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2019 Graduates

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7
Region 8

Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Simone Adams 09/05/2000 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Kaya Allison 04/14/2001 Head Over Heels (CA) UC Davis
Anyssa Alvarado 05/10/2001 SCEGA Official Website BYU
Emma Andres 02/28/2001 Byers Roseville UCLA
Alexis Aragon 08/05/2001 USA Gym World (UT) Uncommitted
Maahiya Atluri 07/18/2001 Twisters (NorCal) Uncommitted
Ellie Bagley 12/29/2000 Azarian Gymnastics Official Website Washington
Adelyn Barbee 12/09/2000 CCGI Uncommitted
Mackenzie Barile 02/07/2001 Desert Lights Official Website Arizona
Celine Barney 05/03/2001 Black Diamond (UT) Southern Utah
Loganne Basuel 11/19/2001 Flight School (CA) Official Website Iowa State
Kayla Bird 11/29/2000 Arizona Dynamics Oregon State
Morgan Bowles 06/11/2001 Brown's LV Washington
Juliette Boyer 04/01/2001 San Mateo Gymnastics Arizona State
Alessandra Brovedani 09/13/2001 Head Over Heels (CA) Arizona
Kenadi Brown 06/13/2001 Gymcats (NV) Alaska
Sarah Brownstein 08/17/2001 Black Diamond (UT) Uncommitted
Karsyn Campbell 04/04/2001 Byers Roseville Baylor A&T
Genevieve Canada 09/17/2001 Black Diamond (UT) Uncommitted
Kendal Carey 08/27/2000 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Briona Carswell 03/24/2001 Desert Lights Profile Air Force
Logan Clagg 03/06/2001 CCGI UC Davis
Emma Cobabe 08/16/2001 GTC (Utah) Official Website Utah State
Kaitlyn Cody 01/03/2001 Paramount Elite (CA) Uncommitted
Jaiden de Anda 08/24/2001 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Anabella DeGracia 08/31/2001 AGA (CA) Arizona Christian A&T
Kimmy Dennington 05/17/2001 Royal (Tracy, CA) Uncommitted
Nevaeh DeSouza 04/28/2001 Dream Xtreme Profile Cal
Leilah Diaz 03/26/2001 CCGI Uncommitted
Addison Donis 02/01/2001 Wallers' GymJam UC Davis
Jordyn Duffield 09/01/2001 Wildfire Gymnastics Profile Rutgers
Erin Elkabchi 07/05/2001 SCEGA Profile Boise State
Petra Engstrom 05/02/2001 Coastal (CA) Uncommitted
Brennen Evans 02/18/2001 Desert Devils Uncommitted
Frida Esparza 01/17/2001 Head Over Heels (CA) UCLA
Morgan Gill 09/10/2001 World Elite (CA) Utah State
Samantha Gill 02/10/2001 SCATS HB West Chester
Peyton Gillen 01/09/2001 Byers Roseville Sac State
Maya Green 05/09/2001 Airborne (CA) Cal
Malia Hargrove 08/18/2001 Flips USA Arizona
Salara Harmon 08/28/2001 Champion of Southern Utah Uncommitted
Mikalya Harrison 12/11/2000 Gymcats Uncommitted
Abbie Hendricks 03/08/2001 All American (UT) Uncommitted
Ruby Hernandez 01/26/2001 SCEGA Southern Utah
Victoria Ho 11/16/2001 Elevate (CA) Azusa Pacific A&T
Paige Hogan 01/31/2001 Wallers' GymJam UCLA
Jillian Hoffman 08/04/2001 SCEGA Profile Utah
Jessica Holder 03/21/2001 Gymcats (NV) Georgetown A&T
Kayla Horton 09/03/2000 Olympus Southern Utah
Bayley Humphrey 06/07/2001 USA Illusions Uncommitted
Kennedy Hunsaker 03/01/2001 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Lauren Hunter 04/03/2001 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Lindsay Hunter 05/22/2001 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Carmen Karg 12/23/2000 World Elite Ontario Azusa Pacific A&T
Cameron Kelperis 01/17/2001 AGA (CA) Uncommitted
Kaylee Kho 06/23/2001 Winners (CA) Southern Utah
Lanie Kimura 03/15/2001 Wildfire Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kiana Knox 03/03/2001 Gold Medal (AZ) Uncommitted
Nicoletta Koulos 11/08/2000 Wildfire Gymnastics Michigan
Isabella Lahmidi 10/10/2001 Wallers' GymJam Sac State
Chloe Lashbrooke 10/11/2000 Gold Medal (AZ) UCLA
Nicole Leary 01/16/2001 Novato Uncommitted
Anna LeRoy 06/28/2001 Desert Lights Sac State
Cindy Linker 09/03/2001 Gold Star (CA) Uncommitted
Sirena Linton 12/05/2000 Desert Lights Arizona
Kelly Macleod 01/18/2001 National GTC (CA) Sac State
Kaya Madden 04/14/2001 Head Over Heels (CA) UC Davis
Laney Madsen 03/14/2001 Gym-Max Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Markakis 12/19/2000 VIBE Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Kenzington Martin 08/26/2001 Azarian Gymnastics George Washington
Precious Martinez 09/07/2001 Byers Roseville Boise State
Allix Mason 01/01/2001 All American (UT) Profile BYU
Sabrina McNeely 06/11/2001 Josephson Academy of Gymnastics (CA) UC Davis
Thea Michovsky 01/15/2001 Dream Xtreme (CA) UC Davis
Erin Morden 01/16/2001 Aftershock (CA) Boise State
Maile O'Keefe 02/26/2002 Salcianu Elite Official Website Utah
Madeleine Olsen 03/22/2001 Desert Lights Gannon A&T
Alia Parra 03/27/2001 Brown's LV Uncommitted
Shyan Phillips 12/11/2000 Head Over Heels (CA) San Jose State
Katia Pietrass 05/22/2001 Salcianu Uncommitted
Jane Poniewaz 11/02/2000 Gymcats (NV) Oregon State
Ainsley Prins 10/29/2001 Wallers' GymJam Air Force
Abigail Pummarachai 06/24/2000 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Kaylla Ramirez 06/29/2001 Winners Profile UC San Diego
Kelly Ramm 07/18/2001 South Coast (CA) Profile Stanford
Ciara Rampolla 03/30/2001 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Gracie Reeves 03/13/2001 Arizona Sunrays Arizona State
Lily Reid 04/26/2001 Flips USA Uncommitted
Alyssa Resly 06/21/2001 Brown's LV Sac State
Elease Rollins 06/08/2001 Hunts (UT) Uncommitted
Jaedyn Rucker 08/09/2001 Desert Devils Utah
Natalie Sadighi 10/26/2000 Azarian Gymnastics YouTube Cal
Chloe Sarocka 03/132001 Rebound West (AZ) Uncommitted
Callie Sardina 08/02/2001 Magdalena Ecke YMCA (Seawind) Uncommitted
Rachel Schuelke-Lombardi 12/04/2000 Wildfire UC Davis
Madison Shasky 04/03/2001 Edge (CA) Arizona Christian A&T
Caitlin Smith 06/02/2001 Paramount Elite LSU
Alexa Solomon 10/05/2001 Matrix (CA) San Jose State
Avery Stauffacher 10/12/2000 Gold Medal (AZ) Arizona
Ryan Sterling 06/24/2001 Wallers' GymJam Official Website Uncommitted
Sophie Stern 12/24/2000 Accel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Cassie Stevens 03/02/2001 Arizona Sunrays Auburn
Tiffani Stufflebeam 04/04/2001 All American (UT) Southern Utah
Sofia Sullivan 01/18/2001 Azarian Profile Utah State
Mia Takekawa 03/30/2001 Byers Roseville Illinois
Jacqueline Ting 09/30/2001 Victory (Newbury Park, CA) Uncommitted
Charlotte Tishkoff 09/26/2001 Arizona Dynamics Western Michigan
Aimee Titche 03/12/2001 Arizona Dynamics Yale
Jocelyn Torres 04/02/2001 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Camille Vitoff 05/23/2001 Arizona Sunrays Towson
Raegan Walker 09/03/2001 SCEGA Yale
Destiny Whitlock 03/07/2001 Golden State (CA) Uncommitted
Myka Willden 10/10/2000 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Akeila Wilson 05/01/2001 Desert Gymcats Official Website Uncommitted
Ashton Woodbury 04/30/2001 Wildfire Gymnastics Official Website Cal
Briana Worth 01/22/2001 Carter's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Aubrey Zazula 10/12/2001 Desert Lights Uncommitted
Gabrielle Ziemski 08/12/2001 GTC (UT) Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Katelyn Barnard 07/29/2001 Westside (OR) Official Website Uncommitted
Naiya Beaudin 07/08/2001 Mismo Uncommitted
Audrey Bloomquist 01/14/2001 Helena Athletic Club Uncommitted
Taylor Camello 11/01/2002 Rainbow (HI) Uncommitted
Kristine Carter 03/14/2001 Riverside (OR) Uncommitted
Jayde Chan 05/21/2001 Denali (AK) Uncommitted
Margaret Chi 05/04/2001 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Jordan Chiles 04/15/2001 Naydenov Gymnastics Official Website UCLA
Isabelle Clark 04/24/2001 Danik (ID) Uncommitted
Kayla Correa 10/22/2001 Pantheon Uncommitted
Maria Crema 06/18/2001 Westside (OR) Uncommitted
Kayla Correa 10/22/2001 Pantheon Uncommitted
Elizabeth Dahme 09/09/2000 Metro Gymnastics (OR) Uncommitted
Anu Domingo 06/26/2001 Advantage Uncommitted
Jenna Domingo 02/11/2001 Hawaiian Island Twisters Oregon State
Simone Dumas-Guzman 08/02/2001 Cascade Elite Seattle Pacific
Ashley Fallgren 11/12/2000 Westside (OR) Gannon A&T
Jaimee Fields 04/25/2001 Garland's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kaylee Fiske 10/05/2000 360 Gymnastics (WA) Uncommitted
Jada Fouch 09/01/2001 Top Flyte (OR) Uncommitted
Makailee Gemmer 02/05/2001 Olympic (WA) Uncommitted
Olivia Gorder 01/04/2001 Arctic Uncommitted
Grace Gordon 09/02/2001 Northpointe Uncommitted
Brandi Grunberg 05/21/2001 The Athletic Edge Uncommitted
Alyssa Hatch 11/06/2000 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Nicole Hebda 12/22/2000 Westside (OR) Uncommitted
Alina Helbling 06/12/2001 Northwest (WA) Uncommitted
Ashleigh Helms 12/18/2000 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Jasmine Jayasundara 03/24/2001 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Miyeko Johnson 12/10/2000 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Opal Koeppel 05/07/2001 Garland's Uncommitted
Kathryn Koopman 10/20/2000 Kokokahi Bridgeport
Hailey Kunimura 04/04/2001 Auburn (WA) Azusa Pacific A&T
Sarah Le 04/27/2001 Mid-Columbia West Liberty A&T
Jasmine Lee 07/06/2001 Cascade Elite West Brown
Kaysa Lundberg 09/20/2000 Metropolitan (WA) Uncommitted
Masami O'Malley 02/10/2001 Advantage (WA) Uncommitted
Emily Odenbrett 08/09/2001 Mountain West UW-Stout
Samantha Payne 07/09/2001 The Athletic Edge Uncommitted
Piper Polanik 02/04/2001 Garland's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ashley Pritchard 07/23/2000 Gymnastics East Uncommitted
Natalie Reid 06/18/2001 Cascade Elite Uncommitted
Mackenzie Ridgway 11/18/2000 Swag Arizona Christian A&T
Faith Rightmire 07/19/2001 Oregon Olympic Athletics Oregon A&T
Madeline Shoblom 01/12/2001 The Athletic Edge Uncommitted
Charli Sizemore 07/23/2001 Mountain West UW-Stout
Jordan Stretch 01/31/2001 Northwest (WA) Uncommitted
Nika Talbert 05/09/2001 North Coast (WA) Uncommitted
Ariel Toomey 10/14/2000 Cascade Elite West (WA) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Walter 10/02/2001 Island Tumbers Arizona
Abigail Winstead 11/15/2000 Garland's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jessica Wong 06/01/2001 Gymnastics East Washington
Amelia Wright 09/23/2000 Cascade Elite West Uncommitted
Ashley Yang 02/01/2001 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Emily Yang 02/01/2001 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Alexandra Ackerman 07/17/2000 Crenshaw Uncommitted
Maya Albertin 06/11/2001 Stars (TX) Official Website Minnesota
Sophia Antony 07/13/2001 Williams Center (AR) Uncommitted
Morgan Applegate 11/20/2000 Kansas Gym & Cheer Profile Gannon A&T
Christin Bandy 11/27/2000 Trevino's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Brooklyn Bloxom 07/18/2001 WOGA Official Website Bowling Green
Makensie Blum 02/01/2001 Diamond (KS) Official Website Air Force
Amber Boll 07/12/2001 5280 Air Force
MaKenzie Bullitt 03/16/2001 Precision (TX) Uncommitted
Kylie Burleson 06/19/2001 Mat Trotters Uncommitted
Demi Byrd 09/15/2000 Mazeika's Elite (TX) Uncommitted
Peyton Cattarin 10/16/2000 Mavericks (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Joanna Chambers 06/14/2001 Acrotex Alaska
Alyssa Christman 11/09/2000 Gold Cup (NM) Uncommitted
Corrin Coons 06/07/2001 Gym Unlimited (CO) Official Website Uncommitted
Sydney Coons 06/07/2001 Gym Unlimited (CO) Official Website Uncommitted
Kaitlin DeGuzman 07/28/2000 Metroplex Kentucky
Hanna Dixon 05/09/2001 CO Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Jenna Dunn 10/10/2000 Bart Conner Official Website Oklahoma
McKenzie Eddy 12/29/2000 Aerial Athletics Official Website Uncommitted
Reaia Floyd 05/06/2001 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Pittsburgh
Ashley Fugiel 01/17/2001 Kurt Thomas Uncommitted
Tatum Grahahm 09/29/2000 Premier (CO) Uncommitted
Hadley Hamar 02/20/2001 Colorado Gymnastics Institute Official Website Utah State
Ally Hancock 03/09/2001 Crenshaw Athletic Club Uncommitted
Arileyah Harris 08/02/2001 Champions (TX) Official Website Eastern Michigan
Tori Harris 02/08/2001 Zero Gravity (TX) Baylor A&T
Kailey Heil 07/10/2001 US Gold (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Kasarah Hernandez 11/11/2001 Capital (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Elizabeth Hobdy 12/14/2000 Acrotex Uncommitted
Nora Houseman 03/25/2001 Airborne (CO) Official Website George Washington
Kendall Huff 11/20/2000 Northwest Kids Official Website Centenary
Erin Hutchison 10/23/2000 WOGA Official Website Oklahoma
Emma Itoh 10/22/2001 Metroplex Boise State
Jaqueline Jagers 11/28/2000 High Altitude Uncommitted
Jordyn Jaslow 05/31/2001 CO Gymnastics Institute Official Website Arizona State
Kiya Johnson 02/27/2002 Texas Dreams LSU
Leilani Johnson 06/04/2001 JAG (KS) Uncommitted
Mya Johnston 03/10/2001 Pinnacle (KS) Uncommitted
Jonica Jordan 04/10/2001 Albuquerque Winona State
Brooke Koons 12/15/2000 Pearland Elite Uncommitted
Beth Lazarus 04/25/2001 Mat Trotters TWU
Morgan Leasure 02/05/2001 Aspen Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Christina Leikam 08/03/2001 CO Gymnastics Institute Official Website UW-Eau Claire
Kaiya Lindhart 11/26/2000 Premier (CO) UW-Eau Claire
Angelina Liu 12/23/2000 Discover (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Victoria Loomis 08/14/2001 Texas Dreams Official Website Utah State
Madison Martin 03/02/2001 Metroplex Air Force
Athena Martinez 12/05/2001 Austin Elite Gymnastics Official Website Gannon A&T
Lauren McKeown 05/15/2001 Crenshaw Athletic Official Website Brown
Lindsey Moffitt 02/26/2001 Texas Dreams Official Website SEMO
Katie Morgan 05/14/2001 Texas Dreams BYU
Kendall Munoz 02/12/2001 Empire (TX) Uncommitted
Chloe Negrete 08/06/2001 WOGA NCSU
Grace Nelson 08/14/2001 Kurt Thomas Air Force
Alexa Nibbs 02/19/2001 Stars (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Macy Orosco 01/05/2001 Empire (TX) Alabama
Maya Page 07/18/2001 AIM Athletics BYU
Macy Parsley 08/05/2001 Texas East Uncommitted
Hollyn Patrick 06/21/2001 Airborne (CO) Official Website Missouri
Carissa Patton WOGA Official Website NCSU
Teresa Pettitt-Kenny 06/15/2001 5280 Gymnastics Denver
Caroline Phillips 04/13/2001 WOGA Official Website UW-Oshkosh
Nynaeve Phillipson 08/11/2001 Stars Houston Official Website Uncommitted
Lexi Powe 02/24/2001 CO Gymnastics Institute Official Website Illinois
Payton Ramsbottom 01/15/2001 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Danielle Riley 07/28/2001 Flips (TX) Uncommitted
Izabella Ross 12/31/2000 CO Gym Institute Uncommitted
Adeline Sabados 03/03/2001 Colorado Aerials Auburn
Jayda Schroepfer 09/01/2001 North East Texas Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Sophie Scrivner 10/31/2000 JAG (KS) Uncommitted
Katelyn Severance 06/10/2001 Texas Dreams Official Website Uncommitted
Alyona Shchennikova 05/12/2001 5280 Gymnastics Michigan
Emily Shepard 08/24/2001 Diamond (KS) Official Website NCSU
Macy Sherman 02/18/2001 WOGA Uncommitted
Sophie Silverstein 10/26/2000 Airborne (CO) UNC
Caroline Simmons 05/04/2001 WOGA Official Website Azusa Pacific A&T
Ragan Smith 08/08/2000 Texas Dreams Official Website Oklahoma
Kalyany Steele 02/12/2001 Colorado Aerials UCLA
Delenn Steffes 08/11/2001 Gymnastics Plus (CO) Uncommitted
Kennedy Stephens 03/31/2001 Aspire (AR) Centenary
Adela Stonecipher 12/24/2000 World Champions Centre Official Website Stanford
Sidney Striziki 09/12/2000 Airborne (CO) Official Website Uncommitted
Kate Stubbs 07/27/2001 Champion Westlake Texas
Ashlynn Sullivan 06/12/2001 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Aspen Terrell 03/19/2000 Texas Dreams Official Website Belmont Abbey A&T
Kathryn Thaler 10/19/2000 Champions (TX) Official Website Nebraska
Mia Townes 06/30/2001 Crenshaw Athletic Club Official Website Illinois
Avery Tyson 10/27/2000 Crenshaw Athletic Club Official Website Hawaii Pacific A&T
Julia Volpe 05/02/2001 Pearland Elite Official Website Rutgers
Madison Vanderpool 01/08/2001 Elite (KS) Uncommitted
Brooke Weins 11/10/2000 5280 Oklahoma
Sarah Weisberg 11/21/2000 WOGA Official Website Texas
Kailyn Westbrook 10/19/2000 WOGA Official Website UW-Stout
Jacy Whitehead 11/30/2000 Pearland Elite (TX) New Hampshire
Chloe Widner 12/29/2000 Texas Dreams Official Website Stanford
Rylie Wieseler 03/04/2001 Adrenaline (CO) Uncommitted
Addison Womeldorph 04/2001 Infinite Bounds Official Website Gannon A&T
Daisy Woodring 07/22/2000 Ultimate (OK) TWU
Christian Wright 11/03/2000 Texas East Official Website Uncommitted

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Raina Albores 02/12/2001 Perpetual Motion Kentucky
Carley Anders 07/08/2001 Edge (Liberty, MO) Uncommitted
Sinclair Bagwell 11/12/2001 Chow's Hamline
Alex Baer 01/07/2001 American Gold Uncommitted
Carlie Beatty 10/03/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website UW-Stout
Chloe Beatty 10/03/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website UW-Stout
Summer Beaty 04/20/2001 Northwest (MO) Uncommitted
Emma Brown 01/19/2001 Chow's Gymnastics Official Website Denver
Claire Calhoun 10/11/2000 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Calonna Carlisle 04/21/2001 TAGS South (MN) Uncommitted
Annie Corbett 03/18/2001 Swiss Turners Uncommitted
Samantha Cully 07/22/2001 Flyaways Gold Uncommitted
Mallory Desch 05/29/2001 GAGE Gymnastics Official Website SEMO
Rose Deshler 10/09/2000 Perpetual Motion Centenary
Haily Doherty 03/21/2001 Midwest Twisters (WI) Winona State
Celeste Enyeart 05/18/2001 Success (IA) Uncommitted
Emma Esteb 01/23/2001 Flips (MN) Gustavus Adolphus
Lauren Fruehling 10/18/2000 Cedar Rapid (CRAG) Northern Iowa
Ashley Goeltl 02/07/2001 Flyaways Gold Gustavus Adolphus
Cambree Griedl 10/18/2000 Oshkosh Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jenna Griffith 11/25/2000 Twin City Twisters Gustavus Adolphus
Kate Grotenhuis 07/22/2001 TAGS - Eden Prairie Official Website Minnesota
Alexis Hankins 04/03/2001 Premier (NE) Ohio State
Hannah Hartung 11/01/2000 Solid Rock (NE) Eastern Michigan
Tiana Hickman 06/06/2000 Grand Rapids (MN) Uncommitted
Taylor Hogan 10/20/2000 Cedar Valley Uncommitted
Adalayna Hufendiek 06/09/2001 Elevate (MO) Missouri
Taylor Jensen 07/28/2001 Salto Gymnastics Official Website Bowling Green
Brooke Kaderly 08/13/2001 Fuzion Gymnastics Uncommitted
Abigail Kappler 03/21/2001 GymQuarters UW-Whitewater
Audrey Kaufman 10/02/2000 TAGS - Eden Prairie Official Website UW-LaCrosse
Ellie Klopfenstein 10/26/2000 KC Gym Uncommitted
Mackenzie Kunzman 06/02/2000 NE School of Gym Uncommitted
Abby Larson< 04/10/2001 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Lauren Latter 01/02/2001 TAGS - Eden Prairie Uncommitted
Mallory LeNeave 05/05/2001 Xtreme (MO) Minnesota
Tisana Lowe 08/25/2001 Minnesota Aerials Hamline
Mikena Mackey 03/28/2001 Triad Gymnastics Grandview University
Molly Maxwell 06/04/2001 Madtown Twisters Official Website Uncommitted
Faith Mayhugh 09/26/2000 Eagles Uncommitted
Madison McCary 02/11/2001 Gold Medal (MO) Centenary
Claire Middleton 03/28/2001 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Annemarie Mularski 03/28/2001 M&M (WI) Uncommitted
Grace Naumann 07/19/2001 Dave's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jenna Nelson 03/14/2001 Oshkosh Gymnastics UW-LaCrosse
Libby Orman 08/25/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website Arizona
Olivia Osborne 06/16/2001 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
Alivia Ostendorf 05/28/2001 Twin City Twisters Official Website Ball State
Hannah Otten 05/09/2000 Grand Rapids (MN) Uncommitted
Abby Paulson 09/11/2000 Twin City Twisters Utah
Alexis Peterson 04/28/2000 Iowa Twisters Uncommitted
Maddie Qualen 09/19/2000 Jam Hops (MN) Uncommitted
Molly Rajala 05/13/2001 Grand Rapids (MN) UW-Eau Claire
Ashley Reed 05/09/2001 Dave's Gymnastics Factory Uncommitted
Halle Remlinger 02/04/2001 KidSport Minnesota
Bridget Rickey 03/28/2001 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Karina Sabol 03/07/2001 Madtown Twisters Uncommitted
Hannah Sadler 05/12/2001 M&M (WI) Fairmont State A&T
Elizabeth Schauer 11/05/2000 Altius Hamline
Callie Schlottman 08/09/2000 Legacy (MN) Official Website Bowling Green
Kennedy Schwiebert 01/30/2001 Northwest (MN) Uncommitted
Taylor Siebenaler 03/27/2001 Rising Stars (MN) Uncommitted
Betty Smalley 07/06/2001 Nebraska Twisters Uncommitted
Abby Socha 12/05/2000 St. Louis Gym Centre Uncommitted
Madelyn Solomon 12/03/2000 Cedar Valley Iowa
Madeline Sowinski 01/21/2001 Madtown Twisters Hamline
Allyson Steffensmeier 04/01/2001 Twisters (IA) Iowa
Lauryn Stiff 05/30/2001 Gold Medal (MO) Centenary
Akoray Subject 01/31/2001 Twin City Twisters Denver
Sydney Szydlowski 07/09/2001 Gymquarters Uncommitted
Michaela Thibert 01/20/2001 American Gold Profile Uncommitted
Morgan Tighe 11/04/2000 Elevate (MO) Arizona
Shay Trimble 11/23/2000 Rapid City (SD) Uncommitted
Kailey Urnikis 07/03/2001 GymQuarters Uncommitted
Francine Vaughn 11/02/2000 GAGE Quinnipiac A&T
Haley Volstad 11/14/2000 Twin City Twisters UW-Oshkosh
Taylor Waldo 02/22/2001 Flyaways Gold Ball State
Emma Warr 07/13/2001 Midwest Twisters (WI) Uncommitted
McKynzie Webster 11/23/2000 Amplify (MO) Uncommitted
Dani Wides 08/19/2000 All American (MO) UW-Stout
Ashtyn Winter 08/20/2001 Fuzion Gymnastics Official Website Seattle Pacific

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Izabella Abookire 07/20/2001 Gymnastics World (OH) Uncommitted
Madison Ahrens 06/15/2000 Gem City Uncommitted
Kate Albean 06/06/2001 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ania Alsum 10/24/2000 Wright's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Olivia Amodei 02/24/2001 Hunt's Gymnastics (MI) Kent State
Adana Amor 08/26/2001 Naperville UW-Oshkosh
Ravenna Bala 05/17/2001 All Around (OH) Hawaii Pacific A&T
Jadyn Barga 08/28/2000 Gem City Uncommitted
Darcy Barkal 04/09/2001 American (IL) Illinois
Emma Barry 06/08/2001 Downriver Uncommitted
Lauren Beckwith 09/15/2000 Buckeye Gymnastics Pittsburgh
Jenna Beebe 01/31/2001 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Chloe Bellmore 05/08/2001 Gedderts' Twistars Michigan State
Madeline Berrey 07/23/2001 North Canton YMCA Uncommitted
Natalia Berruti 03/14/2001 IGI UW-LaCrosse
Helena Bonilla 11/22/2000 Youngstown (OH) Uncommitted
Taylor Bonn 01/08/2001 Capitol City (OH) Uncommitted
Alexandra Bounatsos 01/29/2001 Gym-Kinetics (IL) Uncommitted
Azaria Bradley 06/17/2000 Gym-Nasti Official Website Uncommitted
Sydney Bradley 03/10/2001 All Starz (OH) Uncommitted
Sierra Brooks 09/29/2001 Aspire (IL) Michigan
Tia Browning 11/22/2000 Top Flight (KY) Uncommitted
Aria Brusch 07/12/2001 Cincinnati Gymnastics Auburn
Alyssa Bucaro 02/05/2001 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Jordan Bush 04/12/2001 Indiana Elite Uncommitted
Calista Cabral 01/18/2001 Gymnastics Academy of Rockford Uncommitted
Abby Carpenter 08/18/2001 GTC Rochester Hills William & Mary
Sarah Carpenter 12/21/2000 Above the Barre (OH) Uncommitted
Paige Casper 08/22/2001 JPAC Official Website Towson
Kenna Clarke 02/01/2001 JPAC Uncommitted
Hadyn Crossen 08/16/2000 JPAC Official Website Eastern Michigan
Elise Davis 04/18/2001 Hunt's Gymnastics (MI) Official Website Uncommitted
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Deal 08/09/2000 Gem City Uncommitted
Rachel DeCavitch 09/29/2000 Gymnastics World Kent State
Alyssa Delffs 01/30/2001 Gahanna Cyclone Uncommitted
Hannah DeMers 09/14/2001 Splitz (MI) Official Website Central Michigan
Maddie Diab 02/17/2001 Premier (IL) Iowa State
Makarri Doggette 09/11/2000 Buckeye Gymnastics Alabama
Greta Downey 11/30/2000 Gym America Penn State
Kennedy Drish 04/03/2001 JPAC Uncommitted
Grace Ebersold 09/26/2000 Premier Athletics (KY) Uncommitted
Alexis Ervin 03/31/2000 Wright's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Avery Evans 06/09/2001 Tri-State (IN) UW-Oshkosh
Lindsay Fabian 12/09/2000 Future (OH) Uncommitted
Callie Fohl 10/05/2000 All Stars (OH) Uncommitted
Karlie Franz 05/22/2001 Hunt's Gymnastics (MI) Kent State
Abigail Gaies 04/17/2001 Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Michigan
Gracie Gallagher 05/17/2001 Gymnastics World (OH) SUNY Cortland
Sarah Gantner 07/07/2000 JPAC Hawaii Pacific A&T
Kiara Gianfagna 07/10/2001 JPAC Arkansas
Reagan Gnewuch 02/09/2001 Huntley Unlimited Gymnastics School Illinois State
Megan Griesbaum 04/30/2001 World Class (IL) Uncommitted
Maddie Griffith 09/04/2000 Naperville TWU
Madeleine Grobmeier 06/29/2001 Gym-Kinetics (IL) Uncommitted
Amanda Gruber 05/23/2001 Flying High (IL) Official Website Western Michigan
Annie Hammond 03/30/2001 Water's Edge Central Michigan
Natalie Hamp 08/21/2000 Gedderts' Twistars Official Website Northern Illinois
Onjaleigh Hannan 07/01/2001 Phoenix GEMS (MI) Uncommitted
Jackie Harker 02/28/2001 Youngstown (OH) Kent State
Brenna Hauser 10/29/2000 JPAC Central Michigan
Grace Hayslett 11/29/2000 Agility (KY) Official Website Uncommitted
JerQuavia Henderson 07/08/2001 Gym Corner (IL) Official Website Iowa
Madison Hickey 03/23/2001 Energym (IL) Arkansas
Hailey Holzer 02/02/2001 Legacy Elite (IL) Official Website Uncommitted
Annabelle Howat 06/24/2001 Premier West (IL) UW-LaCrosse
Kassidy Howell 02/17/2001 In The Zone Official Website Kentucky
Helen Hu 06/04/2001 IK Gymnastics Missouri
Jori Jackard 09/18/2000 Gedderts' Twistars Official Website Michigan State
Amanda Jackson 10/03/2000 IGI Uncommitted
Danielle Jaworski 01/26/2001 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Acacia Johnson 05/09/2001 Agility (KY) Limestone College A&T
Madison Johnson 10/02/2000 IGI Uncommitted
Ashley Jones 01/10/2001 Youngstown (OH) Uncommitted
Grace Kaiding 01/19/2001 Stars & Stripes (MI) Missouri
Kira Karlblom 10/10/2000 Crystal Lake Missouri
Sammi Keating 02/14/2001 Energym (IL) Uncommitted
Caroline Kellogg 01/25/2001 Cincinnati Kent State
Madelyn Kim 08/16/2001 Crystal Lake Michigan
Hannah Kinzler 11/04/2000 Champion Gymnastics USA (MI) Uncommitted
Kaylee Koch 04/28/2001 Olympia (MI) Uncommitted
Maggie Lampsa 01/22/2001 Legacy Elite (IL) Official Website Illinois
Maia Lee 05/05/2001 Gym-Nasti Uncommitted
Kerrie Legault 09/17/2000 DeVeau's Official Website UW-LaCrosse
Lauren Leman 06/29/2001 Energym (IL) Uncommitted
Leayla Liebich 11/14/2000 Libertyville (IL) Uncommitted
Kayla Ludy 12/15/2000 Wright's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Camryn Luyckx 04/19/2001 GTC Rochester Hills Uncommitted
Raina Malas 08/28/2001 Buckeye Gymnastics Ohio State
Arianna Mamelka 08/25/2001 Hunt's Gymnastics (MI) Western Michigan
Molly Manning 12/20/2000 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
McKenzie McClarney 10/21/2000 Wright's Gymnastics Indiana University
Meg McGinley 03/10/2001 DeVeau's Gymnastics UW-Whitewater
Danielle McKinzie 07/18/2001 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ashley McMurray 05/21/2001 Gym Corner (IL) Uncommitted
Riley Meeks 09/25/2001 Olympia Gymnastics Official Website Yale
Corey Melcher 04/11/2001 Gym America Eastern Michigan
Madison Miller 12/17/2000 Universal Gymnasts (OH) Official Website Uncommitted
McCall Miller 09/02/2000 Premier (KY) Uncommitted
Morgan Miller 10/26/2000 Premier (KY) Uncommitted
Gina Misek 11/05/2000 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Alina Miller 09/23/2001 Perfection (OH) Arizona State
Taina Moore 02/24/2001 Huntley Unlimited (IL) Uncommitted
Madiha Morris 07/26/2000 IGI Uncommitted
Lauren Moses 11/17/2000 Perfect Balance (OH) Uncommitted
Bailey Mrsich 02/09/2001 World Class (IL) Uncommitted
Payton Murphy 04/20/2001 Palmer's (IL) Western Michigan
Faith Mylin 07/27/2000 Bartlett Uncommitted
Hannah Nam 06/17/2002 Cincinnati Gymnastics UNC
Danielle Nosek 01/22/2001 JPAC Arizona
Avery Noteman 01/24/2001 Buckeye Gymnastics Dennison
Olivia O'Donnell 03/07/2001 IK Gymnastics Illinois
Molly Parris 03/27/2001 Gymnastics World (OH) Eastern Michigan
Nya Pauldon 10/04/2000 Bartlett Ithaca
Suki Pfister 08/15/2001 SET-10 Uncommitted
Hannah Pike 08/11/2001 Twistars Uncommitted
Isabella Pierce 08/01/2001 Naperville (IL) Quinnipiac A&T
Caileigh Pistorius 03/24/2001 American (IL) Uncommitted
Kyla Podges 10/18/2000 Legacy (KY) Official Website TWU
Julia Pompeani 06/07/2001 Above the Barre Uncommitted
Alexis Pultorak 03/18/2001 Michigan Elite (MEGA) Uncommitted
Lauren Puschek 02/16/2001 Phenom (IL) Uncommitted
Taylor Ramirez 12/05/2000 Premier (IL) Uncommitted
Clancy Raupp 07/13/2001 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Isabel Redmond 02/26/2001 Olympia (MI) Arizona State
Payton Richards 10/13/2000 Aerial (IL) Florida
Kai Rivers 11/26/2000 Gedderts' Twistars LSU
Audrey Rodriguez 09/12/2001 Gedderts' Twistars Uncommitted
Payton Rohr 09/22/2001 AGA (MI) Uncommitted
Bella Romagnano 11/23/2001 Buckeye Penn State
Sarah Rowland 03/18/2001 IGI Ohio State
Adah Runyan-Randruut 08/11/2001 IGI Uncommitted
Ciara Ryan 08/15/2001 Crystal Lake Official Website Northern Illinois
Allison Rypma 09/08/2000 Rising Starz Fitness (MI) Uncommitted
Cate Sandvik 02/23/2001 IGI UW-LaCrosse
Aviva Satz-Kojis 04/13/2001 Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Uncommitted
Megan Schore 11/16/2000 American (IL) Uncommitted
Nataya Schwiebert 03/14/2001 Infinity (OH) Uncommitted
Brookelyn Sears 06/18/2001 KIDS Are TOPS Official Website Northern Illinois
Samantha Simmons 03/03/2001 St. Charles (IL) Uncommitted
Brianne Smith 07/06/2001 All American Flames Uncommitted
Nyah Smith 06/02/2001 Oakland Gymnastics Profile | Website Michigan State
Taiya Stelmachowski 01/04/2001 Aspire (IL) UW-Whitewater
Brooke Stocki 07/20/2001 Action (IL) Illinois
Hope Stotts 08/02/2001 DeVeau's Uncommitted
Mickayla Stuckey 07/12/2001 Cincinnati Gymnastics Official Website Eastern Michigan
Rachel Swick 01/05/2002 All Starz (OH) Uncommitted
Samantha Sworst 01/25/2001 Olympia Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Taylor 07/28/2001 Elite (IN) Uncommitted
Megan Teter 10/03/2000 Gymnastics World (OH) Ball State
Thomia Tomlanovich 11/23/2001 Hunt's Gymnastics (MI) Profile UW-Whitewater
Rylie Traversa 10/19/2000 Aspire (IL) Official Website Uncommitted
Rebekah Ulick 07/02/2001 Gym Corner (IL) Illinois Central College
Mayleigh Vanderbeek 11/28/2000 Champion USA (Mi) Kentucky
Analena VanderZwaag 05/08/2001 Inspire (IN) Uncommitted
Sophie Vorndran 12/19/2000 SET-10 Uncommitted
Morgan Wagnitz 08/20/2001 IGI Oregon A&T
Julia Waight 04/04/2001 Phenom (IL) Official Website Illinois
Matilyn Waligora 05/09/2001 Olympia (MI) Alabama
Madeleine Watson 02/01/2001 Buckeye Cornell
Kaeli Welsh 01/12/2001 Aspire (IL) UW-Oshkosh
Taylor Wentland 01/24/2001 DeVeau's Gymnastics Kent State
Gabryel Wilson 05/01/2001 Olympia (MI) Michigan
Alexandrea Wood 01/15/2001 Buckeye UW-La Crosse
Macey Woodlock 08/14/2001 Crystal Lake Uncommitted
Kelsey Woods 03/21/2001 Legacy (KY) Official Website Uncommitted
London Yerasimides 01/13/2001 Champion (KY) Official Website Uncommitted
Payton Young 07/05/2001 Gedderts' Twistars Official Website Adrian A&T
Belle Youngs 10/28/2001 Grand Rapids (MI) Uncommitted
Linda Zivat 03/07/2001 Phenom (IL) Michigan State

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Maine

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Jordana Albanese 03/14/2001 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Pamela Amabile 11/10/2001 Nina's Uncommitted
Nell Asbrand 02/10/2001 Massachusetts Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Katelyn Aylwin 12/18/2000 Reading (MA) Endicott College
Abigail Bang 05/04/2001 Roots Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hannah Barry 06/04/2001 Gymnastics Express Too Bridgeport
Eller Bart 02/01/2001 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Hannah Barton 10/08/2000 Brentwood Commons (NH) Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Bertola 08/29/2001 Daggett Official Website Rutgers
Larissa Biette 06/14/2001 Elite (MA) New Hampshire
Katie Bishop 12/11/2000 Mid Island Gymnastics Air Force
Lauren Blair 08/07/2001 Stumpf's Uncommitted
Bayli Bostley 01/08/2001 Victors Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Ava Boyd 09/28/2000 South Shore (MA) Bridgeport
Bianca Carr 06/04/2001 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Makenzie Castiglione 05/29/2001 Gym Sports Academy Uncommitted
Dominique Chasse 05/12/2001 Atlantic Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jenna Chasse 01/19/2001 Kinetic Kids Uncommitted
Madison Conn 08/08/2001 Bright Raven (NY) Official Website Uncommitted
Abigail Contello 02/05/2001 Gym Connection (NY) Uncommitted
Paige Crenier 01/23/2001 South Shore (MA) Uncommitted
Glynis Curcione 10/20/2001 Niagara Gymnastics SUNY Cortland
Najah Curtis 12/21/2001 New Image (NY) Official Website Pennsylvania
Riley Daniels 01/26/2001 Ace Gymnastics (MA) Official Website Lindenwood
Mara DeCesare 12/18/2000 Massachusetts Elite Official Website Uncommitted
Victoria DeMeo 10/31/2000 Ace (NY) Cornell
Emma DeMottie 06/26/2001 Apex (NY) Uncommitted
Kaleigh Doherty 11/18/2000 Brentwood Commons Uncommitted
Gillian Dolitsky 08/20/2001 New Image (NY) Uncommitted
Jacklyn Dolitsky 08/20/2001 New Image (NY) Uncommitted
Tisha Donlon 10/24/2000 American (CT) Uncommitted
Madeline Doyle 10/29/2000 Reading (MA) Uncommitted
Kelsey Fedorko 05/12/2000 Darien YMCA Uncommitted
Erin Figurelli 04/05/2001 Patti Dunnes Official Website Uncommitted
Kyra Figurelli 04/05/2001 Patti Dunnes Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Fishkin 03/29/2001 CNY Gym Centre SEMO
Helena Fortinash 07/06/2001 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Gabrielle Gare 03/18/2001 Stumpf's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Allison Grindle 06/05/2001 Head Over Heels (MA) Official Website Bridgeport
Kylie Gorgenyi 10/17/2000 Ace Gymnastics (MA) UNH
Morgan Hackett 11/24/2000 Head Over Heels (MA) Official Website Uncommitted
Cai Hall 07/08/2001 Chelsea Piers (NY) Uncommitted
Caitlin Henry 04/23/2001 Elite (MA) Yale
Ella Hodges 04/05/2001 Brestyan's (MA) Ohio State
Emily Holmes-Hackerd 08/21/2001 Brestyan's Gymnastics West Virginia
Ashley Johanson 05/06/2001 Gymnastics Express Too Uncommitted
Robyn Kelley 01/20/2001 Reading Gymnastics Official Website UNH
Darby Kent 07/03/2001 Towers Cornell
Elizabeth Kleynerman 09/24/2001 10.0 Gymnastics (MA) Uncommitted
Maya Kraus 03/30/2001 Rochester Gymnastics West Virginia
Carly Kulevich 04/20/2001 Elite (MA) Penn
Zoe Kyriakopoulos 09/21/2001 Stumpf's Gymnastics Profile Ithaca
Austyn Lacasse 10/18/2001 NEGX Maryland
Rebekah Lashley 07/27/2001 Elite (MA) Penn
Lauren Lazaro 11/18/2000 10.0 (MA) Brown
Sophia LeBlanc 07/18/2000 MA Gymnastics Center Maryland
Chloe Lelon 12/31/2000 Exxcel Uncommitted
Amanda Loo 09/23/2001 Towers Uncommitted
Sydney Lopez 07/16/2001 Elite (MA) Lindenwood
Katherine Margolin 12/08/2000 Galaxy (NY) Air Force
Ellie Marino 07/19/2000 Arena (CT) Uncommitted
Abigail Marraccino 03/22/2001 Galaxy (NY) Ithaca
Gianna Martucci 06/18/2001 Arnold's Uncommitted
Emelyn Miller 02/22/2001 South Shore (MA) Uncommitted
Gabriella Mills 11/29/2000 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Callie Morris 01/31/2001 Gym & More (MA) Uncommitted
Allie Murphy 08/21/2001 Head Over Heels (MA) Official Website Uncommitted
Cameryn Nichols 10/26/2000 Absolute Uncommitted
Rebecca Obrochta 08/15/2001 Gym Unlimited Orchard Park Uncommitted
Jessica Olin 12/19/2001 Arena (CT) Uncommitted
Katherine Pallavicini 11/07/2001 Rochester Gymnastics Uncommitted
Natalie Parks 05/10/2001 World Class (NY) Uncommitted
Madison Penetrante 03/16/2001 Stumpf's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kaleigh Pensavalle 09/16/2001 New Image (NY) Saint Leo A&T
Angelanah Petrillo 05/03/2001 Head Over Heels (NH) Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Pitchell 09/29/2001 Gymnastics Express Too Central Michigan
Ella Poley 04/09/2001 Masstars Brown
Cassandra Potter 08/20/2000 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Madeline Richardson 09/13/2000 Gymnastics Express Too Uncommitted
Maddy Riordan 08/02/2001 Chelsea Piers Official Website Uncommitted
Maddy Rosen 01/07/2000 Mid-Island Uncommitted
Cassidy Rushlow 08/05/2001 Daggett Penn State
Julie Schoen 11/08/2000 Exxcel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lindsay Sheft 01/25/2001 Gym & More (MA) Uncommitted
Katherine Shek 03/14/2001 Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons Official Website Uncommitted
Elinor Sheridan 06/07/2000 Aim High (RI) Arizona State
Joanna Signorile 01/14/2001 Infiniti Elite Uncommitted
Victoria Sipes 05/30/2001 Gym-Ken Uncommitted
Kayla Smith 12/19/2000 Towers Rhode Island College
Sydni Spencer 02/22/2001 Farmington Valley Uncommitted
Lydia Taft 04/04/2001 Deary's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Trinity Tartaro 05/23/2001 Gym Unlimited Orchard Park (NY) Uncommitted
Lindsey Thornton 05/06/2001 10.0 Gymnastics Ursinus
Christie Tini 06/30/2001 Infiniti Elite Official Website Central Michigan
Haley Traub 09/29/2000 Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons Website Uncommitted
Ai-Zhen Tung 11/10/2000 Massachusetts Gym Center Uncommitted
Courtney Uek 05/02/2001 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Uncommitted
Ashley Veglucci 05/30/2001 GMGC Centerreach Central Michigan
Olivia Waldorf 03/08/2001 New Image Official Website Uncommitted
Jenna Weitz 01/13/2001 South Shore (MA) Towson
Alyssa Worthington 10/14/2000 Aim High (RI) New Hampshire

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Colleen Addario 09/26/2001 Premier (NJ) UNH
Sarah Adlassnig 05/25/2001 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website Uncommitted
Nathalie Adriano 04/21/2001 Dobre Profile Uncommitted
Ariyana Agarwala 04/09/2001 Action (NJ) >Official Website Pennsylvania
Ariana Agrapides 01/31/2001 Premier (NJ) Iowa
Gabrielle Aguilar 10/04/2000 Docksiders Uncommitted
Isabella Amrich 12/17/2000 Stallone West Virginia
Aliyah Anderson 08/19/2001 TNT Elite (NJ) Towson
McKenna Appleton 10/31/2000 Hill's Gymnastics North Carolina
Lizzy Bader 12/01/2000 KMC Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hannah Baldauf 03/13/2001 Hanover Gymnastics Uncommitted
Christina Bapple 07/13/2000 Apollo (VA) Uncommitted
Olivia Barr 08/17/2001 Uzelac Gymnastics West Chester
Samantha Benovic 08/23/2000 Summit (PA) West Liberty A&T
Sophia Binsol 06/07/2001 Apollo (VA) Gannon A&T
Ronni Binstock 02/08/2001 Docksiders Western Michigan
Annika Bjalme 06/13/2001 Nittany Gymnastics Uncommitted
Natalie Blackburn 08/04/2001 Ocean Tumblers Uncommitted
Lauren Bolen 04/30/2001 Frederick Gymnastics Official Website Towson
Kayla Brooks 02/03/2001 Hanover Gymnastics Uncommitted
Alyssa Brubaker 04/09/2001 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Halee Burgsteiner 12/09/1999 Excalibur Uncommitted
Grace Busch 07/13/2001 Central Bucks Uncommitted
Olivia Casey 10/31/2000 Silvia's Profile Uncommitted
Amanda Cashman 07/06/2001 Arena (NJ) Georgia
Katie Chenoweth 02/14/2001 Apollo (VA) Uncommitted
Myrah Contento 05/27/2001 Frederick Gymnastics Official Website Ohio State
April Conway 07/07/2000 Rebounders (MD) Official Website Maryland
Carolyn Cooley 05/17/2001 Phoenixville Area YMCA Uncommitted
Emily Cyphers 05/16/2001 Xquisite (PA) Bowling Green
Favour Davis 08/08/2001 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Kayla Davis 01/22/2001 Berks Uncommitted
Skylar Davisson 10/12/2000 Premier (NJ) Uncommitted
Rose DeBarberie 10/20/2000 AJS Pancott Penn
Vanessa Deniz 05/14/2001 Arena (NJ) Oklahoma
Clara Desclous 11/26/2000 Frederick Gymnastics Uncommitted
Erin Desmond 09/30/2001 First State Gymnastics Official Website UW-LaCrosse
Tiara DeTommaso 06/25/2001 North Stars (NJ) Profile West Chester
Jordan Diamond 09/03/2000 Roth’s CrossPoint Uncommitted
Elexis Edwards 09/20/2001 Virginia International Ohio State
Jenna Ferguson 05/12/2001 Skyline Profile Rutgers
Audrey Fisher 08/21/2001 Excellence Gym Sports Official Website Uncommitted
Katie Fitzpatrick 07/14/2001 Parkettes Cornell
Cara Flanery 08/20/2001 Revolution (WV) Uncommitted
Karla Sue Frank 04/05/2001 Xquisite Pittsburgh
Victoria Friedl 03/23/2001 GMS Gymnastics Virginia Tech
Shannon Furletti 03/10/2001 Aeon Official Website Uncommitted
Kelsey Gates 12/19/2001 Northeast Rhode Island College
Sophia Gilligan 02/23/2001 US Gym Development Center Uncommitted
Amanda Gonzalez 01/29/2001 Frederick Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hope Handlin 04/02/2001 Head Over Heels (NJ) Uncommitted
Alicia Hinnebusch 06/13/2000 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Kendall Hulser 09/21/2000 Aerial East (VA) Uncommitted
Morgan Hurd 07/18/2001 First State Gymnastics Official Website Florida
Aeviele Ieraci 08/25/2001 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Emma Imbarlina 12/16/2000 Gym Dandys at Meadowlands Uncommitted
Julia Janiel 02/22/2001 Off Limits Uncommitted
Jordan Johnson 12/13/2000 Frederick Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Kiah Johnson 04/30/2001 Water Tower West Chester
Katrina Jones 10/09/2001 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Kelsey Jones 07/04/2001 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Maggie Kaczmarczyk 01/28/2001 US Gym Development Center Uncommitted
Nicole Kane 10/01/2000 North Stars (NJ) Profile | Website Uncommitted
Abigail Karnes 11/15/2000 Lakettes Uncommitted
Jordan Keller 03/28/2001 GMS Gymnastics Uncommitted
Cecelia Kominsky 06/09/2001 Virginia Techniques Uncommitted
Amy Krueger 03/30/2001 X-Cel Gymnastics (PA) Cornell
Angelica Labat 03/01/2001 Ocean Tumblers Illinois State
Amie Lake 02/03/2001 Richmond Olympiad Uncommitted
Gabrielle Lange 07/25/2001 Arena (NJ) Official Website Oregon A&T
Rachel Lange 07/25/2001 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Michaelah Lanza 07/26/2001 Head Over Heels (NJ) Gannon A&T
Kaitlyn Law 03/03/2001 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (ASAP) Uncommitted
Kelsi Lenart 08/16/2001 Virginia Techniques Uncommitted
Aaviele Leraci 08/25/2001 Pittsburgh Northstars UNC
Madison Lieurance 04/11/2001 Ocean Tumblers Hamline
Megan Link 05/19/2001 Parkettes Uncommitted
Cindy Liu 10/22/2000 Paramount (NJ) Uncommitted
Kayla Long 11/17/2000 Gym Center of Hershey Profile Uncommitted
Shealyn Luksik 09/21/2000 Xquisite Kentucky
Neika Manafi 01/19/2001 GMS Gymnastics Uncommitted
Elizabeth Markley< 05/10/2001 Prestige (PA) Davis & Elkins A&T
McCaleigh Marr 08/12/2000 First State Gymnastics Official Website Penn
Calista Marzolino 05/27/2001 United Sports (PA) Uncommitted
Madeleine McCauley 07/21/2001 World Class (VA) Profile | Official Website Belmont Abbey A&T
Reese McClure 08/08/2001 Frederick Gymnastics Maryland
Riley McCusker 07/09/2001 MG Elite Florida
Katherine McGowan 12/14/2000 North Stars (NJ) Illinois State
Madison Melicher 04/27/2001 Metzler's Uncommitted
Sarena Michnick 02/08/2001 Twisters (MD) Official Website Fairmont State A&T
Megan Miles 11/02/2000 Bozhi's Gym Nest West Virginia Wesleyan A&T
Brooke Mills 02/28/2001 Paragon (WV) Uncommitted
Maria Mobile 02/23/2001 Metzler's Uncommitted
Lindsey Monteith 04/18/2001 Hurricane Uncommitted
Kara Mott 01/06/2001 United Gymnastix (MD) Uncommitted
Shaina Mullins 05/31/2001 VA Techniques Uncommitted
Hannah Munnelly 11/17/2000 Docksiders George Washington
Hariette Murtland 12/20/2000 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Emma Nocera 09/25/2000 Chantilly Uncommitted
Lily Olson 05/26/2001 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Alexandra Panetta 07/15/2001 Head Over Heels (NJ) Profile | Website Ursinus
Jennifer Pasram 02/14/2001 Head Over Heels (NJ) Uncommitted
Abbigail Paterson 04/11/2001 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Karalyn Pawcio 05/13/2001 TNT (PA) Uncommitted
Sarah Penuela-Wermers 02/22/2001 Hill's Gymnastics Pennsylvania
Abigail Pierson 05/14/2001 Gymkhana (PA) West Virginia
Kylie Piringer 11/03/2000 ENA Paramus Official Website Nebraska
Theresa "Tess" Piscatelli 05/24/2001 Gym Dandys at Meadowlands Uncommitted
Adriana Popp 08/24/2001 Girls Co-Op Boise State
Addison Restelli 11/08/2000 Pittsburgh Northstars Kent State
Kasey Ricci 01/01/2001 Silvia's Gymnastics Ursinus
Melissa Ricciardi 03/29/2001 ENA Paramus Uncommitted
Danni Riggs 11/09/2000 Richmond Olympiad Uncommitted
Alexis Rogers 06/25/2001 Action (NJ) Official Website Rutgers
Elinor Rogers 05/15/2001 Paragon (VA) Iowa
Shania Rosenblum 05/12/2001 Atlantic Coast Uncommitted
Skylar Rushe 09/30/2000 Gymsport Gymnastics Uncommitted
Madison Satterfield 03/27/2001 Mountain Magic Uncommitted
Mareena Scalia 07/10/2001 Berks West Liberty A&T
Kiley Schaefer 05/24/2001 Twilight (NJ) Website Cornell
Keaghan Schafer 01/07/2001 Butler (PA) William & Mary
Zoe Schweitzer 05/26/2001 Xquisite Ohio State
Amanda Serapiglia 04/05/2001 Gymkhana (PA) Uncommitted
Stacia Shaytar 08/25/2001 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
Emma Silberman 04/06/2001 Central Bucks Uncommitted
Lillian Smith 01/13/2001 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Logan Smith 05/05/2001 Docksiders Official Website Uncommitted
Delaney Sniffen 12/27/2000 North Stars (NJ) Pittsburgh
Ivy Stearn 11/04/2000 Twisters (MD) Uncommitted
Amanda Stevahn 06/05/2001 Gymstrada Uncommitted
Amy Stewart 12/11/2000 Uzelac Gymnastics Towson
Josie Thomas 03/19/2001 Frederick Gymnastics Western Michigan
Tamara "Nikki" Thomas 09/23/2001 Apollo (VA) Southern Utah
Christiana Thompson 09/16/2000 TNT Elite (NJ) West Virginia
Riley Tracy 09/22/2001 Devlin Uncommitted
Kaitlyn Wagner-Miller 10/28/2001 Devlin Uncommitted
Ciara Ward 07/06/2001 Apollo (VA) Profile | Website Pittsburgh
Abigail Whitehead 03/26/2001 Stafford Rutgers
Raena Worley 06/18/2001 Virginia Techniques Kentucky
Kianna Yancey 04/14/2001 Montgomery County (PA) West Virginia
Desislava Yordanova 09/16/2001 Dreams (VA) Belmont Abbey A&T
Melissa Yu 07/02/2001 US Gym DC Uncommitted
Stephanie Zannella 03/13/2002 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Jordyn Zieden-Weber 11/18/2001 Arena (NJ) Official Website Air Force

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Nicole Aiello 12/07/2000 Sarasota Uncommitted
Taylor Anderson 01/02/2001 American Twisters Michigan State
Alena Aucker 05/04/2001 Tataru's Gymnastics Oregon A&T
Madison Baker 04/02/2001 Cabarrus County Uncommitted
Kinsey Barnett 06/12/2001 Perfect Balance (NC) Uncommitted
Annie Blakely 08/18/2001 Palmetto Presbyterian A&T
McKylee Booher 08/20/2001 Meadowview (TN) Official Website Uncommitted
Daniela Bommarito 02/07/2001 American Twisters YouTube Kent State
Marcela Bonifosi 08/16/2001 Roswell Uncommitted
Kathleen Bowe 08/05/2001 Florida Elite Uncommitted
Amirah Boyd 04/27/2001 Ultimate (GA) Uncommitted
Julie Braun 09/05/2000 LaFleur's Largo Uncommitted
Madison Brooks 09/30/2000 Sun Country (FL) Temple
Abigail Bruner 12/16/2000 North Florida Uncommitted
Kylie Butler 04/28/2001 Clarksville Elite Uncommitted
Ciera Carter 01/07/2001 Hadyen's Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Kyra Childress 01/03/2000 Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
Cassie Clement 03/17/2001 American Twisters YouTube Yale
Courtney Cooke 02/18/2001 Park Avenue Uncommitted
Esther Cuevas 07/29/2001 Gym Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Elizabeth Culton 11/08/2000 Bull City Gymnastics Official Website UNC
Lindsey Cummings 12/13/2000 Let It Shine Uncommitted
Alyssa Delorme 11/20/2000 Morgan's (NC) Ursinus
Emma DeSantis 11/11/2000 Brook-Lin (MS) Alabama
Kennedy Duncan 04/29/2001 Southeastern Official Website Uncommitted
Grace Evans 05/08/2001 Gym Academy of Atlanta Official Website Ball State
Rucha Gharpure 12/01/2000 Atlanta North Stars Uncommitted
Tina Ghashghaei 07/02/2001 Sonshine Gymnastics UNC
Madeline Gillis 04/01/2001 High Point Gymnastics Uncommitted
Courtney Googe 06/26/2001 Gymnastics Unlimited (FL) Uncommitted
Emma Gradt 12/28/2000 Harbor City (FL) Florida State
Grace Graham 09/12/2000 Gym Academy of Atlanta Uncommitted
Brianna Greenlow 10/17/2000 Gymnastix (GA) William & Mary
Gayla Griswold 06/02/2000 Cypress Pointe Lindenwood
Jaden Haley 04/03/2001 Lakewood Ranch Presbyterian A&T
Holly Hanlon 06/15/2001 Southeastern College of Charleston
Asia Hannans 12/21/2000 Countryside (NC) Uncommitted
Abigayle Harrison 06/29/2001 Morgan's (NC) Uncommitted
Lily Harsch 08/29/2001 Everest Gymnastics Official Website Bowling Green
Gabriella Hart 09/02/2000 GGA-Lawrenceville Official Website Uncommitted
Loulie Hattaway 07/20/2000 Tift Georgia
Soraya Hawthorne 05/20/2001 Gymstars (TN) Georgia
Ryanna Head 02/10/2001 LaFleur's Tampa Michigan State
Ally Helmers 02/19/2001 Top Notch (GA) West Virginia Wesleyan A&T
Elizabeth Henshall 05/26/2001 Superior Official Website Rutgers
Grace Hester 12/13/2000 Rebounders (MS) Illinois
Tori Himes 03/21/2001 Gym Unlimited (FL) UW-Stout
Grace Hunter 07/03/2001 Gym & More (SC) Uncommitted
Maria Jose Ibarra 12/08/2000 Florida GTC Uncommitted
Carolyn Jackson 02/21/2001 American Twisters Uncommitted
Mara Johnson 01/12/2001 Shooting Stars (NC) Official Website TWU
Hannah Jones 12/07/2000 Georgia Elite Uncommitted
Jordan Jones 11/03/2000 GGA-Lawrenceville SEMO
Hannah Joyner 04/28/2001 EVO Athletics Rutgers
Caitlin Kass 10/10/2001 Bull City Gymnastics NC State
Delaney Keck 03/08/2001 Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
Cierra Koehring 07/01/2001 Golden City (FL) Uncommitted
Savana Kotas 03/29/2001 Hayden's Gymnastics Official Website Central Michigan
Emily Kuhn 07/20/2001 Southeastern Profile | Website South Carolina
Abby LaRosa 08/22/2001 The Brook Lin Center Official Website Uncommitted
Chiara Licata 09/06/2001 Florida Elite Florida
Crystal Lopotan 03/01/2001 Kozeev's World of Gym Uncommitted
Natasha March 01/02/2001 Gymnastics USA (ACE FL) Florida State
Krista Marrocco 05/22/2001 LaFleur's Largo Uncommitted
Meiko Maruki 09/22/2001 High Point Gymnastics Uncommitted
Marley McCall 08/11/2001 Thomas (SC) Virginia Tech T&F
Madelyn McGahen 03/10/2001 Intrigue (TN) Uncommitted
Anna McGee 07/31/2001 Georgia Elite Missouri
Marion McMillan 10/30/2000 Legacy (AL) Official Website Uncommitted
Elisabeth Medved 07/18/2001 Thomas (SC) Erskine A&T
Jaivyaih Mills 07/13/2001 C and C (GA) Uncommitted
Sania Mitchell 05/30/2001 JamJev Gymnastics (AL) Alabama
Hayley Musgrave 10/17/2000 Terry and Dons Uncommitted
Victoria Nguyen 01/21/2001 Everest Uncommitted
Uzoamaka Njoku 07/11/2001 Athletes in Motion (Gym Gems) Uncommitted
McKenzie Nobrega 03/30/2001 High Point Uncommitted
Morgan Leigh Oldham 12/25/2000 Sonshine Gymnastics Official Website Auburn
Nicole Omasta 03/01/2001 LaFleur's Largo Uncommitted
Alexis Ortega 05/24/2001 LaFleur's Tampa Official Website NCSU
Elise Panzner 05/28/2001 LaFleur's Tampa Auburn
Breann Popejoy 10/15/2001 New Bern Limestone College A&T
Mallory Puscheck 01/23/2001 Gym Academy of Atlanta Official Website Ohio State
Taylor Ramsay 08/25/2001 Level Up (GA) Uncommitted
Leia Randall 08/27/2001 Tampa UW-Oshkosh
Jema Reasoner 08/13/2001 Gymstars (TN) Gannon A&T
Lana Reis 11/08/2000 TNT Gymnastics (FL) Uncommitted
Courtney Roberts 03/07/2001 James J Harris YMC Uncommitted
Elyssa Roberts 03/19/2001 Tift Gymnastics Kentucky
Emma Jean Rowan 02/26/2001 High Point Gymnastics Uncommitted
Eva Rudajev 09/19/2000 Stars Athletics Uncommitted
Alyce Ryan 06/25/2001 Gym Unlimited (GA) Uncommitted
Kamryn Ryan 02/21/2001 Elmwood Gymnastics Alabama
Emily Santianna 02/21/2001 Freedom Florence Uncommitted
Gracie Satterfield 03/12/2001 Magnitude 10.0 (TN) Uncommitted
Trinity Sawyer 01/04/2001 Ultimate (GA) UW-Oshkosh
Emma Scarlatella 10/01/2000 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Emma Scheessele 08/07/2001 Gymnastix (GA) Uncommitted
Sienna Schreiber 08/22/2001 Infinity (GA) Official Website Missouri
Kelsey Schulman 11/04/2000 Gymnastix (GA) Uncommitted
Arayah Simons 01/20/2001 Georgia Elite Official Website Illinois
Nichole Smith 07/17/2001 Starlight Gymnastics Official Website Temple
Piper Smith 08/17/2001 First in Flight Gymnastics Auburn
Shayla Snow 02/28/2001 Tampa Bay Turners Presbyterian A&T
Grace Souder 11/29/2000 Team Attraction Official Website Uncommitted
Kennedy Springer 03/31/2001 Superior Official Website UW-Oshkosh
Jenna Stiller 12/28/2000 Stanly County Uncommitted
Jenna Sujdak 01/25/2001 Sun Country (FL) Uncommitted
Anna Sumner 01/29/2001 Tift Gymnastics Auburn
Hallie Thompson 09/18/2000 Southeastern North Carolina
Morgan Todd 07/06/2001 Thomas Presbyterian College A&T
Aleka Tsiknias 11/20/2000 First in Flight Gymnastics Maryland
Anna Urash 01/28/2001 First in Flight Gymnastics Profile Hawaii Pacific A&T
Heidi Vanderboom 08/21/2001 GGA-Lawrenceville Profile Uncommitted
Carolanne VanZandt 05/03/2001 North Shore (LA) Uncommitted
Victoria Vincent 03/03/2001 Acadiana (LA) Uncommitted
Ashley Walker 08/28/2001 Gymnastics Academy of Charleston Presbyterian College A&T
Amanda Webb 03/13/2001 Rose's Gymnastics (NC) Official Website West Chester
Lacey Wedge 09/04/2001 All Star (LA) Centenary
Julianna Weil 10/31/2000 Everest Gymnastics Official Website Maryland
Christina Weiss 01/06/2001 High Point Gymnastics Pittsburgh
Katy Weske 03/22/2001 River City (TN) Uncommitted
Shea Wheeler 01/22/2001 LaFleur's Largo Profile | Website Uncommitted
Emma Wiley 08/13/2001 Superior Official Website William & Mary
Makayla Williams 05/04/2001 Champions (SC) Uncommitted
Maia Willis 12/02/2000 Orlando Metro Uncommitted
Taylor Wilson 05/16/2000 Memphis Point Centenary
Meyla Wojcik 10/05/2000 Ultimate (SC) South Carolina
Briana Yorks 09/28/2001 Nashville GTC King A&T
Kendra Zebroski 04/03/2001 Tatarus Uncommitted