999 Buckeye Gymnastics Uncommitted
Darby Nelson 03/08/1999 Cincinnati Gymnastics Pennsylvania
Abbey Nkansah Legacy Elite Uncommitted
Rebecca Peters Mid Michigan Uncommitted
Tera Peters Mid Michigan Uncommitted
Alyssa Petko 05/18/1999 Crystal Lake IL Illinois
Madison Petrusha Grand Blanc MI Uncommitted
Tessa Phillips 04/14/1999 Gymnastics World OH Official Website Illinois
Kelsey Rebman 07/20/1999 Cincinnati Gymnastics Uncommitted
Morgan Renners 12/09/1998 Queen City South Carolina
Savannah Remkus 07/15/1999 Rising Stars (IL) Illinois State
Toshianna Richard 10/29/1998 Gymnastics World OH Uncommitted
Danielle Robusto 06/28/1999 Gymnastics World OH Uncommitted
Sarah Rogalla 04/22/1999 Buffalo Grove IL UW-La Crosse
Kelsey Schermer 01/18/1999 Bloomington United (IN) Uncommitted
Jeani Scott 01/05/1999 JPAC ASU
Isabel Shaw 10/21/1998 St. Charles Iowa
Jamie Sklener 02/27/1999 Youngstown Gymnastics SUNY Brockport
Sarah Smith 07/31/1999 JPAC ISU
Julia Stadler The Gymnastics Shop Uncommitted
Allison Snyder 10/12/1998 Perfection (OH) Kentucky
Gracen Standley 10/15/1998 Cincinnati Gymnastics LSU
Mikaela Stemen 11/28/1998 Buckeye Gymnastics Cincinnati
Jenna Swartzentruber 12/20/1999 Buckeye Gymnastics Ohio State
Elizabeth Sysol Crystal Lake IL Uncommitted
Couper Tanko IK Gymnastics Uncommitted
Alyssa Teper 04/27/1999 Pinnacle (OH) Gustavus Adolphus
Katelynn Toloday Splitz Gymnastics Uncommitted
Olivia Tometich 02/19/1999 Oakland Gymnastics Profile Cornell
Cameron Topp 12/13/1998 Champion USA Illinois State
Sydney Vanacker Splitz Gymnastics Uncommitted
Abigail VanFossen 07/29/1998 Queen City Ohio State
Molly Viktora Crystal Lake IL Uncommitted
Katie Wahl 01/09/1999 Dreams Uncommitted
Brayden Walters 04/15/1999 JPAC Tennessee
Anna Warhol 12/16/1998 Youngstown Gymnastics GW
Anastasia Webb 06/15/1999 IGI Oklahoma
Kaelin Wells 03/14/1999 Westside (IN) Uncommitted
Katie Weyandt 10/01/1999 Naperville Gymnastics Uncommitted
Isabelle Wittebort 01/16/1999 Stars & Stripes MI Official Website Michigan State
Melanie Wojewoda 04/28/1999 Queen City West Chester
Shelsea Zehr 11/30/1998 Anderson (IN) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Maine

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Samantha Aparicio 02/14/1999 Darien YMCA Amherst
Kayla Baddeley 03/23/1999 Massachusetts Elite IL-Chicago
Emily Balasco 04/23/1999 O'Leary's Gymnastics SCSU
Samantha Beatrice 04/14/1999 Wilkey's Gymnastics Sacred Heart
Payton Bellows 10/19/1998 Daggett Gymnastics Arizona
Nicole Biondi 03/29/1999 10.0 Gymnastics Illinois
Kylee Black 12/18/1998 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Ithaca
Alissa Bonsall 02/16/1999 NEGX Official Website Penn State
Laura Braverman Massachusetts Elite Uncommitted
Bailey Brochu 02/02/1999 John's Academy of Gym SUNY Cortland
Ashley Buholtz 01/29/1999 Gym Connection 2 Uncommitted
Rachel Cadet Wilkey's Gymnastics Ithaca
Corine Castoldi 08/27/1999 Towers Uncommitted
Jordan Ceccarini 08/11/1999 New Image Pittsburgh
Laura Cerulle 12/31/1998 Massachusetts Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Madelyn Chamis 12/17/1999 John's Academy of Gym SUNY Cortland
Courtney Christoforo 05/11/1999 Dudziak's Gymnastics Official Website Ithaca
Kate Churchill Gymnastics & More (MA) Uncommitted
Taylor Churchill 01/23/1999 Thames Valley Converse College A&T
Molly Cianchette 06/11/1999 Dudziak's Gymnastics UW-Eau Claire
Hannah Cohen 07/18/1999 New Image GW
Melanie Coleman 06/02/1999 New Era Gymnastics SCSU
Charlotte Cooperman 12/31/1998 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Yale
Julianna Corsetto 02/12/1999 Gym-Ken Gymnastics Saint Anselm
Chloe Covell 03/10/1999 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Uncommitted
Hayden Davidson 08/22/1999 New Image (NY) SUNY Brockport
Lily Dean 01/23/1999 Brestyan's Gymnastics UNC
Claire Dempsey Exper-Tiess Uncommitted
Julia Dextradeur 01/20/1999 Marcov Sharp Northeastern
Hailey DiCicco 03/09/1999 Gymnastics Express Ursinus
Rachel Doll 04/25/1999 Epic NY Uncommitted
Alyssa Firth 03/31/1999 Mid Island NY Yale
Sara Fisher 01/27/1999 A2 Gym & Cheer Uncommitted
Caitlin Flynn 02/28/1999 MA Gymnastics Center Uncommitted
Courtney Fondacaro 09/24/1999 New Image NY SUNY Delhi
Miranda Frascatore 03/23/1999 CNY Gym Centre OSU
Grace Garcia 09/02/19999 NYC Elite Stanford
Alyssa Gardner 07/01/1999 Hamburg Gymnastics Official Website Brown
Julie Giardina 08/23/1999 Mid Island NY SUNY Cortland
Savannah Gigandet 11/19/1998 Phantom Gymnastics Official Website Ithaca
Emily Glatt 06/25/1999 American CT Uncommitted
Sarah Goldman 05/06/1999 Infiniti Elite Wesleyan
Savannah Gonsiorek 07/14/1999 Gym Unlimited Orchard Park Uncommitted
Carly Gordon 12/19/1998 Chelsea Piers Michigan
Gemma Guttenburg 03/28/1999 Chelsea Piers George Washington
Samantha Haber 03/04/1999 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Clare Hampford 10/05/1999 CT Gymnastics Academy New Hampshire
Maya Handelsman 12/18/1998 NYC Elite Uncommitted
Lauren Hansen 12/15/1998 Cape Cod Gymnastics Ithaca
Isabel Herczeg 08/20/1999 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Cornell
Jordyn Isabelle 08/03/1999 All Stars (CT) Uncommitted
Nicole Javinett 10/01/1999 Kennett Gymnastics Uncommitted
Chance Johnson 02/16/1999 Galaxy (NY) William & Mary
Catherine Karpova 05/29/1999 Massachusetts Elite GW
Alison Kleinebreil 03/13/1999 O'Leary's Gymnastics Converse College A&T
Nicole Lanouette 06/21/1999 Phantom Official Website New Hampshire
Isabelle Lee 04/05/1999 10.0 Gymnastics Official Website Yale
Grace Logan 04/09/1999 Deary's Gymnastics Bowling Green
Keara Loughlin 02/12/1999 Legends Southern Connecticut
Jasmine Loy-Smith 01/05/2000 Thames Valley Converse College A&T
Jordyn Mannino 09/09/1999 New Image NY Penn
Kaitlyn McDonald 10/01/1999 Reading Gymnastics New England
Kylie Moran 06/25/1999 Elite (MA) SUNY Brockport
Zoe Moran Exxcel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Elizabeth Myrus Ocean State RI Uncommitted
Gabriella Palermo 10/25/1999 Phantom NH Uncommitted
Jordan Peloquin 03/05/1999 Aim High Gymnastics BGSU
Lauren Poole 11/30/1998 Air Time Official Website Uncommitted
Sonia Presti 05/30/1999 MA Gymnastics Center Uncommitted
Miranda Roberson 04/28/1999 Stumpfs Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hannah Roderick 12/01/1998 Cape Cod Gymnastics Uncommitted
Alison Rushlow 06/21/1999 Shrewsbury Elite Gymnastics Academy (SEGA) Uncommitted
Cassidy Ryan 10/12/1999 CT Gymnastics Academy Uncommitted
Kaylee Sanford 03/11/1999 Excel (NY) Uncommitted
Julia Schaefer 11/22/1998 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Uncommitted
Emma Schulz 09/28/1999 Gold Star (NY) SUNY Cortland
Amy Shen 01/15/1999 MA Gymnastics Center Cornell
Olivia Sinrich 02/06/1999 Brestyan's Gymnastics Vanderbilt
Alexis Stern 09/02/1999 GMGC Huntington Michigan
Kennedy Stovall 06/15/1999 Marco Sharp's Rhode Island
Paige Stuyniski 12/26/1998 Deary's Gymnastics (MA) Official Website TWU
Jillian Teich Gym Connection 2 Uncommitted
Danielle Thaler Niagara Gymnastics Uncommitted
Michelle Waldron 06/29/1999 Cape Cod Gymnastics West Virginia
Erin Yuder Galaxy NY Uncommitted
Jenna Zakala 11/25/1999 Valley Gymnastics NY Official Website SCSU

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Aryanna Anderson 10/26/1998 TNT Elite (NJ) Temple
Melinda Anselmo 04/09/1999 World Class VA James Madison
Audrey Barber 06/27/1999 Apollo VA Maryland
Triniti Barron 11/27/1998 Action (NJ) Official Website Illinois State
Jessie Bastardi 12/07/1998 Centre Elite WVU
Ellie Beckman 09/18/1999 Capital NTC (VA) UW-LaCrosse
Jazmine Belmar 02/18/1999 Ocean Tumblers Virginia
Megan Benzie 12/11/1998 Virginia Techniques Official Website Eastern Michigan
Samantha Betz 11/28/1998 Frederick SUNY Cortland
Taylor Bickel 11/18/1998 Parkettes Penn State Cheer
Sofia Bjalme 04/20/1999 Nittany Gymnastics Penn State
Haley Brechwald 01/14/2000 Capital NTC (VA) Pittsburgh
Lauren Bridgens 09/22/1998 Hill's Gymnastics Official Website Penn State
Julia Brocato 01/30/1999 United (MD) Uncommitted
Collea Burgess 08/11/1999 Apollo (VA) Maryland
Emily Carey 04/26/1999 Northeast (PA) Official Website Ithaca
Savona Cerra 03/27/1999 Central Bucks Ursinus
Sydney Chapman 02/02/1999 Gymniks Kent State
Kourtney Chinnery 05/11/2000 World Class VA Official Website Penn State
Katelyn Chobanoff 03/24/1999 Artistic Sports Academy Plus Uncommitted
Lily Chozick 06/10/1999 Middlesex Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nicole Coukart 06/23/1999 Uzelac's Gymnastics Official Website Air Force
Noelle DeCesare 02/21/1999 Docksiders Uncommitted
Mikaela DeFilippo 07/28/1999 Artistic Sports Academy Plus Southern Utah
Claudia DiBenedetto 09/26/1999 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website Quinnipiac A&T
Lauren Diggan 09/18/1998 Stallone New Hampshire
Brianne Dombrowski 10/13/1998 Devlin Gymnastics Uncommitted
Carolyn Duran 11/09/1998 Phoenixville (PA) Official Website Michigan
Amy Eck 04/14/1999 APEX (VA) SUNY Brockport
Tori Edwards 08/10/1999 GMS Gymnastics Temple
Leah Eller 07/18/1999 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Isabella Even-Chen 01/14/1999 North Stars (NJ) Penn
Abrianna Fagan 03/14/1999 Pittsburgh Northstars West Virginia
Caitlyn Faint 09/29/1998 APEX (VA) Fairmont State A&T
Sophia Febbraro 09/20/1999 Parkettes Official Website Slippery Rock
Kasey Fiochetta Nittany Gymnastics Uncommitted
Erin Fleming Arlington Aerials Uncommitted
Abigail Fletcher 05/30/1999 ENA Paramus Official Website Kent State
Alexandra Fochler 12/04/1998 X-Cel (PA) Official Website BGSU
Madison Fogle 10/11/1998 Flips (MD) Uncommitted
Alexis Forbes 11/03/1998 Hurricane (VA) Converse College A&T
Ashley Foss 11/18/1998 North Stars (NJ) Official Website Georgia
Allison Frommer 09/17/1999 Hill's Gymnastics Penn
Erica Fuchs 12/02/1998 Parkettes Temple
Sierra Garcia 07/01/1999 Premier (NJ) Official Website Oregon A&T
Delaney Garin 08/26/1999 Capital NTC (VA) Official Website Temple
Sophia Garito 03/12/1999 Devlin Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sydney Gaskins 04/22/1999 United Gymnastix Uncommitted
Erin Gentek 03/16/1999 Will-Moor Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Skylar Gerner 03/29/1999 Berks Gymnastics Uncommitted
Victoria Graffius TNT Elite (NJ) Uncommitted
Hannah Grillo Berks East Uncommitted
Hailey Haycox 02/23/1999 Gymstrada William & Mary
Camryn Heister 10/02/1998 Prestige Gymnastics Official Website Ithaca
Morganne Hendrickson 01/29/1999 Frederick Gymnastics Baylor A&T
Allison Hlivko 02/07/1999 TNT Gymnastics (PA) Uncommitted
Alexandra Holbrook GMS Gymnastics Uncommitted
Belle Huang 05/17/1999 Excellence Gym (MD) Official Website Rutgers
Arden Hudson 01/22/1999 Central Bucks Ball State
Ashley Jamison 10/15/1998 Bright Stars Oregon A&T
Samanta Javanbakht 10/30/1998 Capital NTC (VA) Michigan
Regan Kanner 10/21/1998 Westmoreland Gannon A&T
Rachel Kaplan 02/08/1999 North Stars (NJ) Washington
Nacaida Kearns 02/19/1999 Gymniks Gymnastics BGSU
Olivia Keim 10/19/1999 Parkettes Ursinus
Anna Keppel 03/04/1999 Phoenixville (PA) Saint Joseph's University
Alonza Klopfer 04/21/1999 North Stars NJ Alabama
Kylie Kratchwell 07/05/1999 Will-Moor Gymnastics Official Website New Hampshire
Alexandra Lacey 02/14/1999 Stallone Ursinus
Elena Lawson 11/17/1998 Gymniks BGSU
Taylor Lawson 11/12/1999 Parkettes Stanford
Ashley Lawton 12/16/1998 Northern Elite (NJ) Uncommitted
Gabriella Lesko 09/02/1998 Gym Dandys Fairmont A&T
Sydney Levine Gymstrada Uncommitted
Alyssa Lezamiz 06/24/1999 Action (NJ) Gannon A&T
Jada Lincoln 03/15/1999 Fairland (MD) Profile Morgan State
Regan Line 06/15/1998 Artistic Sports Academy Official Website Uncommitted
Danielle Liska 11/11/1998 North Stars (NJ) New Hampshire
Kelley Lubking 03/14/1999 Gym Quest West Chester
Michelina Lupinetti 03/11/1999 Artistic Sports Academy Michigan State
Moira Lyons 03/11/1999 Excalibur (VA) King University A&T
Emma Marchese 03/16/1999 Hill's Gymnastics UNC
Samantha Marion 04/15/1999 US Gym Mahwah BGSU
Anna McCarthy 06/16/1999 Gymsport (PA) West Chester
Emma McDonald 05/23/1999 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Jessica Meakim 04/26/1999 Gymolympic (PA) West Chester
Mikaela Meyer 10/24/1999 Frederick Gymnastics Official Website Utah State
Juliette Mitrovich 06/28/1999 Arlington Aerials Official Website Uncommitted
Megan Monfredi 10/20/1998 X-Cel (PA) Kentucky
Lena Morant 02/27/2000 Sportsplex (MD) Uncommitted
Miranda Mornhineway 03/31/1999 North Stars (NJ) Bridgeport
Samantha Morrison 07/16/1999 Devlin Gymnastics Ohio State
Hope Nelson 11/07/1998 World Class (VA) Official Website Alaska
Jasmine Newsome 11/12/1998 Jersey Shore Uncommitted
Yolanda Nodarse 06/01/1999 North Stars (NJ) Official Website West Chester
Olivia Norman 02/17/1999 Chantilly Academy George Washington
Arianna Orrego 09/25/1998 Excalibur (VA) Iowa State
Jordyn Oster 06/04/1999 Harford Temple
Madison Padgett 02/11/1999 Virginia Techniques Uncommitted
Jocelyn Pawcio 07/19/1999 TNT (PA) Ithaca
Claire Pettit 03/15/1999 GMS Virginia
Marina Poliak 12/08/1998 Pittsburgh Northstars Seton Hall
Madison Ramper 03/18/1999 Artistic Sports Academy Plus SUNY Brockport
Kylie Reinhart 07/03/1999 Berks East Uncommitted
Madison Rennix 05/15/1999 Silvia's Gymnastics Penn State
Caitie Reyes 12/13/1998 APEX (VA) James Madison
Moiyatu Roberts 03/02/1999 Fairland (VA) Uncommitted
Jade Sadowski 07/14/1999 Metzler's Gymnastics Profile SUNY Brockport
Kylie Schafer 09/27/1998 Butler Gymnastics Slippery Rock University
Tabitha Schwab 05/17/1999 Northeast (PA) Springfield
Korinne Schwartz 06/02/1999 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Abby Schwerdt 03/15/1999 Devlin Gymnastics Uncommitted
Monica Servidio 04/08/1999 Action (NJ) Official Website Temple
Megan Smith 12/16/1998 North Stars (NJ) Fairfield
Mackenzie Sobieski 06/23/1999 Atlantic Coast Uncommitted
Kira Solt 04/14/1999 Paramount (NJ) Uncommitted
Sophia Steinmeyer 12/06/1998 Berks Gymnastics Iowa State
Hannah Straub 08/19/1999 Nittany Duquesne
Meredith Sylvia 10/06/1998 Parkettes Official Website Auburn
Danielle Terrenzio 01/20/1999 Montgomery County Ursinus
Juliann Terry 11/04/1998 Central Bucks (PA) Ithaca
Gemma Trizzino 02/11/1999 Gymsport (PA) Kent State
Savannah Urick 09/26/1999 Butler Uncommitted
Analise Vaccari 10/16/1999 Parkettes West Chester
Matea Weatherilt 07/24/1999 VA International Uncommitted
Antonia Williams Hill's Gymnastics Rutgers
Maya Williams 04/16/1999 United Gymnastix Arizona State
Sydney Williams 07/29/1999 Northeast (PA) Uncommitted
Lauren Winkler 09/05/1999 Paragon (VA) William & Mary
Alexandra Wisnieski 07/30/1999 GMS James Madison
Ellie Wylie 05/23/1999 North Stars (NJ) Arkansas
Olivia Zavrel 03/05/1999 Arlington Aerials Uncommitted
Teressa Zientek 12/21/1998 Premier (NJ) Official Website Towson

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Jessie Aman 03/01/1999 Atlanta North Stars Official Website Cornell
Kelsey Arnot 05/13/1999 LaFleur's (Tampa, FL) Uncommitted
Madison Averett 04/19/1999 Athletes in Motion Kentucky
Brooke Baker 11/24/1998 GGA-Lawrenceville Uncommitted
Jayme Baker Bull City Gymnastics Uncommitted
Cameron Barber 12/07/1998 Harbor City (FL) Official Website Air Force
Bailey Barnett Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Sydney Bassett 09/03/1998 Prattville YMCA Auburn
Lindsey Bates 12/21/1998 Brandy Johnson's SEMO
Tatum Beadle 01/09/1999 Gym Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Alyssa Beasley 11/14/1997 Gymnastix Uncommitted
Berkley Berrett Gymnastix Uncommitted
Noelle Bonifacio Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Jordan Boogerd 10/21/1998 Gymstars (TN) Lindenwood
Katharine Boyle Tampa Bay Turners Uncommitted
Kaylie Bridges 09/05/1998 Clarksville Elite Uncommitted
Kyla Bryant 09/10/1998 Georgia Elite Official Website Stanford
Cameron Cavenaugh Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Grace Chauta Precision South (GA) Uncommitted
Lucia Coco All Star (LA) Uncommitted
Whitney Cronin 08/19/1999 High Point Gymnastics Official Website BGSU
Makayla Curtis 01/29/1999 Summit (GA) Nebraska
Cierra Davis Morgan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Bridget Dean 12/02/1998 Orlando Metro LSU
Katey Digiacomo 07/04/1999 Tampa Bay Turners Iowa State
Emily Drauss 12/27/1998 Brandy Johnson's Official Website Rutgers
Samantha Durante 06/28/1999 Georgia Elite LSU
Chanye Earle Gym Like This Uncommitted
Sarah Edwards 09/23/1998 Lanier's Gymnastics LSU
Evelyn Fagan 01/20/1999 Moultrie YMCA Georgia
Alyssa Fegter 03/20/1999 Kozeev's Gymnastics Converse College A&T
Ashley Felegi 12/05/1998 Gym Like This Florida State
Emily Flint Northwind Gymnastics Uncommitted
Timia Fowler 08/30/1998 Moultrie YMCA Uncommitted
Ansley Froman 09/05/1998 Georgia All-Stars Azusa Pacific A&T
Isabella Fucigna YMCA Sportsworld Official Website Uncommitted
Kyla Gamble 06/21/1999 International (FL) Towson
Vicky Garcia 01/22/1999 CountrySide Ball State
Faith Gaylord 11/14/1998 Gym Tech 4 Kids Alabama
Mary Graceyn Gordon 01/25/1999 Kidsport Gymnastics William & Mary
Claudia Goyco 11/03/1998 Gymnastix Ball State
Lexi Graber 02/12/1999 Coast Elite Alabama
Meghan Greene 02/09/1999 Gym Center of Chattanooga Uncommitted
Olivia Gunter 11/18/1998 North Shore (LA) LSU
Savannah Guyot 07/26/1999 Gymnastics Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Abigail Hair 01/18/1999 Gymnastics USA (ACE FL) Florida
Claire Haklik 07/25/1999 Gym Academy of Atlanta Cornell
Mackenzie Harman 04/06/1999 Team Attraction Official Website Kentucky
Jerrica Harris 03/24/1999 Gymstars (TN) Centenary
Ryleigh Harris Top Notch (GA) Uncommitted
Alliah Harrison 09/18/1999 Sonshine Gymnastics Official Website W. Michigan
Emma Harrison 03/18/1999 Gymstars (TN) Converse College A&T
Stacie Harrison 11/04/1998 Gymnastics & More (NC) Official Website W. Michigan
Haven Haswell 09/22/1999 Team Attraction Gymnastics SEMO
Heidi Hepokoski 01/14/1999 Coast Elite (FL) Profile Uncommitted
Maggie Hocutt Jamjev (AL) Uncommitted
Lyle Hoge 03/12/1999 Ultimate (GA) Uncommitted
Hayden Hughes 01/08/1999 Team Attraction Official Website Converse College A&T
Olivia Hunter 01/09/1999 Gymnastics & More (SC) NC State
Jenny Jackson 03/11/1999 Taylor (FL) Centenary
Brooke Johnson 11/03/1999 Lakewood Ranch Profile Ball State
Kennedy Rae Johnson 05/04/1999 Gymstars (TN) Central Michigan
Jasmine Jones 08/01/1999 Ultimate (SC) Official Website Bowling Green
Lyndzi Jones Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Shana Katz 12/03/1998 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Mary Kelly 01/08/1999 New Vision (NC) Hamline
Lauren Kent 10/03/1998 Sonshine Gymnastics Official Website NCSU
Tia Kiaku 09/08/1999 High Point Gymnastics Official Website Ball State
Bailey King 02/25/1999 Sonshine Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Gabrielle Kistner 03/21/1999 WAKE (NC) Bridgeport
Elyse Knapp 03/16/1999 Orlando Metro Florida
Sydney Laird 09/05/1999 First in Flight Official Website Arkansas
Emilie LeBlanc 05/11/1999 Sonshine Gymnastics Official Website Maryland
Kennadi LeDoux 07/28/1999 Gymnastix Illinois State
Natalie Len Gym Academy of Atlanta Uncommitted
Ona Loper 04/12/1999 Summit (GA) Minnesota
Madison Lord 03/02/1999 Gymnastix UW-Stout
Morgan Lovett 01/23/1999 High Point Gymnastics Bowling Green
Niya Mack 05/07/1999 Gymstars (TN) Oregon State
Katherine Marianos 03/01/1999 Gymnastix Kentucky
Sydney Marler 04/05/1999 Suncoast (FL) WVU
Madison McPherson 03/24/1999 Georgia Elite Georgia
Mackenzie Miller 02/09/1999 BIO Uncommitted
Sara Miller 05/05/1999 Team Attraction Uncommitted
Ashley Millien Gymnastics Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Emma Mistarz 360 Gymnastics (FL) Uncommitted
Leah Mitchell 10/22/1998 American Twisters Michigan State
Mallory Morris Memphis Point (TN) Uncommitted
Kasey Nelson 05/28/1999 Georgia Elite Official Website NCSU
Natasha Novikov Planet (AL) Uncommitted
Marissa Oakley 04/15/1999 Everest Gymnastics Georgia
Alexis Olivier 11/19/1998 Everest Gymnastics Official Website Western Michigan
Rowan Palmer 10/15/1998 Tataru's Gymnastics Yale
Sydney Parker Gymnastix Uncommitted
Jackie Peate 01/11/1999 STARS Athletics (FL) YouTube West Virginia Wesleyan A&T
Bridgette Peterson 12/29/1998 Gymstars (TN) TWU
Sierra Ponder 02/03/1999 GGA-Lawrenceville Profile | Website Centenary
Madeline Pope 09/10/1998 Coast Elite (FL) Uncommitted
Victoria Prati 12/30/1998 Brandy Johnson's Official Website NCSU
Brianna Price 02/08/1999 First in Flight Official Website E. Michigan
Blair Reece 08/01/1999 Gym Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Ashlyn Reiswig LaFleur's (Tampa, FL) Uncommitted
Allison Riddle 12/08/1998 Gulf Coast Auburn
Brianna Robinson 08/10/1999 Perfect Balance (NC) Pittsburgh
Samantha Rodriguez Elite Gymnastics (FL) Uncommitted
Sabriyya Rouse 04/01/2000 Team Attraction Official Website Maryland
Michael Sanders 08/24/1999 Starlight Gymnastics Official Website SEMO
Emily Schild 08/19/1998 Everest Gymnastics Official Website Georgia
Morgan Seganti Gymnastics & More (SC) Uncommitted
Regan Sellers North Shore (LA) Uncommitted
Charley Shackelford Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
McKenzie Shelton Auburn (AL) Uncommitted
Megan Skaggs 05/07/1999 Gym Academy of Atlanta Official Website Florida
Ashley Smith 04/11/1998 TNT (FL) Official Website Iowa
Ashley Smith 01/18/1999 Sonshine Gymnastics Official Website Auburn
Makenzie Smith 12/15/1998 Intrigue Uncommitted
Katherine Elaine Snead Brandy Johnson's Uncommitted
Morgan Spence 12/21/1998 Raleigh (NC) W. Michigan
Natchez Stanton All Star (LA) Uncommitted
Alaina Steinberg 02/26/1999 Ultimate (GA) West Chester
Haley Swett 02/23/1999 Southern Elite (SC) Uncommitted
Karrie Thomas 09/30/1999 American Twisters Maryland
Melonie Thomas Planet (AL) Uncommitted
Cara Rose Trench Ultimate (GA) Uncommitted
Leighton Varnadore 10/04/1999 Aiken Gymnastics Official Website Utah State
Logan Varnadore 10/04/1999 Aiken Gymnastics Official Website Utah State
Caroline Warren 01/13/1999 Terry and Don's (SC) Official Website Brown
Kara Warren 05/07/1999 JamJev Baylor A&T
Sara Watson 07/14/1999 Gymnastics & More (SC) NC State
Jayden Webb 08/24/1999 Alabama Elite Uncommitted
Shailee Weiss 11/19/1998 Universal Miami Uncommitted
Gabby Welch 10/26/1998 Clarksville Elite (TN) Official Website N. Illinois
Taylor Wilhelmy 06/08/1999 American Twisters Florida State
Ebonee Wilkerson 01/18/1999 Gym Academy of Charleston Uncommitted
Maulana Young 12/27/1998 Perimeter (GA) Uncommitted
Lillian Zeman 08/09/1999 Apollo (FL) Uncommitted
Maia Zoldan 10/15/1998 TAG USA Profile Uncommitted